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If this article does come out anyway, consider subscribing; it's free for any content of my letter all right, so getting straight into the top five best war zone two loadouts I was rocking the lockman's 556 at number five for the barrel.



I was rocking the Lochman Rap barrel for the damage range, recoil control, and velocity on the left side.

I was rocking it at plus 0.32243 in the call settings, and then for the bottom one I left it alone at 0.00. For the muzzles, Rockety Harbinger increases your damage range, bloocity, or recoil control. No brainer; you're going to see Harbinger on pretty much every gun in the entire game. It's a very, very broken muzzle and a very overpowered man.

I would definitely recommend it. And then, on the left side, I was rocking into a negative 0.45 and the bottom one into a plus 0.84. For the underground, I was rocking the F-Tac Ripper's left side plus 0.54 and the bottom plus 0.28. You're going to see the Ripper on pretty much every gun in the entire game, and it's a very good under barrel, probably the best under barrel on the entire game, and definitely makes you all rock any Ripper for the optic man, a V4 easily, the best optic in a war zone.

Two, the reason you don't see people rocking the vlk is because in Warzone 2, the vlk actually does have a glance, so it's going to get you killed more often than not, and then for the left side. I was rocking it at just 0.0 and leaving it alone, and then for the bottom one at plus 1.82, towards the end of the footed magazine.

I was rocking the 40-round mag, the Lockman 556, which is actually a pretty slow shooter. I feel like 40 rounds was enough, and you do get more recoil, a troll, and mobility out of the 40 rounds. I was rocking the 40-round mag over the 60s, and then here's the full lockman 556, built with these full tunings in close range, medium range, and finally long range, like I said, a very underrated gun.

I'm not sure why more people don't use it. Just recently, I figured out that it's a very, very good gun. You know, no recoil, good mag size—definitely. I would say it is one of the most underrated guns in a war zone. Now moving on to man number.

Fss hurricane

Fss hurricane

four man The FSS Hurricane is one of my favorite guns in the entire game. It virtually has no recoil and has a good mag size. It is really, really underrated in War Zone 2. So for the FSS Hurricane at 40 barrels, I was rocking the FSS with a Canon 8-16 inch, a 40 damage range, hip fire accuracy, and a D-action below velocity for the left side.

I was rocking at plus 0.16 and a half towards recall bottom and plus 0.42 towards damage for the underground man. It's very, very good. You get aim out of stability, which is probably the best stat in the entire game. Behind Blue Velocity, we get hypocrisy and a recoil stabilization for the tuning of his left side at negative 0.80, bottom, on the left alone at zero.

For the muzzle, I was rocking the EXF Huntress for the sound suppression and my beloved Lassie, a recoil smoothness alongside, and a recoil control for the left side, I was rocking it plus 0.77. I tuned it towards a recoil smoothness bottom when I was tuning it towards blue velocity at plus 0.38 inches, and then for The Last Hatch, we got to actually rock whatever you want; if you don't like the iron sights, go ahead and throw in a Krona Mini Pro.

I liked Ironside, so I went ahead and threw on the FSS lle, laser, and then Lefty tuned alone on that. Here's the FSS Hurricane with the maximum tuning at close range, medium range, and finally long range. You guys see, it's a very underrated gun. I don't know why more people don't use it; it has a 50-round magazine by default.

You know there are no recoil shoes across the map like an AR SMG; what else can I say about verifying this already? Gun Man, and one of my favorite guns in War Zone 2, is for sure the 40-number four-slide.

Mobility p90

Mobility p90

Lodi in war zone 2 had to give it to the P90 and the M4 for the P90 on the barrels rocking the F-tax series and for the damage range and hip fire accuracy at moving speed and above velocity for the left side. I was negative, 0.50 mocking speed, a bottom one a plug negative 0.14 ABS speed. For the laser.

I was rocking the left side at a negative 0.2; at three and four, tuned towards threat to fire speed for the bottom one and a negative 14.81, you get ads speed aiming for higher stability and a sprint to fire speed, and then I like rocking a red diamond. Some people like the P90 iron size, but I'm not one of those people, so I personally like the red dot for the more precise sight picture, and then on the red dot left side tuning, leaving alone the bottom one.

I like it tuned towards closed for the bigger side picture at plus 2.25 inches. For the hollow extended stock up with Rock and E8 for the end walking speed and at the Sprint speed, and then the left side with negative 2.45 and tune towards ads speed, the bottom one is negative 0.23 and tune towards aim locking speed, for the last but not least, for the rail.

I was rocking the gr. 33 light rail for the movement speed pretty much like a Max Mobility P90 man, with the left side at negative 0.37, one at Sprint speed bottom, one at Sprint speed and negative 0.17. Keep it in close range, and it'll be pretty much perfect. Unstoppable, man, and a very good gun for the M4 loadouts rocking the high tower barrel for.



On the Boulevard, I see damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy for the optical rock and the best optic in the game, the Aim IV 4. For the muzzles Rock The harbinger, a D20 for the Edinburgh, is rocking the VX pineapple for the added speed and recoil control, and then, last but not least.

I was rocking a 60-round mag, a 4D Extra Magazine, and ammo capacity since the M4 is a pretty fast shooting weapon, and here is the M4 with the full tuning and maxed out build at close range, medium range, and finally, long range, so even with the M4, we got the recoil down, uh, you know, it's not going to be a crazy amount of recoil down, but it is a fan favorite gun for a reason, man You really can't go wrong with a very good weapon.


40 best tag56 classes setup in the award zone Two for the barrels: the rocket-powered Tundra Pro Barrel 17.5 for the damage range and firing accuracy, and a velocity for the muzzles: the Rock and the Harbinger D20 for the size pressure.

Sakin mg38

call of duty warzone 2

Boulevard velocity, damage range, and recoil smoothness For the Ender Barrel no-brainer man f-tack Ripper is one of, if not the best, underbosses in a war zone.

2 minutes, so all the pros tools are very broken, and you can aim with hip-fire accuracy and recoil stabilization. 4D, Amy This shot's rock-solid velocity is going to increase your bullet speed, and a faster bullet hits the target faster. Target is a no-brainer; it definitely rocks at high velocity.

Going over the Top 5 Best Loadouts to use in Warzone 2 before the upcoming Season 2 Reloaded update. Video includes all of the best SMG's, AR's and even some tips to go along with each Meta Loadout. M4, Iso Hemlock, and the Lachmann Sub just to name a few.
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