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In this article, I'll be running through the top 5 loadouts you should be using right now in Warzone Season 3. The first option we're going to be looking at today is the TAC 56, which actually got a buff to its headshot damage, which means it's way better than it was before, and it was already meta. So, we have the muzzle and the barrel; these are both going to increase the accuracy and range.

We then have the underbarrel, which is going to increase the overall accuracy, and the 60-round mag, which is quite nice. It's nice to see a 60-round mag on an assault rifle, and then we have the AIM OPV4. You can use whatever optic you feel comfortable with, though I'm going to go ahead and quickly show you the tuning if you guys are interested.

Yeah, honestly, this class absolutely slaps right now. If you guys can get a couple of headshots in there because of the increase in damage from the headshots, it is a very powerful assault rifle option. Right, next up we have the Vasnev. It is still up there. It just had a slight decrease in headshot damage, but it is still a top SMG.

So we have the muzzle and the barrel for accuracy and range, and the underbarrel for overall accuracy. The 45-round magazine, and then we have the rear grip to just increase the Sprint fire speed and the ABS speed. Now once again, here is the tuning for this one. While we're talking about tuning.

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I really, really wish that they could add some kind of slider in where you could do one number at a time, maybe with your d-pad or something like that, because the amount of times I'm trying to get it perfect and it just slides all the way down is very frustrating. Up in the article, though, we have the MCPR, which is now a one-shot sniper.

There are three one-shot snipers in the game: the new intervention, the MCPR, and the victus, but out of all of them, the MCPR is definitely going to be one of the better options. More bullet velocity, faster ads, and it just feels a lot nicer. So we have the muzzle and the barrel to increase that bullet velocity, which is very important for snipers, and also increase the accuracy, and the laser to increase your overall appearance.

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Ammo is the only way that you can actually One-Shot an enemy. Every sniper actually has an explosive ammo type, and it also has to be bolt action, so Signal 50 isn't about action, for example, so that is not going to be a one-shot. The next option in today's article is the second, which didn't even get touched and was already meta.

I was actually quite surprised that it didn't get enough. I was expecting it to because it was already meta, but it hasn't even been touched, which means it's still obviously one of the best long-range options in the game. We have the muzzle in the barrel for the accuracy range, the laser, which is going to increase the Sprint fire speed ads, etc., making it a bit quicker because it is an LMG; you need it to be a bit quicker under the barrel for overall accuracy, and then the Amo pv4.

The nice optic It's one of my favorite optics, and you can use whatever you want. Once again, here are the tunings for each of the attachments. We have the muzzle, and then we have the barrel, which you go into with a little bit more accuracy on this one for the laser. Sprint, fire, and ABS speed are going to be what you want, and then we have the optic and finally the under battle next.

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Up, we have the ISO Yes, this did get a Nerf as well, but it only got a slight decrease in damage. Overall damage was just decreased, but that being said. I've tried it out, and it still has pretty much the same ISO that we know, just a little bit less damage, and it kills a little bit slower, but it's still got very low recoil, and it still kills very quickly compared to the other assault rifles.

So, as always, we have the muzzle and the barrel for accuracy range, and we have the f-tart gripper on the barrel, which is the best option when it comes to controlling and recoiling the 45-round magazine. I do wish it was a 60, and then the Corona Mini Pro just feels right on this, but you could use any other optic that you're comfortable with.

So, once again, here is the tuning for each of the attachments, but that is it for the article.

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