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The SMG category in Warzone 2 has really been super competitive for some time now, and the season three update made it even more competitive by adjusting some of the main, top-tier weapons we have in that category itself. So with that, today we are breaking down the top 5 best SMGs. After the update, starting first here at number five, we've got the mx-9.

Warzone 2 best mx9 loadout after update

Warzone 2 best mx9 loadout after update

This actually saw a slight mobility buff with the update one that is really going to make it even faster and even more aggressive, in which it was already one of the more fast and aggressive options in the category of super easy to use.

The main drawback here is that its damage up close is a little bit lacking compared to some of the other subs, but once you get into the mid-range, it kind of balances out some, and it only has a 32-round magazine, which I have to use here because that's going to give you the best option for the damage here.

Outside of solos, it's going to be tricky to master, so a lot of players might want to look elsewhere for that, but if you can master this, it's a pretty solid SMG, right? I'm just focusing on movement here because it is so straightforward: rear grip for better ads, and sprint to fire tunes to match that behind the face cam.

This is for better ads and for Sprint to fire. I'm tuning for that better ad, and then I do go for some slightly better recoil and stabilization here for the submission range. If you wanted to tune down for that aim-locking speed, feel free to do so; there's no wrong answer there whatsoever. I love the look of this, which is super clean and great for close to mid-range tuning for that furthest eye position in faster acceleration, and lastly.

I go for the S901 barrel, which is for better range and velocity and is solid because it extends that forward to the SMG. A little bit allows it to beat out some other subs because that extra damage range also helps out with your movement, though at the same time, a lot of pretty solid pros are hurting.

The recoil: there is no recoil on this thing, especially in close-range fights. I tuned for the better movement speed there, so this thing is hyper-aggressive, even more aggressive after the season 3 update, and really surprisingly, good SMG that I think a lot of people overlook.

Warzone 2.0 best vaznev 9k loadout after update

Warzone 2.0 best vaznev 9k loadout after update

Now in number four. I've got the vasnev. This actually caught a slight Nerf with the season three update to its headshot damage that, though it's not going to be something that's going to drop it out of the top-tier conversation, is absolutely a beastly SMG still.

It's got the mobility, it's got the damage, especially when you factor in combination shots, not just strictly headshots, like obviously, it's still going to be good if you're landing upper torso neck shots, and it's also pretty straightforward and easy to use. The recoil in most close-range fights isn't bad, but this one is especially simple as well, so first up here is the 45-round mag, your basic cinemag.

cod warzone 2

No surprise, there is true attack, rear grip, better ads, and sprint to fire. Tunes to match that, per usual, with our rear grips I go for the R7 stock here for better ad speed and a better sprint speed, and as a bonus, you get some crouched movement speed. I've never once capitalized on the fact that this has better crouched movement speed, but it's theirs, so we'll take it, right?

I tuned for slightly better stability in some of the mid-range than a better ad speed. 7 milliwatt laser here for the faster ads, and Sprint to Fire that said, the lasers are a lot more visible here in season three, so if you wanted to drop down to the last 44, you're not going to get as good of a Sprint to Fire, which personally I really value in an SMG, so I'm okay and I'm comfortable with having that thicker laser if it means I'm getting more mobility out of that, so that's just a personal choice you have to make: do you want slightly less mobility but a less visible laser or more visible laser and better mobility?

Just factor that into your class setup there. Then I also got the cast one barrel, which is for better damage range. The Vasnav does have a really quick damage dropoff, so any extra range we can get is really solid, and better velocity 2 is a nice added bonus. I'm tuning for the mobility here, though, because obviously, this is going to slow you down a little bit, but overall, that's Nev, despite the slight Nerf of season 3 not feeling all that different from last season still.

An absolute top-tier great.

Best vel 46 loadout after warzone 2 update (mp7 build)

Best vel 46 loadout after warzone 2 update (mp7 build)

SMG Choice as It's moving on into number three here with that bronze medal we got for the MP7, and this also caught a slight Nerf with the season 3 update to its headshot damage too, but just like with the Vasnev, it's not a significant enough Nerf to drop this thing out of the meta conversation.

Now it's a tad bit worse than the P90, let's say because those two are really neck and neck, and now because the P90 didn't see a Nerf, this one has dropped down a little bit but is still absolutely going to fry in the close to mid-range; it's got the mobility; it's got the control; and it still has that fantastic ttk.

So all the right and necessary things you need for a good SMG rear, grip is going to be the soldier for the better ads and Sprint to Fire, and, you guessed it, with the tunes we're tuning to match that. I've got the RXT stock here. With better sprint speed, better ad speed, and that better crouch movement speed, baby, we're going to be flying, frying, and crouching at the same time.

meta loadout warzone 2

Tuning for better stability and speed: seven milliwatt laser here, better ad speedads The Sprint to fire per usual. I go for the Tango under Barrel, just going to help out with some basic recoil here, and it's also a pretty aggressive honor Barrel two iTune for some of the better mobility there, then I go for the Lockshot KC85.

Just for the mid-range, this is a pretty solid sniper. Poor choice; you can actually use this well in the mid-range. For it being an SMGI, tune for the better gun kick in ads here that said if you're super comfortable with the recoil, here you could drop either the under barrel or the muzzle and throw on, you know, a larger magazine if you really wanted the 50, or you could throw on, like, over pressure to aim at both of those would be pretty good choices too.

You've got some white space on it to set up, but overall, the MP7 is still going to be flying and frying and feeling really good. Here is the post-season 3 update as we get into number two. It would be seriously appreciated, and it does really help the channel grow. Your favorite flavor or if you want to try some of the cans, code Immortal at checkout is going to get you 20 to 30 off your entire order, and of course, the more you guys use the code, the better the chance Maybe our shaker cup will return one day, or perhaps we will even get our very own flavor.

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