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Weapon changes wrapped up

Weapon changes wrapped up

After the fennec had butchered its heads off, the fennec did get nerfed, but it's still okay. That being said, there are some other guns to take their place right away.

Lachman sub with 3 different class setups

The Lakman sub has the fastest time to kill right now with 525 milliseconds, but it drops up after 8 meters still. fantastic gun, and I'm actually going to give you two builds.

One is going to be a counted build, which is better than ever now because you can tune the candid for even more aim down side speed, and that is kind of like, around 48 probably, and then you can even get more. Sprint to fire speed out of the whole thing—yeah, can't it get even better than it has ever been?

best iso hemlock class setup

We put on the 40-round mag. The 50-round mag has too much spring to fire for it to actually be worth it, followed up by the rear grip with the Lachman TCG, 10, which is Rico control, but the recoil control can even be tuned towards more sprint to fire and even more aim down side spin, so you're essentially making it faster by adding more recoil control.

I love that the under barrel we're putting on the opx9 has no ads time minus but gives us hipfire accuracy and a recoil that didn't do this even more for recode control and hipfire accuracy with the opx9 group. You don't only have a very good recoil when you're saying no; it's very important if you're actually going to be close up and you start like this and then you swab.

You have a good hip fire, which obviously allows you to easily hit these shots up to here. And even back there, now that we have one attachment side open, some would say, "Why don't we go for effective damage range?" Well, this is a 15-yard increase, and a 15 on 8 meters is nothing. Also, the ads time minus is quite significant, ruining this gun, so it is better played as a close quarter inside buildings playable gun than outside of buildings for the last attachments.

best lachman class setup

I actually like to take hollow points, which give you crippling power so if you hit their legs they can't actually sprint anymore, which is kind of funny, but on top of that you can also get out the damage range a little bit more so to ultimately increase the damage range and a little bit of recoil steadiness because the bullet velocity we don't need we're shooting on 8 to 10 meters maximum.

Last but not least, a mace decanted with a beautiful recorder. It's extremely easy to handle, like there's just no recoil, especially considering we're talking about eight meters, and you just have to hit these shots and these shots, and again, worst-case scenario, even with a canted yes, you can hit the further away shots as well.

Now, if we want to make this work as an EDS gun with a side that's actually very simple, we're going to take the hollow point off here and not the Lachman TCG grip, and the candid laser goes over to the Vlklzr. It also gets tuned towards aim down side speed and sprint to fire speed again. Now it's the last attachment we can put on a site, the Chrono Mini Pro, or you can keep the eye inside and, actually, put back on the hollow point.

That is, to choose your poison. I prefer a sign because, for me, the Ironside is not perfect. I play mouse and keyboard; if you're a controller, you're probably going to go for a hollow point, then choose.

Vaznev class setup & tuning

Vaznev class setup & tuning

Your poison is there. Next up, we have the Vasant, which is right behind the Lachman sub and in time to kill 539. You could put it at 10.2 meters of effective damage range, so two meters are effectively more to draw your picture of effective damage range.

You could put it on the barrel for hipfire accuracy and bull velocity damage range, but it would only give you 24 plus 10 meters, which is from 10 to 12 meters. So in order to really push your damage range, you would have to rebuild too, again, the candidacy or the OV laser. I'm going to go for the OV laser build first, and we're going for the aim downside speed and the sprint to fire speed.

best vaznev class setup

It's the same tuning for the Canton obviously when I have the 45-round magazine because with a 30-round magazine, you just burn through bullets a little bit too fast for the rear grip. We also want to have the True Tech grip for Sprint to Fire Speed to Name Down Side Speed, which gives you a six percent minus in recoil control, and we're going for Spring to Fire Speed and even more Aim Down Side Speed, so you're going to make your recoil objectively worse, considering that the gun has an easy ironside, and yes, you could use a counter for that, but also considering that the recoil is technically.

It's very simple when we're talking about 10-meter shots. can take care of this recoil very easily by either putting on a locrot or a composator, and then you don't have to worry about any kind of recoil control anymore. You don't really feel any aim down side speed minus, and you get a wee bit of hip fire, and then you start to shoot.

You just have a decent ass hip fire, and then you can just keep your gun on. It's just the perfect mix between those two, and you can hit these shots. Last but not least, Shots as well. Now obviously I said we can make a candid build and that is just the same as we have here with all these attachments, but instead of the OV laser you're going to put on the counted Viber Don and then put that over aim down side speed and spring to fire speed as well, and we all know that the vastnav if you don't like the Einstein just works plenty, well, if you want to play this with a sight now though you would have to take off the True Tech grip.

Iso hemlock class setup & tuning

Iso hemlock class setup & tuning

Now the new gun Isa Hemlock can actually be turned into an SMG as well I've been playing a little bit around with that and we have the 45 route. Mac I do need to use the word candid here, and the reason is that the horizon renders are inside that. Is the ISO some kind of iron? Yes, if you're trying to track someone, you might just simply lose them inside a building.


So, we're using the candid here that gets tuned for aim down side speed and sprint to fire speed as well as the rear grip. We do have a Sprint to Fire one with the Phantom for even more Sprint to Fire and aim downside spin. Now with these three attachments already, you have something that moves decently, fast, or an AR that has a very good effect on damage range obviously, and when you're going for the recoil, kind of good, when we're considering using this as an SMG and not as a sniper support gun, so only these two targets we have to hit, and that back here is an app now for stocks, we have a lot that do sprint speed and walk speed sprint speed and on side speed aiming stability recoil control and also a lot of movement speed bonus, but if you put the stockless on the stock list, it increases recoding tremendously.

Season 2 Weapon Changes have arrived! Which are the best SMGs after the fennec got put into the bin.
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