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In my opinion, it is by far the most competitive category we have.

Warzone 2 best bas-p loadout after update

Warzone 2 best bas-p loadout after update

This is a weapon that really was quite underwhelming; since it was introduced back in season one, it's been just a low-tier SMG, pretty easy to use, like it's very straightforward and has very little recoil, but it doesn't really have the damage (or didn't really have the damage). I should say that after the season 2 reloaded update, this caught some buffs, and now when it comes to some of the close range and especially some of the mid-range, this SMG is fantastic.

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best loadouts warzone 2

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They have an LFG tablet looking for gamers tab that you can go through and filter in a bunch of different options. If you want to play with a certain region, a certain skill, or a certain language, they have filters for all of that so you can find the perfect teammates on the fly. In games, they start building some chemistry right away, and I won't lie, their profile options are really cool as well.

It's basically a hub for all your gaming stuff. Download the app. Maybe toss me to follow, hit up that looking for gamers tab, and we might land in a match together. Is a bit unlike some of the other SMG setups; it's more experimental, but still very versatile and easy to use regardless, so first up here.

I do use the Bruin Flash rear grip for a better grip and Sprint to fire. You're going to see a grip like this on pretty much all the SMGs today because we want to capitalize on those mobility stats and make all of our SMGs as aggressive as possible. I'm not a big fan of the iron sights here, so I do use the Chrono Mini Pro, which is your basic Blue Dot.

I tune in for the furthest eye position and faster ad speeds. If you're comfortable with the optics, feel free to use a compensator; if you want, go for an underbarrel to help out with some control; you can definitely mess around there, but for me. I've got to go for that optic; the irons are not a really good choice for me.

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seven milliwatt laser on here, faster ads, and Sprint to fire. I do use the 50-round drum stock because being 30 there it's just not super convenient, so I always do upgrade there 30 rounds, especially, and you know outside of solos is not going to be anything crazy, so that's a nice little safety net if you will, and then the over-pressured rounds actually got buffed, so they're not going to hurt your recoil anymore, but you still induce more Flinch, and now that there's even more Flinch in the game when you're landing your shots here it's gonna throw your opponents quite a bit especially if they're not using a sub up close against a If you're in some mid-range against a rifle or an LMG, they're going to notice that flicker that's going to cause them to miss shots. You could easily win a gunfight because of this, you know, one specific attachment alone, which is very crucial in certain situations, right, so like I said, a bit of a unique setup but one that really works well after the buffs to various elements of it and of course the weapon itself.

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone 2.0

Best lachmann sub (mp5) loadout in warzone 2.0

Now at number four, I've got the m, and curiously enough, this was like the SMG.

There for a little bit after they nerfed the fennec, but some of the strange nerfs that it got in season two reloaded definitely brought it back down in line, and some buffs to some other guns also made them a little bit better at the same time overall. This is still a fantastic SMG; for aggressive hip-fire close-range gunfights, it's still very aggressive, but it's going to be a little bit slower than it was back before Season Two Reloaded, where obviously mobility is a huge part of SMGs.

In this game, but the setup here is still going to be very aggressive, we're getting a lot out of mobility all around the TCG-10 rear grip for better control; it's going to be very easy to use because of this, and we can also tune to get some better mobility, so we're getting a lot out of this one attachment: a 40-round extended mag.

You can always go up to 50, but it's going to slow you down a little bit more (7 milliwatts); the laser here again is pretty standard; better ads in Sprint to fire. I am still going for the locker precision under the barrel, just for some basic control for that hip-fire accuracy. You can also tune for mobility yet again.

He said if you're very comfortable with how the MP5 feels, you could drop the lock grip precision and go for something else. Like maybe the mobile stock for a better rate of fire and whatnot, or even no stock if you're really comfortable with the gun to have like maximum ability on there, but, anyways, lastly.

I go for the Falcon Barrel. This is for better mobility and ad speed, as well as tuning for the better ad speed and also a little bit better recoil. That way we just have some consistency in the, you know, end of the close-range start of the mid-range areas. There is still a very reliable SMG, though, that a lot of players are going to be very comfortable with.

Best vaznev 9k loadout in warzone 2

Best vaznev 9k loadout in warzone 2

Now, number three, I've got the vosnev. This is going to be one of the most aggressive SMGs in the game, although I will say that this is one that is admittedly very good. I don't use the extended magazine, and that's just because the movement on this 45-round magazine in particular drives me nuts; it's just that its reload animation is obnoxious.

I guess you could say that I personally am not a fan of the 45-round magazine. That said, we all know that the external mag meta is an absolute thing, so for me personally, I use the shark fin under the barrel, but if you're wanting that extended mag. Drop the shark fin under the barrel and throw on that 45-round magazine, and you're just going to have to live with that atrocious reload.

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