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In today's article, we're hopping straight into it as we're looking at my top war zone tips for casual players if you don't have 8 hours a day to play war zone and learn the nitty-gritty. This article will teach you everything. You've missed out on sitting back, relaxing, and subscribing if you want to hop into tip number one.

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About your settings, before you even hop into a match, there's a couple of settings that need to be changed to ensure a more consistent or unique experience. First, navigate the graphics, then view them in your settings. This is where we'll find our first tip under the ads field of the view option.


This option has been around since War Zone's release back in 2020 and makes a massive difference in every scenario involving guns, which in War Zone is a lot of them. The default setting of independent zooms your field of view or fov when you aim down your sights or ads. When regular people talk, it makes your targets appear closer when you aim down your sights, but this is a big butt; it makes your recoil much harder to control.

As you could see in this side by side, independent is clearly the worst option to affect it. Affected ads field of view will maintain your set focus when aiming down your sites; this does make it harder to see your target technically, but much easier to control your recoil if you ever click onto a stream or watch a YouTube article where someone seemingly doesn't have any recoil.

This is one of those settings that will be a night and day difference for you. Speaking of FOV, let's talk about exactly what this setting does for you at the top of the view. Tab and graphics. Again, the field of view or fov slider is defaulted at 80; this is way too low of a fov and puts you at a disadvantage to other players.

The optimal focus is at Max 120 in order to see more of your peripherals, but it does make it harder to see your targets on the plus side. Visual recoil is significantly reduced the higher you move your foot. If you can't accurately use 120, I wouldn't recommend going below 100, as you'll miss too much of your peripheral surroundings, and guns will seem much harder to control.

In this category, the best ad fov option is coupled with 120 fov; this will make your guns seemingly shoot much straighter but comes with a trade-off as it will be harder to see your targets, and no higher fov does not make you run faster, even though it appears to. Now that we've finished with the settings, let's move on to your loadouts , depending on when you're seeing this article.



The meta weapons could have changed, but there are a few guns that will stay consistent for the entire duration of the season and quite possibly every following season as well.

First, the hrim has been the most dominant SMG for almost three entire months now. This is my favorite build, and it's especially good when paired with the sniper's low recoil but high damage output. The Atrim will definitely put on a show if you've never used it before. Next, we have the striker, which is one of my favorite underrated SMGs.

The good thing about it being underrated is that there's a small chance of being nerfed in any of the upcoming updates. It's amazing when paired with the Nidar optic, easily beable from long range, and just as good up close. Last in our SMG category, the wp9, is a slow-firing but heavy-hitting SMG, not too bad to control.

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Every single bullet packs its punch in a way that will leave your enemies quickly queuing in the next lobby, moving on to my long range. I've picked one AR, one LMG, and one sniper to show you some of my favorites. The SBAA represents my favorite AR and is criminally underrated. It has a super easy recoil pattern, but better than that, it has the ability to be switched into a single fire once in a single fire.

This gun is absolutely amazing from range because it's a quick burst instead of tap-type shots. Definitely give it a shot. If you're struggling, find something to use from a long range, and remember to auto-up close in single WI far moving on the PKM or the Pimot 762, which represents one of my favorite lmgs.

This isn't incredibly easy to shoot, but better than that, it has amazing bullet penetration. If you Liv Mark your enemy when shooting them and they run behind cover, this beast will not care and continue firing even when they're not in your sight line, and you'll see that it easily cleans them up in no time.

This gun will definitely be consistently good for a long time. Lastly, my favorite G in War Zone is currently the cat AMR. With its ability to shoot from any distance, this gun will absolutely be an amazing addition to your already-grown arsenal of weapons. Make sure to aim for the head and let the cat do the rest. The weapons you choose will play a massive role in your fate in the war zone, but so will lethals and tacticals.



There are 12 different lethals in War Zone currently, and I only recommend five of them at the very least to break them down simply: if you're more of an aggressive player. I recommend these simax and the frag grenade; if you're more of a support player, the C4 is great; and for passive players.

I recommend the proximity mine or the Claymore. Similarly, for the tacticals, there are 11 total, but only three of them are consistently useful. If you're more of an aggressive player, I recommend the flash grenade or the smoke grenade. If you're more of a support player, I also recommend the smoke grenade, but I do recommend the gas grenade as well.

Similarly, for the passive players, I recommend the exact same as the support with the gas grenade or the smoke grenade. I have a lot of information regarding lethal substances, especially those that I think can be useful, but in order to keep this article concise, I'll leave them out for now. For this section, if you're unsure which to use. I'd go with the smoke grenade and simpex grenades, and then from there you can see if they fit your play style and change them according to the list.

Frag grenade tip

Frag grenade tip

As a small tip for the frag grenade, if you down an enemy on top of a one-story or a two-story building, then try throwing a vert KN to get your full A vert grade means a vertical grenade, and it's a very common tactic in many FPS games.

Basically, you look almost directly straight up and just Chuck your grenade; no cooking or jumping is needed; the grenade will come straight back down and then detonate perfectly on top of the rooftop, getting any full kill you may need in the process.


Now that your loadout is almost complete, let's make sure that your perks are up to par.

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