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If you want to get your first victory in War Zone 3, then this is the article for you. It's your boy mugged. The comment of the day goes to TMH. He also pointed out that we are very close to 1K subscribers, so let's keep pushing for that. We're about 20 miles away. Welcome to this game. Basically, it's a quick revival.

Duo, it's not the most kills that I've gotten in a game. Actually, later this week I'm going to upload one where I dropped 24 and Fufu dropped 32. It was a crazy game, but that's going to be coming later. I'm going to be teaching you guys how to get a lot of kills in your games. This one is about how to get the win, so I'll kind of guide you guys through when I'm rotating what I'm thinking.

And all these points, so right now we're looking at the map, and you can see it's a direct line from the middle, so over here you're going to have, I mean, resurgence in general, especially Onika. It's very, very crowded, but what you're going to see is that from that center line in the beginning and the end you're going to have, the majority of the people as well as on Asika specifically at T is the hot drop so or Farms, so anything in the middle of the map tends to be a little bit quieter than the beginning or the end of where the plane comes from.

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Aside from that, you can see we just had a bounty here. He ended up we ended up taking too long, but we did push. I get a few shots off, but I noticed that there were multiple, and then I decided we're going to push back together for a while. Gabby's resinizing, I go, I get the full plates, and he somehow killed me through the bottom piece.

I did call out that he was full of plates and that he was cracked. I called out that the other guy was selfing, and then I got relieved. So you do have to communicate as a team if you're playing duos or quads. If you have intelligence on something, call it out just in case your team already knows, but if your team's in a situation where they need to hear footsteps or whatever, then do be quiet at those times.

So over here, I was overexposed, and that's on me. You see how Gabby is shooting behind the rocks; he has a good little head angle on these people. That's playing it smarter. I'm out in the open just because my ego is too high. You do not want to be doing this, but I am trying to rotate and get closer.


Gabby called in a drone to get this guy while I was distracting him from the right side, so once he goes down, now we know it's a 2V1 scenario. I saw his teammate. I called it out for Gabby. He's pushing straight ahead, and I'm out here rotating around. I get full plates on this guy. I'm low, and he somehow decides to push.

Even though he was low, Gabby had my back, and that's an easy kill for us. I don't know why he would push that if he had no plates already, but it is what it is. Remember, when you guys are playing as a team, it's not all about you getting the kills. A lot of it is you guys having to play together, so have each other's back and make sure you're helping each other out over there.

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We're both shooting this guy, and you know we're helping each other out if there's ever people flying in those are typically easy kills. Mark it for your team to know which direction you're shooting in or call out at the top. You see the Northwest; you see the Southwest. Whatever you're looking at, call out the direction that you're pointing in over here.

I saw this guy, and I figured he would go for his load out. I hid behind the car so he didn't see me, and it's an easy kill for me. I got the team wife; it was the same guys as before. What you want to do is use as much Intel as you can, so I just popped a UAV. If you ever have Intel, it's going to give you the biggest advantage.

Over here, we see that this guy was alone. There is a guy further back who might be his teammate, or it's a guy in the air. We do know that he's not on the same level at the moment, because you see the little dot. So right now, it shows that he's on a lower level than I am, so if the dot is above him, it means he's above you.

how to get your first win in warzone

if the dot if there is no dot, then it means that if there is no dot, that means you guys are on the same level, and if the dot is under him, then that means he's below you guys. So from what it showed, he was somewhere below the mountain level that I was at. I already have one, so I mark that one for Gabby to grab; unfortunately, he won't have the time to precision on me.

I call that out as well, and somehow someway. This guy was up here, and I think it's the guy that just landed in, though I don't think it was the same teammate of his that we were looking at because, ground level. Gab's calling out that there's a guy rotating with us, so we're looking back to find his teammate because we didn't see him and he was actually ground level, so Gab shooting at him.

I couldn't see him, and at the end. I saw his body right there, boom, easy head shot, and that's the kill. We had a fire sale, and we popped a few UAVs. Now we have an advance, so I can see which direction they're looking in, which gives us an advantage at the same time. Gab was distracting this guy while I pushed behind, and we know that his teammate's further up ahead.

how to get your first win in warzone 3

This is the last guy you can see at the top, right? It's a 2V1 scenario, and I got full plates on him. Gabby gets the knock; that is essentially going to be the game; it was a very easy win. What you want to do is just play. In your circle, try to get as much cover as you can, and with that, the more intelligence you're collecting, the more you could choose whether you want to engage in the fight or not, so that's my biggest suggestion.

Of course, try to have as much cover as you can to decide when you should engage and when you should draw back. You saw, when the guy was going for his load out, he was on the bike. I decided to hide instead of just shooting him straight up, because if you had just turned left, that's an instant kill for him.

I'm not going to let him do that, so instead I hid, and then I pushed him while he was grabbing his load out. You have to think about when you have the biggest advantage to engage. Please drop a like. If you made it this far, I highly recommend checking out my other articles.

If you're looking for tips on how to win in Warzone 3, then this guide to a first win is for you! In this video, I'll discuss the basics of Warzone 3, covering how to win from the very beginning. From basic strategies to advanced tactics, I'll teach you everything you need to become a Warzone 3 champion.
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