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Guys in the VIP area got movement inside the station on you. Us in who are you with please we are trying to sa I need help over here. Soldiers, please help them. Serier, you broke them with just a plate; check it; they have explosives. This was the next Target gold-type explosive located in the VIP area.

No sign of a Maerov copy makes it a safe local setup, so Ma will have to go to Xville. Fast Five mik out; don't let him Escape, son, it up, it goes phone secure the explosives and get to the secondary EXO. coffee, , Hands leading Jesus where him vlir mararo get out of the vehicle, now nice and easy, that's far enough.

let't [__]] Move it and search for it. I'm scared The captain should shut up. Get on your knees; it's clean. You're going to kill me. Oh, I thought about it. Yeah, I recommend you do. I'll recommend you until your men stand down. You're not trained to stand down. That's more your strategy. Keep him close all the time since we have to all move to the extract.

Roger, joh, they'll fight. You get him back. We're counting on it. I'll take him there. we C these vehicles we move up. Rush, get going, move, ner, just walk me out of here. You can drag your well, capturing me. It means we beat, and you are for a walk. We cleared F and M off. Let's move i'll take it.

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It's not safe here. We need to move. You're not safe anywhere. Good luck when driving, Mao. I don't believe in luck; I believe in planning B. Lu, it's just put planning the way through, Sergeant. Let's move i have been my blessing and your courage, but cursory to worry about. Take your time.

Look, Christ, you want to act as if you're a war criminal. These people need medical help, which is stopping me from helping them. That's your choice. You did this, and no one is in. What is there J enough of that [ __ ] It's clear who's on the exit over here, ass. It's time for you to meet some friends of M.

Are they still out of my mind? You should know when you've. Move; don't galaal. We're on the external east side of the stadium. If you take us to Bravo 6, we're on station. Be advised you have enemy personnel moving in from the north. Your will provides sniper support. We are the primary six out of all the Mook; you clear a.

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