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It is your boy, Simy, two times back at you again today with another MW3. Peace my first tip that I can give you is: somewhere hot, like there's specific areas in every map that are really, really hot, people land there a lot, and you'll get a lot of kills off rip, so for example, here I'm landing Market on Vondo because I know for a fact that there is going to be a lot of gunfights there and a lot of opportunities for me to get some early kills at the very beginning of the game, and that is so important because if you're getting kills early, you already have a very good start, and that way you are able to have these high kill games more often because you already have maybe five, six, seven, eight kills right off rip.

And that can make these games go by a whole lot smoother than usual, so I would definitely advise Landing hot—sometimes it's not going to go your way, but when it does, it's going to be amazing, trust me. Another great tip that I can give you is that you are going to have to farm squads if you want very high-kill games—those four 40s and 50s and all that—which are not going to be achievable if you're just sitting there and wiping every team.

Right, so even if you find a really bad team, you're going to want to keep them around for as long as possible. Obviously, sometimes you wipe teams; it's whatever you get over it and you move on, but it is so vital and so important for these high-kill games that you learn how to farm these teams and keep them alive for as long as possible because, again, if you find a bad team, you can farm them for as many kills as you want, like they're not going to be able to kill you.

high kills warzone

You know what I'm saying, so just keep that in the back of your mind. Learn how to farm. And I promise you, you will see a lot more kills come your way. Another great tip that I can give you is pay attention to your mini map, always be keeping an eye on your mini map to see exactly what is going on around you obviously information is King when you're trying to get a bunch of kills so if you have the prior info and knowledge of a situation, you already have the advantage straight up off rip before you even start fighting anybody you need to always constantly be looking for these opportunities to get kills whether that be third parties or just pings on your mini map anything like that you need to be paying constant attention to stuff like that because the more opportunities you have for kills obviously the more kills you're going to get and that's the whole point so you need to be paying attention to your main map I promise you it will clue you in on so many more.

high kills warzone 3

Opportunities: Another great tip that I can give you is to stop being scared. Guys, I'm going to be completely honest with you. Sitting and waiting for things to happen is never going to go your way, especially if you want these high kills. You cannot be scared of engagements; you cannot be scared of gunfights; you have to be out there, constantly involving yourself in situations; otherwise, you are going to end up with basically no kills by the end of the game.

Putting yourself in more situations is always going to make you a better player because you're going to learn from your failures and you're going to learn from your missteps, and you're not going to make those same mistakes again, so that way you're going to be even better at getting high kills because you already know what mistakes to avoid during gunfights or just situations in general.

Go out there and involve yourself as much as you can.

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