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Today we're going to be talking about the best secondary weapons that you can use on Rebirth Island, according to the fastest statistical ttk. To some off-meta different kinds of builds that you can experiment with too, let's get into it, and the first weapon that we will be talking about is the WSP 9 now.

Just the overall feel of the gun and the way this gun shoots is just really fun to kind of just use and have some fun with it, but it is also statistically one of the best guns in the game right now. Probably not, in my opinion, just because of the fact that some of the other guns do kill faster than it up close, but it does have a good sprint to fire, and it does hold that range for a little bit longer than some of the other SMGs.


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But just overall in general this is still a very usable, build especially in rank play If you're trying to get sweaty but usually in the rank play build we'll talk about some other builds for you guys there but again one of the best guns that you can use in pubs and these are the attachments I would be using on it I Ed the light barrel for some movement the compensator, the dr6 hand stop and this is where you can kind of get funky with it you can take off the highgrain ammunition if you don't want it if you look at the high grain ammunition it takes your effective damage range up to 20 M, which with submachine guns 20 me is pretty far it's definitely manageable for more of the skillful kind of player and it helps your bullet velocity but there are also some players that don't really care about the threshold.

If you know 20 M and 18 M, that 2 m difference might not be enough for you to actually justify using this attachment, so there's a world where if you don't like this exact load out that I've recommended, you could take off the high grain ammunition and you can use a bunch of different things on it.

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I would probably recommend using your favorite optic; mine is usually going to be the Jack glassless optic on most guns that I use just for the firing aim stability. And this is another way for this one to look: this gun has very minimal recoil, and when you shoot it at the bots, you can see very controllable recoil; not a lot of control is needed, and just in general, you can see that this gun is going to have some decent movement speed, and if you shoot it at the wall, you can see the recoil.

For an SMG. It goes straight up and has a little bit of horizontal so overall, a very usable gun when it comes to metal weapons with the wsp 9 but that is my two builds I'd recommend for it go back to the attachments one last time you have the glassless optic if you don't really feel the high grain ammunition and if you like the iron States throw on the high green ammunition or throw on another attachment, and it's going to be shooting like this for you when you use it too I personally love these iron sights weirdly enough I've been using this gun a lot just kind of in pubs, and yeah let's move on to the next one and this next one is going to be the striker 9 now this is the longer range build of the striker 9 personally I love this build this one is just really good overall you can see on the numbers that I was showing you earlier the time to kill of this gun is 100%.

Striker 9

Striker 9

Number two in the meta the HRM 9 is probably the only gun that has it beat right now when it comes to SS and we'll talk about the core 45, which also has a very fast time to kill here in a second but I do think this is a very usable gun probably the number two option I would say or maybe the number three depending on where you put that core when we kind of have a conversation about how that pistol works right now it's kind of in a weird spot but yes these attachments right here make this gun very usable, the iron sights on the striker fun the mobility on the striker 9 is fun and this is a longer range build that you can use which is very easy to just kind of hit your shots control that recoil and drop your enemies when you need to at most times and obviously the rebirth Island ranges, and you have to remember too when you're playing rebirth Island a lot of your gunfights are going to be anywhere from zero MERS which is going to be really close in staircases.

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I would say that the 15 M to 20 M range with a sub is the threshold of what you want. I'm pretty sure, if I remember correctly, that this one up to 14 M has that very fast time to kill a threshold, so this Striker 9 version is a very good build for it. I recommend trying it out, and here's one other Striker 9 for you, and that other build is going to be this one right here, which is the frostbite.

Blueprint, as well as that you get from the new Godzilla versus Kong movie bundles that we'll talk about in whole another article. I'm probably going to do a article just around this build in general, just because it's a very fun build as well. We have also made a short article on this exact build too, so this one's also really, really good.

It's going to be suppressed too, which is also something that's general. A lot of people like to have suppressed weapons, so they don't come up on the mini map. A very easy gun to still kind of shoot and control the tracers is a pretty good addition. And just the way this gun looks is also really cool, so if you don't like the first build of those iron sights, you can try something like this, and if this is just too hard for you to control, you can take off the Sonic suppressor.

And add a z compensator, and you're still going to get the same effect, just a little bit of easier recoil but just a little bit less range when you're losing that Sonic suppressor, so overall, another good way to build a striker 9 is right here on your screen; these attachments are the ones I just recommended.



Now let's move on to the good stuff, and starting off first with probably the most common load out, I think there's three ways to build the HRM 9 right now and honestly. I do not know which one I like the most. We've already hit Iridescent in rank play. I've used the HRM 9 a bunch if we used the Ret a bunch before it got nerfed.

Thank God that gun got nerfed, but this is probably my number one recommendation. Although I don't know if this is my favorite one now, that's a weird thing to say. I know, but just when I'm recommending this gun. I feel like having the high green ammunition on it without having that long a barrel is kind of necessary, just because you're going to have a threshold of 13 M, compared to 11.

Top META SMGs Loadouts for Rebirth Island! Warzone Season 3. Today we are going to talking about the best meta secondary weapons to use on Warzone 3 Season 3 Rebirth Island! Enjoy.
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