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Today I'm going to show you how to win more Googs so you can stop being an extra $3, 000. Your teammates will always have to buy you back, and the way I'm going to do that is by breaking down a bunch of clips that I have saved from my actual live stream, where I'm probably talking through a lot of them, so we might have to actually listen to what I'm saying, but you can see right here that if I take off my face cam, it is just a clip of me playing, so that's why you're going to see the controller behind it and all that stuff.

I cannot remove that from these clips, but regardless. I'm going to be talking over these game plays, breaking down what the Googs look like, what you should do, and just providing information that can help you get more wins so you can start winning those 1v1 gunfights. With that being said, let's get into this first one.

Right here, we're going to let this one play out. We're going to have the volume a little bit low, and we're going to see exactly what we're working with, so we have a 7-second countdown, and immediately you can see that we have the MTZ, 556. In your hand, the first tip I'm going to show you is to know what weapons you are actually using and how good they actually are.

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This is even a good tip for ground loop before you get your load out, but as you can see, the main weapons that you're going to get in the game as your primaries are the striker 9, the ram 7, and the MTZ. And the goog is probably anything within 10 to 20 meter fights at Absolute, most and you can see which weapons are the best when it comes to time they kill you're always going to have the same weapon as your opponent but I've seen a lot of people make mistakes of switching to their secondary that they have that's actually probably not better than their primary weapon so you can see at 10 m right here you have the striker 9, the ram 7 and the MTZ, 556 so the striker 9 is really good up to 10 met but then after that, the ram 7even is really good up close and it holds the range all the way throughout so if you are ever in the go Lo and you have a ram 7 just know that is the best gun that you could probably use going into this we're going to have this first go Lo here we have the MTZ, 556.

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And it's going to be the core 45. Pistol, so now immediately pause it, and you can see that the core 45 pistol is actually a very fast killing gun if it has the right trigger attachment, and either way you're still going to have to hit your shots if you do miss a bullet that slows the time to kill down by a lot, so if you don't trust yourself to hit the shots with those.

I would recommend using that pistol if you have him one shot, not to actually start off with it, and you would be surprised. How many people I've seen on Google think they're on to something when they switch to their secondary. The reason why is that, as you can see, once you get to this double box.

I have this entire left side of the map cut off, so if he does challenge me, he's probably going to challenge me from the open right there, and I know you can't see it, but when you do watch this article and actually go play a goog, you'll know exactly what I mean. I play on 120, fov. But right here on the right side where my mouse is, there is a doorway opening to the right side cross, and he has to run through that water so you can also hear it.

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So right now I have the entire goag, cut where I can't get either flanked on my right side or pushed in front of me without me having the exact, perfect amount of cover to shoot with the people in front of me, and then of course I have my right side flank, so you can see here I immediately slide to this in this variation of the goog.

Then I see the right side cross, and you can see that I'm kind of just breaking it down. And the more I break down the map, the more I'm able to just kind of know exactly where he's going to be, so I had a left-side cut. I didn't see him on the left side, which means he's probably on the right; he didn't cross that right side doorway, so I immediately cut the map down to where he's probably either on this middle head glitch or back right here, just probably not playing or playing really slowly.

That is a big thing when it comes to googs and 1V ones in Call of Duty. You do not want to get caught off guard and cut the map on the go and give yourself the information. It is really important to know where the opponent is actually coming from. Moving on to the next go-ahead, you are going to see that we have the same variation.


Again i'm going to go through a couple of these scenarios, one for each, so you guys can get really familiar with what I'm talking about, and this time instead of going to the double box. I'm probably what I should do. I'm going to go over to the left single box to show you what it looks like and just show you how much of a different angle it actually looks like, so we're going to let this one play out and notice that I have the RAM 7, which is one of the strongest guns in the game, and if you pause it right here.

I cannot see if someone crosses to my right. If he goes through the back right. I can obviously hear that, and then walking through this water is going to kind of make your movement a little bit sluggish and slow, so I can't even really push up the left side. So right now, if I'm playing this. I'm just hoping that this guy runs in front of me and just runs out into the open to give me a free kill, but if it doesn't in that way, it's going to be a little bit of a weird goob, because even though I know he's not over here.


I am still cutting the map and giving myself information. I don't know exactly what he's doing over here, and again, he has the map cut if he's in the spot that I was telling you guys about, so let this one play out for now. I have the ramp 7even; he ends up just jumping at me, and I get really lucky, and if you pause it right there, if that's you on the other side of the go-lo, where you just don't know what you're doing or you're complaining about a guy camping or whatever it is, you're losing your gcks consistently.

How To Win EVERY Gulag in Warzone 3! Season 2. Today I'm going to show you how to WIN more Gulags so you can stop costing your teammates! Let's break down the three Gulag variations and show you some useful tips for the next time you hop on.
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