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This, And you've come to the right place. I have three tips and tricks for you to improve your aim. Right now, I promise you that these techniques will give you results, no matter what your skill level is. These are three guaranteed ways you're going to improve your aim. Also, I want to mention that this works for controller players as well as keyboard and mouse players.

Go into your class load-out area. Down at the bottom, there's a little button that says finer. You can go in there, and you can shoot these dummies all day long. If you look at the numbers on floors 1, 2, and 3, there are three different booths, each of which has different positions for the dummies.

You can also go into the settings on the firing range and change how much health the dummies have. Every day, when you get on, I recommend using the firing range for at least 5 to 10 minutes before you jump into an actual game. The next thing you want to do before you jump into an actual game is to have two options.


Here, you can either jump into a small map mosh pit and play a couple games in there, or if you have decent stats and you want to keep them that way, you can set up a private match and play against the bot. Now I know what you're saying; I don't get XP. I don't level up my guns, but if you set the game up just like I'm showing you on screen here, you can play against them and recruit bots, which are extremely easy enemies to play against, and if you care about your KD, it's not going to affect it all, right?

the third technique that you guys need to be using if you want to improve your aim. I personally think this is the most important. It's a secret that a lot of people do not do this; they don't practice it; they don't even understand what this is that I'm about to show you. It's called centering.

What does that mean? This clip right here is a perfect example of centering. You can see that little white dot in the middle of your screen. It's there for a reason, right? What you want to be doing before you even aim down your sights is putting that white dot in the middle of your enemy, exactly in the center; that's why it's called centering.

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Notice how before I'm even scoped in, before I take every shot, I'm lining up the center dot onto the enemy's chest. Then I'm aiming in, and then I'm taking the shot. This isn't just a technique that you need to be using with snipers; you need to be doing this with your SMG, your shotgun, and your AR.

Whatever you're using, this is how the pros aim. This is the baseline for any FPS game. To get good aim to get better aim your eyeballs should be fixated on that center dot of 99%. Most of the time, everything that you see is an enemy. That pops up in front of you. Ignore everything going on and use centering.

Your focus is on that dot to position your crosshair. As you move around the map, as you're turning a corner, look with your crosshair and clear the corner with your crosshair. You know a lot of new players they run around, and they're so focused on looking at the big picture or looking at their feet while they're running across the map or worried about looking at where they're going next.

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A lot of times, if you just focus on the center dot, the human eye is a remarkable thing, and your peripheral vision is a lot stronger than you think. I glanced up at the mini map for half a second. Where did my eyes go, right back to that middle dot? I'm telling you this part of the article is so crucial.

To be able to develop good aim in this game, all you need to do is take these three techniques and put them all together when you're in the private match shooting bot, you're in the small M-mosh pit, and everything is happening really, really fast. Focus on centering. When you're in the F range, focus on centering.

I promise you, if you work on centering, you're going to win almost every single gunfight. You know why, because your enemy is probably going to be like, Hold on, let me aim down my sights. Okay, now let me find my reticle or my red dot. Okay, now let me drag my mouse or my controller stick all the way across my screen to that guy and shoot him.


If you want to do that, you want to be aimed at that guy with your center dot. That way, the second you advertise, you're spraying away, mowing him down, and you're popping off that sniper shot. He's on the ground, and you're still playing. Those are my three tips and tricks that you need to practice right now if you want to win a free GPU.

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How to get better aim in mw3 in under 5 minutes. These 3 tricks work for both controller or keyboard and mouse. Works for multiplayer, warzone and all game modes! Improve your aim by watching this video.
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