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Rebirth Island dropped about a week ago, and it is time now, after some testing, to give you guys the best statistical primary loadouts. Let's get into it. Starting off with one of the best guns currently, it's been very good for a while, but especially on Rebirth Island, considering it is a closer range map, a lot of your gunfights are going to happen within the 20 M to around 45 M Mark, and this gun in that specific range is really, really good; it's kind of when it's the best, and it has really easy recoil to control.

So the class that you're looking at right here, though, is that if you were not using it in burst. I would recommend using this exact class, and the reason why is that if you're going to be holding down the trigger, obviously there's going to be more recoil to deal with, and the attachments, like the compensator, and the brew and pivot vertical grip are going to help that a lot, but if you are not going to be using it in automatic and you want to use it in burst, which gives it even easier recoil to control, and before I show you that class, this is what it's going to look like when you're shooting.

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When it's just automatic, you can see that towards the end it has a little bit more jump; it's definitely controllable. 12 for the vertical and only four for the minus on the horizontal, which could be made up by the Cass as breaking stocks and so on and so forth, and you also have better ads. With the Brewing pivot over the brew and heavy so that's just also something to keep in mind so a lot of these classes I'm going to be recommending for season 3 is taking off the heavy support grip on certain guns and putting on the vertical grip for this one so this is the automatic version and this right here is your burst version it has not changed in a while and the difference between this is you have the Spitfire, suppressor, and the high grain ammunition.

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And both the Spitfire and the high grains do give you more bullet velocity, and they also give you damage range, which just really cannot hurt, so honestly. I would say this class is probably a little bit easier with recoil, and just overall, it's going to hit harder at longer ranges. But again some people just don't like using the burst version of it so this is what I would recommend if you're putting it in burst if you're not use the other class and let's move on to the next load out and the next gun on the list is going to be a gun with very easy recoil, control, as well and as you can see the brew and pivot vertical grip is something that I have on this one too and just overall The Recoil control with the heavy support is definitely still pretty good but the brew and pivot vertical with this gun that doesn't have too much horizontal, recoil you can definitely get away with using this and overall I just think it makes it a little bit easier and this gun does have a good iron sight as well so if you want to see what this gun looks like really quick you can see that as I shoot it.

Definitely a manageable recoil; it's not going to have too much shake, and if you want to take off this glass's optic and put on the stock, which is just going to make it even crazier when it comes to recoil control. Again, when you see all those stats that I had obviously up on this article already, you notice that this gun also has a very good time to kill range, especially, I think, within the 35ish.

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It shoots a little bit slower too, and it feels very accurate and is just a very fun gun to use. Again, you're going to have the time to kill that you really need to kind of compete with a lot of the guns that you'll be shooting against, and honestly, it's a really good gun, so those are the attachments One Last Time right here.

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Moving on to one of the most satisfying weapons, in my opinion, is the MTZ 556. This gun shoots so incredibly, straight that even when you pick it off a ground loot it's still manageable, even without the best attachments so this gun is a very good weapon it definitely has a good time to kill for most of the ranges that you kind of needed especially on rebirth Island and just with these attachments equipped to it you're going to see that when you shoot this gun it has a very good recoil pattern so if I shoot it at the wall just to show you guys what it looks like and I don't control recoil at all right now it's going to have a little bit of a like a little bit of a zigzag, here to like the right and then left but overall it's very easy to control all you have to do is pull down slightly to the left and then straight down as it kind of goes up there so it's going to look something like this you're going to pull straight down to the left and then there you go it's going to be very easy to control this recoil.

And when you are beaming people with this weapon, it is one of the most satisfying weapons that you can possibly use when it comes to Call of Duty, in my opinion, so another really good gun. I definitely recommend using the vertical grip on this one over the heavy support. If you definitely think that you can control the vertical recoil and you want to try the heavy support grip on it instead of the vertical, you definitely can do that, but again, here are the attachments for this weapon.

Another great weapon that you can use for Rebirth Island and have some fun with it. Now let's move on to the next one, and here we have a weird weapon that you definitely didn't expect to see. The tack fee has the time to kill range. Within some of these meta weapons, it's definitely a usable gun.


It's not the top-tier metal weapon, but it is something that you can kind of go back in time, and if you do enjoy the iron sights of the SCAR or the tack, obviously you can have some fun with this gun. It definitely has the time to kill range, and with the new MW3, attachments on it, the vertical grip, and the Zen compensator.

It is definitely a usable weapon when it comes to recoil as well, so you're going to see here that if I shoot this at the wall hold up, we'll go to this wall right here and shoot it without controlling it you're going to see how tight the initial jump is kind of a little bit jarring but after that you can see how tight the bullet patternss are really kind of going, and it's not that much horizontal, left or right it's just kind of straight up and just going that way so all you have to do for this one is pull straight down and it's going to be something that's very manageable.

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I'm going to give this one more of a try myself. I've only tested it once or twice, so when the next time my stream or something. I'm probably going to be using this gun just to see how it goes, especially. If there are some Nerfs to that renetti that we were just talking about, with that being said, it is time to move on to the next weapon, and that next weapon is going to be the ram.

The BEST Primary Loadouts on Rebirth Island! Today we are going over Rebirth Islands' BEST PRIMARY loadouts that you can use to get yourself more kills.
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