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Your favorite war zone loadouts have just been nerfed, and the first gun that we're going to be talking about is here on your screen. It is the Ram 9; now this gun is 100%. In The Meta, you can see from the stats on your screen that it is one of the fastest-killing SMGs. It's very mobile, and it's a very good gun.

The one thing I don't like about this gun is that it's not the best sprint to fire speed when it comes to just sprinting to fire, and I do think that's very important with SMGs, but you can see from the stats that most of your SMG gunfights are going to be around the 10 m to 15 m range, so you can see here that I'm aiming at this bot right now in the firing range, and that is a 10 mm gunfight, and that's pretty far for an SMG.

If you go up to the 25 M Mark right there, that's kind of pushing it when it comes the SMG range a lot of the times you'll kind of swap to your AR and be able to use that so when it comes to this gun it is a very usable SMG, has very good mobility and with these attachments on it it's an absolute laser beam here you go the first way I would build this weapon you're going to see it right here is going to be the Zen compensator the dr6 hand stop for some Mobility.

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High grain for a little bit more range, 50 rounds, and then the recon comb, and you're going to see if I pull up the stats right here, you're going to see that the sprint to fire on this gun is 140 Ms, which is not the best for an SMG, but it's not bad, especially when it comes to play style, and then on top of that, you're going to have your effective damage range all the way up to 11.7.

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M so not a bad weapon it's going to have a great time to kill it's got good Mobility, it's 8s movement speed is one of the best and I love building it this way this is my number one build for it but I'm going to show you two other ways you can build this for different types of play Styles, right here is going to be the tack stance build if you suck at controlling recoil but you just love the ram 9 or you want a gun that does hit very hard you can use something like this is going to be insanely, accurate there is no laser on this one to give away your position and it's just overall a really good build to use T dance and it's definitely an underrated build because T dance is actually not that bad for more of the Casual players that don't like really dealing with the ads.

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Recoil control and this is going to look something like this, when you're shooting the gun you can see how accurate this thing is even in tack stance and there's not going to be a lot of recoil control with it so if you want to use something like this you can definitely get away with it it's going to be a very fun build to use and now moving on to the last build for this weapon it's going to be right here on your screen it's going to have a different barrel for different Mobility it's going to have the arms, light Barrel a different muzzle Just For The Recoil control cuz this gun does have some weird horizontal, recoil, and just in general I love this build too this build is a little bit different just because you're not using the high grain rounds on this you're actually using this barrel for ads speed movement speed and just overall the Sprint to fire speed too so if you look at the stats on this one the Sprint to fire speed on this is going to be 162, which is not as good that is because I using the hvs.

Pad, which we did not have on the other build, but this is still a really good gun. This is something too, where the Sprint to Fire just really depends on your play style too. If you're sliding around a lot, you can kind of avoid Sprint to Fire speed, and on top of that too, this is just a good gun for, you know, mobility.

Having a lot of just that stray speed and using that left stick, if you're a left stick aimer, this could be a really good gun for you too. So those are three ways to build the Ram 9, one of the best guns in the War Zone meta right now. Let's move on to the next weapon, the SMG, that I love talking about in this SMG meta, and it's very, very underrated.

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Now this is my favorite build. I use this one primarily because I do have another build that I will show you guys, but I like using this one because it's suppressed, and having that suppressor is always nice. Not being on that mini map and having the long range with the long brow is good. The Jack glassless optic is actually a really good option to get away from the firing aim stability that you lose by using the Sonic suppressor instead of a compensator, and then the factory stock for some mobility.


And then the 50 round mag this thing in the stats is a really good gun it holds its range it's not 100%, the fastest killing gun within the first like 8 to n meters but it holds its range a lot farther than some of the other guns if you could see here from the stats you see the effective damage range is at 21 M but the thing that's really cool about this is that this gun has a lot of range but it also has a really good Sprint of fire speed where you can see right there it's at 108, milliseconds, which is way faster than the ram 9 and some of the other guns that we're going to show you guys so this gun has the range it has a Sprint to fire speed and just overall a really good gun I love this one specifically this is my favorite build it's going to shoot something like.

This which is really, really nice, not a lot of recoil, and this Jack glasses optic again helps that firing aim stability that you lose by not having a compensator so overall. I really like this gun, but there's one other way I would build this weapon, and that build is right here on your screen now.

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This gun's iron sights are a little weird; I kind of like using this a little bit more for Resurgence, but you can see from the stats that the sprint to fire speed on this one is 75. Milliseconds, on Resurgence and vondo where you're kind of just getting a little bit crazy a lot more mixy gunfights, this is something that I like to have a lot of fun on it shoots really accurately still personally for me I can control The Recoil with the iron sights the actual iron sights kind of a little just funky looking, but depending on what camo you use too you can obviously change it up I actually don't prefer using Interstellar camo on this gun as much as I just kind of like using a no camo that just looks like this and the reason why is for some reason I feel like I can just see the iron sights a little bit better, without the camo just all over the gun I it could be just a weird personal thing but still this gun's really fun it's got good speed it's got good range it's got good Mobility ads and everything that you really need and just a different way to use this gun that has better Sprint of fire for the smaller Maps so definitely a good gun 100% in The Meta that's two different wp9.

Top 5 META SMGs in Warzone's new Patch! World Champion Tips. Your Favorite loadouts just got nerfed! Come check out the new META SMGs for Warzone.
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