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So recently I posted a article, and somebody asked me what's the best weapon. Now, today we're going to go ahead and give you guys my top five best weapons. On top of the top five, we're going to drop an extra two weapons so you guys can use something other than that, so for number seven, we got the Rene pistol.

This weapon is absolutely insane; it packs a lot of punch. Now, one of the crazy things about this weapon is that the fire rate is absolutely out of this world. Now, once you put it after the Mark apart attachment to this weapon, this weapon becomes SMG. And when this weapon is the SMG version of that pistol, it's almost impossible; it can carry you to the level three zone or any high-tier zone, like it's nothing as far as the mega-abomination, as you can see, you can cancel the laser.

Like is nothing, and as far as the zombies and the high-tier zone. I mean as long as you get that critical hit damage if you run Deadshot. And if you run speed col out to be able to reload fast, we're talking about 100 rounds in this weapon. You guys, yes, this weapon has 100 rounds. You're going to be spamming on a whole bunch of zombies, and since you're going to be getting that critical hit damage and you're able to reload fast, this weapon becomes absolutely overpowering.

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Now I'm going to give you guys all the bills for all seven weapons, but that's going to be at the end of the article because we got to get into the next weapon, and that's going to be number six, the bass B. This weapon is no introduction; this is one of my favorite weapons to use in the game. This battle rifle does so much damage.

Now I can say this about this weapon. One of the negative things about this weapon is that it has a low fire rate. The fire rate is slow, but with the RI attachment, this weapon does so much damage because it has no recoil. And the accuracy is perfect, with 90 rounds on this weapon combined with an epic, all-legendary tool.

Packa punch level three This weapon will carry you to the level three zone like it's nothing. This is the reason why this weapon is definitely one of the best weapons to use in the game. Now, the great thing about this weapon is that when you do a contract with it, you're pretty much never going to die because this weapon is so good, like I said with the damage.

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The recoil and the accuracy—and even though it has a low fire rate, it actually works perfectly for that because you're able to take down zombies regardless of the mega-abomination. He had no challenge for this weapon as well, so that's going to move us to number five. Yes, this weapon—I mean, the SVA assault rifle—is just something different; it is definitely a top, you know, top five weapon.

At least in my book, the reason why is because this weapon is almost like. AK-47, Combined with a weapon that has a high fire rate, This weapon reminds me of the grow for Modern Warfare Moder Warfare 2019. This weapon is almost insane. I mean, it would have been. It would have made my top three if we didn't have the top three weapons that we're about to show you in a minute, but as far as the Mega Abomination, this weapon carries enough rounds to actually deal with enough zombies.

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On top of that, the fire ray is absolutely out of his mind, and you get 120 rounds with this weapon. I mean, what else do you need for this assault rifle? This weapon does enough damage when you pack Aon level three when you have an epic, all-legendary tool and it has no recall or accuracy, but that's going to leave us with the next weapon, and that's number four.

I know a lot of people are probably wondering about the sidewind. This was one of my top three weapons at some point; it was a one-shot kill. We're talking about one shot to the head in regard to whether he was in the level three zone or the level two zone. Now, the reason why this weapon is not a one-shot kill is because we're going to turn this weapon into a lmg with the after-Mark power attachment to this weapon.

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It does lose a little bit of damage, but that's because we're going to be spamming the zombies with a whole bunch of fire. Yes, this weapon has an RI attachment. It's going to turn into a lmg, and it's still going to be a two-shot kill, and sometimes it's going to be a one-shot kill to the head. This weapon has 100 rounds; it shoots so fast that it is absolutely out of my mind, and the fire rate starts speeding up.

It should actually hold the button down. The Sidewinder is definitely one of the best weapons in the game, and it can carry you to the level three zone. I mean, look at this weapon right here, but anyway, the next weapon is going to move down in my list to number three, and that's the Lwood shotgun.

It used to be number one at some point; it used to be number two at some point, but now it moves down with my list because, for the next two weapons, there is no question that they're number one and two, but this weapon right here. Is the strongest and most powerful weapon in the game. This is the most powerful weapon in the game.

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Not the best weapon, but the most powerful weapon. It's a one-shot kill to the zombie if you shoot him in the head, regardless if you're in the level three zone. With the RI attachments, this weapon becomes almost. Unstoppable it's going to carry you to the three zones; it can carry you in the dark ether; it doesn't matter, even the elder dark ether.

This weapon is so good now. With the riot attachments, you're able to move fast, and then on top of that, you can shoot multiple zombies at once because it's going to penetrate not just one zombie but multiple zombies, and then on top of that, you get 20 rounds in this weapon. With the right attachment, like I mentioned, all the shells actually go all together and then not spread out, but now we're going to go ahead and move to number two, yes, this weapon.

No question, top one, top two weapon: the ram. Yes, this is one of the new weapons in the game, and I absolutely broke the internet when this weapon came out. We were talking about this weapon's main number one and, for some people, its main number two. For me, it's number two; for some people, it's number one because this weapon destroys and melts.

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Zombies are absolutely addicted. I mean when you're going to be at when I'm saying you're going to be addicted to this weapon, you're going to be addicted to this weapon with the right attachment, like I mentioned with some of the other weapons. You can make some of these weapons, especially the rain, the best weapons in the game, but the only reason why I don't make mod number one is because the next one is number one for me, but this weapon has a high fire rate.

Top 7 Best Weapon in MW3 Zombies After Season 2 Reloaded Best Loadouts. On this video we going to show you guys the top 5 weapons in MW3 zombies and also give yall two bonus weapon outside the top 5. I appreciate all the support lately. Thanks everyone.
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