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best melee weapon in mw3 zombies

Today we're back with another Moder Warfare 3 zombies article for you guys, and in today's article. I'm going to be testing out a weapon that loads of you have been asking me to test ever since I dropped the TOA article a few weeks back, and that weapon is going to be the combat knife from Modern Warfare 2, so just before we get into that, let's just take a quick word from today's sponsor of this article, thanks to ug4m.

So, as I said, the combat knife is a weapon that you guys have been requesting for a while. I'm going to be doing a complete knife build in this game, so as well as running the combat knife, as you guys can see on screen, we're also going to be running the gutter knife as well, and then we're also going to be taking in an AA blade, so we're going to be using three different variations of knives in the Tier 3 Zone and seeing how it goes, but our main focus is obviously going to be that combat knife.

As you guys can see, we are bringing in a few goodies. I'm going to be bringing two legendary tools, one for both of the weapons, and I'm also going to be bringing a dog bone and an armor plate vest, just so that we don't have to worry about too much, especially when we get swarmed with zombies. As you guys know, when you are using melee weapons and stuff like that, when you knife or hit the zombies, you get an animation.

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Have you guys used the combat knife of V mod Warfare-free zombies, or do you strictly only use the knife when it comes to melee weapons? Anyway, without further ado, let's just hop straight into the game and test out these weapons and see what they're all about. And we are now in the game. And as you guys can see, I have the combat knife with my Oran camo from Modern Warfare 2.

This was such a hard grind. If you guys think that the camo grind in this game was bad, you should have done the Modern Warfare 2 grind for the Orion, especially when it first dropped. It was so hard. And if you look at the camo, it's not even that impressive in this game, in my opinion. I feel like this camo, the Priceless one, looks way better, and this isn't even like the final Mastery camo for this game.

easy schematic mwz

So what we are going to be doing is just going to head straight to the tombstone. We're going to pop these things first. We're going to put a legendary tool on this one. We'll put a legendary tool on this one. We'll pop our armor plate our ather blade our stamina, and then we'll pop our dog bone when we get into tier three I don't really feel like there's a main point of doing it now there is a rift here which is good so we're just going to be able to fly over real quick so I probably shouldn't have popped the legendary tool on the combat Nash straight away as I wanted to test out tier 2 but what we'll do is we'll get this bounty in tier two, as we still don't have it Pack-a-Punch yet so we're just going to test it out strictly into tier 2 with the legendary Rarity with no Pack-a-Punch, and then obviously when we go to tier three we'll Pack-a-Punch it and then that'll be the max damage output that we can get from the knife and then we'll test tier three with it in that.

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Variation, okay, so we have a disciple, so it's going to be good to see what it's like under deciple with no pack-a-punch. I don't think it's going to do that much damage. I mean, having a legendary tool does improve the damage output of the gun significantly, but at the same time, when it's not coupled with the damage output that you get with Pack-a-Punch, the multiplier isn't as much as you guys would think.

I believe if you have a blue tool with a level two Pack-a-Punch, you're getting the same damage output as having a legendary tool. I think it's the same. I would have to check the chart again, and I'll try to throw the chart up on screen so you guys can see exactly what I'm talking about, and we'll go straight for him even though he wants to run.

So we're KN and really slow, but it's really fast, okay, so he's dead, that was really quick, that's really powerful, I'm not going to lie, and we got a scater. Nothing would make me happier than to take the scat. I'll be really honest, but we have both of these knives that we want to test, so I'm not going to do that.


Now, one thing I have noticed right away is that the animation for the knife is really slow. I feel like that could be a bit of a problem. Maybe when we pack and punch it, it will increase. Now the knifing on the gutter knife still seems pretty fast, but the knifing on the combat knife seems a little bit slower.

We do have a self-revival here, so we are going to take one of those, so we'll just drop one of these. Xs, and then we have Quick Revive, so we're going to drink that. I really wish we could take that scorcher, but we can't. Unfortunately, so we're going to do another Bounty contract just because it's here, so it's kind of in the direction of heading into tier three already, so we might just go straight into tier three off after that, okay?

So we're coming up with this mimic, and we're going to use the gut knife for him and see how fast the gut knife can get him down. Mimics are way weaker than disciples, so I'm expecting it to be pretty. Fast, we just throw that there; we can just solely deal with him. We got one knife on him, which didn't really seem to do much; we got to try and move and KN him at the same time, and he doesn't seem to be dying at all.


We're going to die okay, so we got our first down, quite a silly down to be totally honest with. You okay so the G knife didn't seem to be doing much we're stuck again let's get out of there got knife didn't seem to be doing much but I hit him with the combat knife just then and it seemed like his health was going down quite a lot so we're going to catch him when he comes around this, corner okay so the G knife is way better than the I mean the combat knife is way better than the G knife that's for.

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Sure, so it seems like on tier three zombies there a two knife which is pretty good now straight off the bat I'm going to say that I reckon the th is still better just because the T far the speed in which you hit is unmatched, if this was really fast on the hit speed it probably would rival the Tona but because it knifes so slow that can cause some issues in certain circumstances so we did get that Bounty contract and as I said we did get a Mega Abomination and I kind of expected that to be honest always seem to get mega Abomination so we're quickly just going to go get a few self- revives just so we're safe and then we're going to go straight for him, we got loads of self Rives anyway so we should be all, right got that disciple in pretty much two, hits let's go for this Mega here we do have some support in that guy in the random guy which is, good this knife would be really op if it would just knife a little bit faster the fact that it knifes so slow is a bit of a problem but his health is going down really fast look at this is.

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