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Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, even after your life tuned in from another planet, we are back again with another top five article weapon list that a slap Even after the Season Two update, there was a season to update for the zombies. Wait, no, well, I sure hope everyone else is enjoying the new update, and I patiently wait for season 2 to be reloaded.

But anyway, let's start, and with no particular order, the weapon list: the tiers. The tier pistols are quite the tumble to rumble with, as these behemoths really pack a punch when they're literally pack-a-punch to level three and run around in the Tier 3 Zone. I'd personally recommend having another weapon on your list, as these things are great at almost anything, but I'll definitely keep your wits about you, as some of them are HVTs.

Don't mess about, but the teers are absolutely incredible, especially when a kimode, and you will have much fun with these, so here are the full attachments: The cs15. Scarlet-mounted laser, the Zi W-16; heavy, long barrel, 12.7.; 55 mm snake shot ammo the UL Fury, Trigger, and the kimbos themselves as a rare grip.


Next on the list is a rather interesting one. I might surprise you and stay with me here on this, as it's actually an LMG but actually a war. Let's say you go down and lose your stuff. You haven't got a legendary weapon on you, but you can still pack a punch. Then the {547}w is the go-to weapon; it's incredibly powerful, clearly wipes out hordes, and it even tackles the Mega Abominations rather well.

Here are the waits: No, this weapon already has attachments, and there's no attachment that gets added to it as it's a war, but with the predetermined attachments, it's still really good, so worry not, and like most of the weapons on the list in the upcoming mags of holding schematic in season 2 reloaded, you'll be well aware of emptying the weapon.

Reserve, so much so that even the mega-abomination will run away from it. This is a Tier 3 weapon; keep it in mind as it's a legendary weapon. Rarity is almost guaranteed when spawning at one of the few locations in Tier 3, but it isn't always in the same spot, so do make sure to check out a few of them, if not all, if you're looking for that particular lmg.


Next on the list is the ray gun. No, I'm joking. Sure, it got a buff, but no, seriously, we're not going there, but we do have the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder is quite an interesting type of weapon that you wouldn't expect to be a heavy hitter in the exclusion zone, let alone in Tier 3, but you hold that trigger down and watch the undead fall once again.

This is great at clearing out the Mega Abomination also, and as you might see from the footage here. I actually did run this with the weapon War by LMG; that's in Tier 3, and they seem quite a good combo. definitely not the best, but something that I felt made Tier 3 easy enough to navigate seamlessly without any issues, so here are the attachments.

The rattleback dead eye Barrel the RB Regal heavy stock the RB, Boralis grip the 30-round drum magazine, and the FTAc. I'll be interested to find out, and then finally we have the drum roll plays—not actually the P90 or the PDSW or something; it's the P90 to me, and this weapon is hella fun. You Pap this baby all the way to Pap Fre and M; watch it melt everything in its path as it gives you 400, juicy rounds for you to play with once.


I cleared out a hold. I actually did want it to stop firing so much that I actually kept it firing, and it was just so incredible and nice to use, except for when it sounded really tinny and The audio is here, but here are the attachments: The 18.75. Cloak 90-barrel the stoel, the tack laser, the VX pineapple underbarrel, and the G33, like rail Cronin and mini pro optic, and that is it.

That's all the top five weapons on the list, and make sure to check out the other article that'll be at the end of one of the previous top five lists. I'm not sure if they're still really good to use. Thank you so much. Stay Frosty and say goodbye for.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, or even extra-terrestrial life tuning in from another planet, welcome.
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