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best weapon mw3 zombies

Season 2 reloaded made some secret changes to weapons, and this weapon got a secret buff to now be the best weapon in the game. No, it's not the flamethrower, but this is almost as broken, and it won't get fixed anytime soon. This is without question the ultimate solo weapon for Tier 3 and the dark EO, so we're going to jump in game and take on both of those and get the new schematics entirely solo.

I feel like I've been brought back to the first week of the game because the crossbow has been buffed significantly. Thanks to one certain attachment now I'll show you the load out at the very end but this thing is absurd, okay so we're in the med threat let's see just as its own it's already able to nearly take down four zombies in one shot which is incredible now I've brought in a load of goodies for this so let's straight away go ahead and drink my speed cola myself my golden armor my ether blade and stamina but I need to get PhD Flopper because if you don't then this weapon is a Death Wish now we all remember, how incredible the crossbow was when the game first launched and especially with a specific type of Bolt attachment and that got a heavy Nerf in season 1 until now the crossbow has remained pretty dormant and not really used by anyone Season 2 has changed everything we know about it, so let's get ourselves that PhD flow now.

modern warfare 3 zombies best weapons

Right now, the gun doesn't have a rarity or a pack-a-punch, so let's change that. I've brought in a level one, so let's pack-a-punch that, and as we can see, we now get three of 48; in the medium three, let's see. It is taking down zombies pretty nicely, just for a Pap. I think you can already see where I'm going with this.

It is pretty incredible damage-wise already, so let me put on a legendary tool, and now this thing is just incredible. Let's say I wanted to go to the stronghold. What weapon would I normally use? Well, you could use a bullet gun, but in here you could just spam away, really. No worries at all, and you're going to get most of those spores.

modern warfare zombies best guns

This weapon is so ridiculous you don't even really have to think you lit just spam away, but I think you can already see, so let's go ahead and pack-a- Punch this all the way to tier three and let's show you how quick this can take down any Elite, so I want to show you just how op this is: get some points so then we can get ourselves a few self-revivals and some chasmis, and then we are going into the tier five dark EA, and what the heck was that dog doing, okay?

So we've got a mimic, so here we go. Just spam away. And it's dead, just like that. It is that simple. You can always put yourself on autopilot when you're using this. Okay, let's go for this first Bounty and show you just how broken this thing is. Open your mouth. Open your mouth. Okay, he didn't even get a chance to do the L.

Did you see that the only potential downside to this, and I mean, there's always got to be some compromises when there's a gun as broken as this, is that you do run out of ammo very quickly, but the zombies drop ammo very quickly, and very often are you guys seeing how broken this is all right here, we go lasers?

modern warfare zombies best weapons

Quick i'm telling you this thing's a cheat code, and unless he Stomps you tell me a weapon that is easier to use in the game than this, I will wait. I will wait okay, and again, I need to get to these rewards. I can't get to them, and now I can all right, so what we got in there wasn't great, but I'm telling you boys, it's just incredible, so now I'm going to get some perks.

I'm going to get some equipment from the buy station, and we are going into the ElderSigil tier five, dark EA, and all I'm going to use is this weapon. All right, my friends, let's do this, and I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't. I'm extremely, extremely confident that I will be able to do this because this crossbow is stupid, so we're now in the tier five ElderSigil Dark EA, and I'm so ready to do this and again to show you just how insane this crossbow is.

mw3 best weapons

Contract here is a tier five Bounty, with a mega Abomination, that we need to take out man now that sounds awful but trust me this is going to be an absolute Breeze and to make this truly as hardcore as possible you see I'm just going to run everywhere on foot I'm not even going to be using a scorcher or anything like that cuz I don't have one I I've seen a lot of people just straight up use The Jug suit for this especially if they're doing it without a weapon which yes some people are actually doing that which sounds absurd but we're going to take this down purely, with the crossbow if I can actually see where I'm going my this is actually pretty damn, difficult with the fact I can't see anything okay there we go it's doing its lasers and again just look how quickly we pop its mouth there's no question not even a question of Doubt although if I can run.

Okay, he's yawning. He's doing something right now that's making my life a little bit easier. Okay, there's another laser I can be quick about. No, all right. A down's fine. A down's fine. I was running out of ammo, which needed to happen anyway. This is going to be easy. There we go, boom.

mw3 season 2

We use space to our advantage. Here, can I take this reward? Rift in peace. I actually don't think I am, so I'm going to throw down a decoy. What I get: blood burner keys, VR1 plans are nice; Big W is all right. Let's work on getting the second one. Now it's going to be an outlast, and it's going to be a bunny.

We need to get on top of that building. There, I've got three self-revivals left. I'm feeling pretty confident. I don't want to get too cocky, though, so in order for us to get this bunny, we need to go up this ladder here. Yeah, I'm trying to think if there are any ammo caches nearby; that's what I really need to find out, because look here; there is nothing you can't see, so let's pick this up.

So yeah, it's an Outlast. At first, this sounds horrendous, but again, with this crossbow, it is an absolute walk in the park, like it genuinely is like there's not a lot of weapons that I would take for this, especially as a solo. Man, this is so easy, so let's get this activated right away; otherwise, we're going to have a lot of zombies in here.

mw3 zombies

So the way that this works, so what I found is that if we just stand on this little table, this circular table, we can run around, and the zombies get extremely confused on how exactly to go for us. It's more the dogs that you need to watch out for because they're going to nip you a lot. Do you see the zombies?

just doting around right now, and when worse comes to worse and push comes to shove, we just shoot down the crossbow. I wish I could say it was, you know, a little bit more difficult, but it really isn't he who's definitely going to help us out, so take out that disciple. I mean, man, this is a bit too casual right now.

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