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Order, so if something's at 10, it doesn't mean that it's more relevant than the thing that's at 1, or vice versa; it's just randomized, guys, so don't worry about it too much, but number one on the list that I have right here is going to be the server crashes. This is going to be one of the main things for me personally, because I experience this almost every single day that I play this game, and it's getting to the point where the game is borderline, unplayable, some days for me, like, for example, a few days ago, when I was helping my friend with some of his challenges.

Now he actually needs to complete the act for the boss, so we got restacked, we went in game ready for the boss battle, and then as soon as we got in game, we used our items, and then the game crashed. I had brought in a Flawless Aeran Crystal, a legendary aph tool, a dog bone, an armor plate, pretty much everything I brought in, and then I lost it instantly, so we got restacked, we went in game again, and then what happens?

We get a packet loss latency drop, and then the game crashes. Again, it was absolutely ridiculous, so not only did I lose that stuff one time around, I lost it two times around, as I did have two loads of it in my backpack or in my stash. Should I say so for the next game because we lost so much stuff and didn't come in as stacked?

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This time around. I only came in with a refined etherium crystal, which is Pack-A-Punch level two and an epic AOL, and crashed again, and then about 15 minutes into the game, we went and crashed again, and then we lost everything. Again, at this point, I had to tell my friend that I'm going to have to help him another day because I was getting really frustrated, to be honest with you, and I just had to get offline.

But this is a constant issue, and it's a huge problem that they need to address asap. Have you guys been experiencing constant crashes like me? I know that most people have, but again, for other platforms, they haven't been getting it as much as I said on PC. We seem to be getting it the worst. But now, moving on to our second point, our second point is going to be RNG.

So RNG stands for random number generator; an example of this in gaming would be the drop rate of schematics and rare acquisitions. So as you guys may know, there's some people, for example, that were able to do two Bounty contracts in the Tier 3 Zone and get the ray gun, and then there's other people that've been playing non-stop for a month and still haven't been able to get the ray gun.


That's a perfect example of RNG. It's all randomized, and it's all different for everyone. It's pretty much all based on luck. Personally, I don't think that there's an issue with RNG. A lot of games use RNG, and I find it a fair way of actually playing. However, the problem is that the RNG in MWZ is just terrible.

I mean, you shouldn't be in the tier-free zone getting rare AA tools every single time you complete a bounty contract; that's absolutely ridiculous. They need to give you the correct rewards for the area. If you're in Tier 2, then you should be getting rare AA tools and things like that. You shouldn't be in the tier-free or in-the-dark EPA completing challenges and getting rare or uncommon AA tools and things like that.

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You shouldn't be in the tier-free or in-the-dark EPA completing challenges and getting rare or uncommon AA tools. To me, that's absolutely ridiculous. Cool down now. this is Major this is a major thing for me, and I know this is a major thing for a lot of my friends, and it's probably a major thing for a lot of you watching this article as well, but for me personally.

I feel like the schematic system within Modern Warfare 3 zombies is actually really good, and I do actually like the schematic system. What I don't like is the schematic cool-down times on specific items, now 3 hours for a perk and 3 hours for an ammo mod. I mean, it probably could be 2 hours, in my opinion, but 3 hours is still somewhat manageable.

That's free, so I reckon it should probably be two, but the problems come when you start looking at Wonder Weapons and the new schematics and stuff like that for a ray weapon for a ray gun or for a Wonder Waffle. We have to wait 48 hours, which is 2 days for me. That's silly we've grinded, non-stop, for these schematics.

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As I said, some people have been grinding for days and days of Tier 3 and stuff like that just to get the ray gun, and now you can only craft it every 2 days. It just doesn't seem very fair to me. Now I get the fact that there needs to be some form of cooldown because it would be overpowered if you could just craft a ray gun or one weapon every single game you go into, but the amount of games that you can play within a 2-day.

Period is just crazy; you can't craft another one at that time. I personally feel like it should be about a 6-hour cooldown that gives you enough time between games and also allows you to craft it twice a day, so for example, if you jumped on in the morning and you were off work or off school, whatever it was, and you were playing the whole day, you got to use that Ray Gun twice.

I mean, it's still not the best, but I still think that's way better than crafting it every two days now. It gets even worse with the new schematics, because with the dog bone and the armor plate and stuff like that, we have to wait 3 days to craft it. Now, 3 days just seems way too excessive for me, and I'm pretty sure a lot of you would agree.

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I mean, these schematics aren't easy to get, guys. You have to go through the whole of Act 4 to complete it. To do all the Easter eggs, you have to open up the dark EPA. You have to go through all of the dark EPA, get the signatures, and stuff like that to get the first free, then you need to do the.

To complete the red worm boss to get the other free, so then you finally unlock everything, and now you find out you can only craft these items that you tried so hard to get twice a week, guys. Twice a week, that's absolutely ridiculous. So you can craft these items eight times in one month. That doesn't make sense to me, like that cool down should not even exist—the highest cool down that should be on this game for any item, in my opinion.

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So for example, let's just say, for argument sake, that you've been stacking up all of your classified schematics, those being the dog bone, the armor plate, and the EA blade, and then you've also been stacking up two W weapons for this special run that you and your friends are going to go on, so you craft all of your items; the classified schematics have gone on a 3-day timer, and the Wonder Weapons have obviously gone on a 2-day timer.

Suggestions To Improve MW3 Zombies As A Whole! Game Crashes, Schematic Cooldown, RNG, Workbenches, Squads Much More! 10 Things That Will Make MW3 Zombies A Better Gamemode.
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