News - This Surprise Update Is Releasing Warzone 2. New Events, Free Rewards & More



We have a new surprise update releasing in MW3 that will include a couple of new rewards, a bunch of free events, some mastery rewards, and much more. We'll break it all down in today's article.


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They have a bunch of stuff over there, including zombie schematics. Be sure to use the code Matt for an extra 5% off at checkout. First up, here is an update.

New mw3 cdl rewards & weapon blueprints not working!

On a bunch of the Cod League rewards, they've been completely bugged recently, so if you guys have your YouTube account connected with your Activision account, you should be able to get those rewards by watching CDL matches, but a lot of people are not getting them right now.

I saw this guy on Twitter, so I tried to get a blueprint from the CDL viewing rewards, but instead, it gave me over 200 hours of weapon XP. LMO, I'll take it so; that is absolutely unreal. Of course, the blueprints are pretty cool, but I definitely would prefer to get 200 hours of weapon XP because that's a lot of weapon XP; it is so hard to get that much unless you're getting a ton of Monster Energy cans or other methods like that.

Now I don't know if they're going to remove his weapon XP tokens here because it's, of course, not an intended feature. I don't know what's going on there, but that seems to be a pretty good W from this glitch, but overall. Have you gotten the Twitch drops as well for War Zone N:MW3?

New playlist updates coming to modern warfare 3!

New playlist updates coming to modern warfare 3!

But for some more updates, here we have a new playlist update coming to MW3, and we of course have hardcore quickplay. MH Pit All or Nothing Grease 24/7 instead of meat 24/7. Rust Mint 247, as well. Obviously, these are just standard playlists, but the week after that, we're going to get a lot of new stuff like the holiday highrise, map, and all the good stuff here, so.

Multiple new events releasing in modern warfare 3

In terms of events, let's start off here first with the new events coming to MW3. Of course, if you go to the event tab in MW3 and War Zone, we have a new surprise event happening in a day and a half from now on Wednesday. This week is the Dune Trial of Power, so this is kind of crazy. Of course, we have the event after that next week, and I'm a bit more excited for Santa's Ground, which I'll go through in a separate article.

There's a ton of stuff happening. With this event, the Santa Na operator, the boss in the war zone, faces a ton of challenges. Mastery rewards—we'll go through all that very soon—but for the Dune event here, this came out of nowhere. We knew this was happening, but I didn't think it would happen.

This soon. I definitely didn't think it would be before the holiday event here, so Dune trial of power, prove yourself in the Battle of Arcus, earn XP to unlock exclusive rewards from the Dune Universe, equip the Paul Al Tradies operator from the Tracer pack Dune part two. Paul Alres, operator bundle for a boost I don't know if I'm pronouncing that last name correctly.

If you're a fan of Dune, I saw the first movie; I didn't read the books; it was a pretty solid movie. Here we have some early gameplay and previews of the bundles, and of course the rewards we're getting now first for that Paul Alres bundle.

New dune part 2 event bundles in mw3 showcase

New dune part 2 event bundles in mw3 showcase

This Tracer Pack bundle was actually available early a couple days ago. I think the other bundle was also available early as well, but they're going to officially release in about a day and a half from now on Wednesday.

This bundle comes, of course, with that main Paul operator—not a skin, but a completely new operator with a new chip and shatter finishing move—which is always pretty cool to see. We have a hogar 556. Weapon blueprint; we have a core 45 Weapon blueprint as well; they come with orange spice tracers; interesting stuff there; we also have a dual Kadachi blueprint as well, which looks pretty cool, and the orange spice tracers look solid.

Weapon blueprint with a really cool black theme there a wsp swarm weapon blueprint as well the same spice tracers again we have here a preview of that okay a gutter knife blueprint as well I like the gutter knife and the Dual kadachi blueprint honestly the most out of these bundles here finishing move again, colon card there you have a weapon charm and an emblem as well, so pretty solid bundles overall.

New universal mastery camo reward releasing in mw3

New universal mastery camo reward releasing in mw3

Of course we're getting a Mastery reward as well for this event, a sand dunes camo, which is definitely not the craziest most vibrant camo, but it does look pretty cool, and I don't always want these vibrant camos, and I've been recently switching out, you know, in my creative class setups, just super bright vibrant camos with more lowkey camos just to mix it up, and I don't know.

I feel like this is another solid one here, where the article has this early gameplay, the color correction. It might be a bit off, but I do think in game this is a decent look here; it fits the theme of the event, and it's a solid free universal camo to have on all your weapons in the game. So again, as I've been saying, do I want all these camos and rewards to be mastercraft, style camos, and weapons?

Of course not, although you know it would be cool to get a Minecraft weapon as a reward for an event in the future, maybe for the boys event, but for all these little events here. I don't mind having a universal camo that is just lowkey like this for the final reward there, as long as we're getting a universal camo and not a specific weapon blueprint for a weapon you might not like we got last year in MW2.

That is completely fine, so for MW2.

Two new bundles just added to modern warfare 3

Two new bundles just added to modern warfare 3

I just dropped them today again. Were you guys available to get these early, potentially? But for 1,00 C points, you're getting this Pathfinder operator skin, which looks pretty solid. We'll preview this operator here. I already went through a lot of these in an early preview article recently, but looking at it in game with better graphics definitely looks pretty cool.

There we have the sidewinder. The Northern Lights battle rifle blueprint, which in this case looks super vibrant and a little animated, definitely has a solid vibe. We have a calling card, a large decal, a weapon charm, and an emblem, so I think this is a decent bundle, as are the galactic traces and the vortex effect, which we'll look at here.

modern warfare 3

A solid Tracer and weapon blueprint combination; an overall decent one there; and the next one here is the paint Slinger bundle. We have this Pathfinder operator skin that looks okay. We have an AR9 SMG blueprint with that green and black look. We have another one here. KVD enforcer blueprint with a yellow and black look.

MULTIPLE NEW EVENTS are Releasing in the NEXT Modern Warfare 3 Update! Early Preview.
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