News - This Is Embarrassing But Predictable - Rant ( False Chat Ban) Warzone 2 Season 3

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It's the day after season 3 launched. You got the VIPs, the knob gobblers, and the super shills out here; they're doing their due diligence; they're putting in work for Daddy Activision, and they're spreading that hype. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Deuce and Half and the Black Cell is the premium battle pass that you can only buy with cash; you can't buy it with Call of Duty points sitting one and two on Steam for top sellers.

Just a day after the season launch, and you know a lot of people think the hype is crazy right now for Rebirth Island. War Zone has completely taken over Call of Duty, even though it's not Call of Duty, but it's still taken over Call of Duty, and it's been helping to run Multiplayer, along with some other [__].

But you know these junkies who probably took a break from War Zone and were hyped as hell for Rebirth Island? They probably went out and picked up Modern Warfare Deuce in a half just so they could grind the guns over there in shipment or whatever and then bring them over to rebirth. You guys know how it goes, and I just saw a post.

I'm not going to put it up on the screen, but I just saw a post from Sir Charles Intel, Kesav himself. And he's out here bragging about Kakoki, the Black Cell, and all that. It's all you know in the top cells for PlayStation and Xbox as well. You know, Call of Duty, as bad as it is, it's always going to sell great.

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There's too many whales; there's too many virgins; there's too many Giga Geeks; there's too many Beta males. That play Call of Duty is just straight up low testosterone, [__]]. In the game Call of Duty, it doesn't matter what we say; it doesn't matter what we do; it does not matter. Call of Duty is always going to be at or near the top until there are no more Call of Duty, so what can you do?

There's a lot of weird nerds out here that get really emotional sensitive and extremely butt hurt anytime you criticize their favorite little article game. These are the types of people who click on articles they know they'll hate by the title and thumbnail alone, just to complain about you. They do not see the irony in this, but they do it day in and day out because they can't handle their buckets, which are all sore, red, and raw.

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They can't handle somebody criticizing them. A article game that they purchased on their own channel, these people think you should just shut up and stop playing the game. I think that would suck for the real ones that are still left that want to see Call of Duty return to its former glory and its former greatness, but I think these channels out here, especially the bigger ones that speak their minds, call out that they kind of very minimally keep Activision in check a little bit.

Man, we see how bad it is right now. I think they know though; I think it could be so much worse than it is right now, but they know the type of backlash they're going to get, so what kind of keeps them in check, just like, ever so slightly? keeps them in check, these giga geeks. These whales playing Call of Duty are extremely similar creatures to the new Destiny crowd, the destiny crowd that came in with new light when they made the base game free.

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These types of people are proud to know what they want the world to know: that they got it; they love having their money like it's not their money; they don't have to work for it, right? They're on unemployment. They're on welfare; they're living off their parents, whatever it is. They don't value that money, so they don't care; they're just happy to support terrible business practices for their favorite little article game.

They want you to stop talking about it and leave the billion-dollar doll company alone. Activision wants people to stop calling this [__] out so they can keep [__] on the real ones that are still left. It's like I said in a recent article: every single Call of Duty has the potential to be great, even if you absolutely hate that game, like, for me, the worst Call of Duty multiplayer I've ever played in my life, and that will never change.

I don't like it. I can't see we have Vanguard and [__]. I can't ever see this changing modern slob warfare. 2019: I'm tired of these noobs trying to tell me it's a great game. Call of Duty is the best Call of Duty ever made. Modern Warfare Modern slot Warfare. 2019: I'm tired of these nerds, The worst Call of Duty multiplayer I've ever played.

chat ban rant mw3

If we were talking about Rainbow 6, a subseries of Rainbow 6, then yeah, it's the best game ever, right? It fits that series; it fits that franchise for me. The worst Call of Duty multiplayer ever made, but that being said, you know a little bit of tweaking and some patches Listening to the community a little bit would have been a great game.

We got some good maps would have been a great game would have been a great In Call of Duty, nobody could do graphics, gun animations, and sounds—the way the guns feel and look in your hands. Nobody does it like Infinity War, but Infinity War makes shitty ass campy time-limit games, and at the end of the day, nobody does it like Call of Duty.

Nobody has that same formula, so you feel for the real ones that are still left, just trying to find that former glory, that former greatness, that Call of Duty once had. Yeah, there's other games out here that have that great silky smooth gun play, like Call of Duty. Destiny is one of them. There are some games that have really good gunplay, but nobody can offer what Call of Duty can offer.

false chat ban

That's silky smooth gunplay with the tight Clos Quarter Maps, lots of action, and streaks. There's no one out here doing that. The problem is that we have this foundation; we have the potential still here underneath all this. It's being suffocated; it's being smothered by suits, and they're nonsense; they're All of us out here are hoping for change; we could all get up and quit the game tomorrow, and it's still going to be the top five best sellers.

It's still going to be number one. It's still going to be number one or number two. It's always going to be at or near the top because it's Call of Duty. There's too many casualties, and there's too many whales. There's too much sweat. There's too many Nerds that like playing in free practice or tournaments, and that's why I always laugh at these nerds who complain about us or even other channels.

false chat ban mw3

There are channels out here that will make rant article after rant article after rant article about Call of Duty, and then they'll make articles complaining about the people who complain about Call of Duty just to go back to complaining about Call of Duty again, just like we have real people out here that do this type of [__].

It doesn't matter how down bad call of duty is. These whales will always make sure to show the overwhelming support for terrible business practices. Just buy more bundles.
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