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We are back in it for another one, and if you don't know what you just watched, for that intro. That was a clip, but you didn't need two kill cams for that clip. You've seen a sniper kill me twice in the same Kill Cam Man At least when I spawned, I got to move up a couple of feet, though I can't say the same thing for rust.

I can't say the same thing for some of these other spawns that I've been seeing out here, but rust is kind of like rust is unacceptable for the spawns that I've seen over there, but I've never taken that map all that seriously. You kind of treat it like a shipment, right? It's just that you go in there, you turn your brain off, and that's it.

You can't take that map too seriously, like I got Clips on my computer on Rust, where I literally spawn in front of people—two, three, maybe 5T in front of them. My back is facing, and they just shoot me in the back like you. Literally, when you watch the kill cam, you see me just spawning right on their screen.

mw3 aim assist sucks

They're looking right at my spawn. I just spawned there. They could be like running, like sprinting forward. I spawn right on their screen, they stop, they shoot me, and then they go about their day, like it's just that the spawns that I'm seeing in this game are crazy. At least in that spawn on Skid Row, I was able to move up a couple of feet, but you can see the sniper; you know he's running the gun with the best of him.

I take out his boy, and he quick-scopes me, and with just the speed of the characters and, you know, these funky spawns, he's able to kill me twice in the same kill cam. At least he actually aimed, though the second time he killed me, and I even skipped the kill cam too. Man, it just threw me off.

threw me off; we should not be seeing spawns like that on Skid Row. Now I know we only had that one flag. Skid Row is not a tiny map. Man, there are so many other places they could have spawned me. quick Scopes me I skip the kill cam. I run, I run forward a couple of feet at a spawn, just trying to get my bearings.

When I realize where I'm at, I'm getting ready to go take this on, and he's already there, which is how fast these characters move, and he's already aiming down sight with the sniper. Boom, you're just dead, and that's why I think a lot of people are out here talking about these maps and how trash they are.

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I'm hearing the OG's talk about these maps, saying they don't like them all that much; they just don't play the same a lot of these new games. Cod sweats; they're complaining about these maps, saying how good they were in the past. I think that's what we're seeing, which is the spawn logic. In this game, the speed of the characters and, like, you got to think you're on these respawn modes, people are spawning back in 5 10 15 20 plus times a game, and with their spawn logic, man, everybody's just can't slide, canceling all over the place they're moving so quickly.

It's making these maps just seem so much more chaotic than they used to be, man. They used to play, so a lot of these maps—I'm not going to say all of them, but a lot of them. There was just so much there was so much more fluidity to them back in the day, even some of the spawns that I'm seeing on AATE or FLLA.

mw3 beta sucks

Actually, on my last stream on my second channel. I had a spawn on Team Deathmatch where I had three enemies spawn basically just like right around me; there were two that spawned kind of in front of me and then one over to the right of me, and they're all just running towards where I'm at, where I was running, and they're all looking at me; they're all gunning me down, man.

I didn't even have a chance like a spawn like that. In TDM, on a map, the size of the map is just unacceptable, but that's why I say map. I feel like we won't know until we get it in our hands, but that's why I say Afghan. It might actually play better in this game than it did in the OG. Modern Warfare 2, but did you see that sniper just running and gunning with the best of them, man?

Fearless, like a lion, a [__] tiger, or some [__] they fear. Nothing in this game, the snipers. Top of the [__] food chain from what I've seen so far. I've been getting asked if I can actually cover this during this beta. I've been getting asked if I can make a commentary on how crazy these snipers seem to be, but like I said to a few people that have asked me.

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I kind of want to wait for the launch of the game till we see the rest of the snipers that are here and until I use them more myself, but even in the gameplay that I had in the article, just a few articles back, and you guys saw a couple of [__] kills that I got with these snipers, already in that article, some of the deaths that I'm eating are just the slide cancel Bunny Hop quick scope all day every day, man.

Like these [__] is just I still have to go through a lot of this game play, but I'm pretty sure I have more than one game on this computer. Time to kill, like it's just it feels leaning a little bit more towards the slow side, but the hit registration is just such a mess in this game right now too, like I could see the snipers being severe and out of control in this game.

mw3 overpowered snipers

I can see why people have already asked me to talk about it, but like I said, I think I'm going to wait, or if I do make a article, we might make one between beta and launch. Just for an idea for a article, I might just go ahead and take that on for a commentary. In between, before this game launches.

But at the same time, man. I'm just going to kind of take my time talking about the snipers like it's just, it's on another level when you talk about the snipers out here on YouTube, right? I always go back to the Cold War. I made a couple of articles about snipers, and I even showed proof of it. With me using the snipers as well, I'm getting killed by them because anytime a sniper hears that, you're saying their favorite little Toys R Us Fisher Price gun is overpowered.

Then the first thing that they'll say to you is. Well, if it's so easy, you do it right, so to shut them up, you got to come out here and show them gameplay of you doing it, and then when you show them that game play, they will tell you. Well, you're actually solid at the game, though not like 98% of the people that play this game won't be able to do that; they won't be able to hit some of those shots, like you're just making it seem way easier than it actually is.

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Sniping is dog in this game; they need to be buffed, but when I went through this with Cold War, it's just It's a different vibe, man, like I had more than one [__]. I'm not going to repeat any of it, man, because some of it was just nasty as hell. And here is why this is what the these are the lengths that these people will go through: They're a different breed.

The biggest problem with call of duty MWIII is sbmm and it's not even close. These are the sweatiest pubs I've ever had the displeasure of participating in. It doesn't make sense to have your casual playlist this competitive, and you can't even take the game seriously because it's broken.
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