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What up it's Prime pete just wants to bring this to everyone's attention and remind everyone that Call of Duty is not the game that it once was what once stood as the most popular franchise in gaming and is now left with the player count getting beaten out by indie games like PubG and Lethal Company and even other long-standing, old titles like Dota 2 and GTA 5.

Needless to say, there are a couple reasons that Cod has seen a massive downhill spiral recently, ever since the release of Vanguard, but more notably. In the worst game ever made. Modern Warfare 2 players are really starting to wake up to the blatant manipulations of money-hungry Activision and the restrictions put in place to hold back good development teams like Sledgehammer Games from actually developing a game that can retain players for longer than a week.

I'm not here to say that Cod is dead or that it's going to die in the next year like everyone else; it's not going anywhere, but let's not forget that the 6v6 standard multiplayer experience, despite having really fun and well-designed movement mechanics and Gunplay, is still just in the tubes, and there's nothing that Activision is really doing about it, and you can bet they're not going to do anything about it either, so let's put on our tin foil hats and begin CH.

ai bots

For example, this patent here shows the system put in place that changes your player attributes like your hitb boox health and bullet damage in order to put you or your opponents at an advantage. You ever wonder why you pump a whole mag into someone, then they turn around and twap you with an SMG?

I'm going to blow your mind here, but to put it simply, the game is just rigged, and it wants them to think they're good enough to get quick kills, and they want you to get aggravated so that you keep trying to prove yourself that you're good when in reality you're not crazy. The game is just working against you in both scenarios.

ai bots cod

The bad player thinks they're better than they are, so they keep playing, and the good player has to prove themselves that they're good, so they keep playing, shooting first and still dying in a few milliseconds. Yep, I reiterate that you're not crazy. Convince their customers that buying skins equals skill; it also signifies to the player that bought the skin that this cosmetic item made them a better player and more confident, so maybe they should consider buying another one.

You ever wonder why the player with the brand new skin in your lobby is just so difficult to kill once? Well, I hope this helped. Also, my source isn't trustworthy; trust me, it's literally patented by Activision. Once again. I'll put it on the screen here, and you could say they just patented it; they don't have to be using it, but the thing is, there's literally no reason for them not to be using it if they patented it.

I can't imagine they just patented this methodology and let it sit there, especially if it makes them money hand over fist. Additionally, let's talk about Call of Duty's matchmaking. Not only is it the most rigged thing about the game, but it is also what keeps players playing the game the most and is the biggest factor in some players addiction to Call of Duty.

blame truth

We've all heard the term spmm, or skill-based matchmaking, about two trillion times by now since Modern Warfare 3 has come out, but using this name for the system is essentially incorrect at this point in time. Basically, there's a system called eomm, or engagement-optimized matchmaking, that really falls under all these manipulative systems I've described.

It's basically like spmm, but like 5, 000 times worse. Instead of matchmaking based on skill, it essentially takes each player and says all right. What match do I have to throw this player into to create the highest chance possible that this player plays another match, sees anything I just mentioned before, and then chooses to spend even more time or money on the game as a result?

cod bot lobby

For example, if you do really badly in a game and get spanked by sweats on the other team, the algorithm might see your playing habits and predict you'll get off if it happens to you again, so it throws you a bone and gives you an easier Lobby where you can get kills and satisfy your need to do well in a match, and then after that, you'll just go right into another match of getting destroyed, wondering how you could have just played so well and then just done so poorly.

This game of inconsistency breeds addiction more than anything else, and it is the ultimate inconsistency. Machine, whenever I get on COD. I notice my first game is really tough, and I may not do so well, which might force you to say. Well. I'm not quite warmed up yet. I'm not in the zone yet, or other things of that nature, but in reality, it's just the game trying to aggravate me, so I play another match.

You know what I do when I bottom-frag my first game? I just get off the game eventually, and the algorithm will realize this pattern and throw me a bone. In my first game. Another huge thing that's rising is the obvious implementation of AI bots into normal online lobbies. I won't spend 15 minutes going through all the proof; just give us some research on Reddit and watch blame-the-truth talk about it.

cod hitreg

The point is that AI bots are being covertly slipped into lobbies to turn the tides and mess with the balance of each game. The team balancing is so scary and accurate that most matches end with extremely tight scores, and most games are hyper-competitive. However, by using these bots, the game can be tampered with to even more of an extent if the matchmaking and lobby balancing didn't do their jobs well enough.

AI bots are artificially created players that fill any discrepancies within a lobby, if there are any, and attempt to make each match as close as possible. If some kind of gap is left within the lobby and the skill levels of each team aren't quite balanced, the game will just throw a useless bot on your team if you're winning or a complete MLG bot if you're losing too hard.

cod is rigged

I'm sure a lot of you watching this article have encountered some weirdly robotic players; it's no coincidence. Bots are being thrown into lobbies to even them out. Long story short, a game like Modern Warfare 3 with awesome mechanics and the most fun gameplay of the last four years or so is tarnished and becomes a questionable When you look at all these manipulative systems put in place with one objective in mind: for you to get addicted and for you to spend money on the game, the first matches are fundamentally rigged from the get-go.

The matchmaking algorithm decides whether a good or bad performance will keep you playing the game and puts you in an exactly balanced lobby where the teams will almost undoubtedly be neck and neck the entire match, and you hopefully perform as the algorithm intends you to. If the teams are not balanced enough, enter the AI bots that will keep you engaged.

This is more or less an updated summary of what is still going on behind the scenes.
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