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All right, starting off, we're spectating BLM, Was. We're spectating this guy, and we've got a lot of activity around us. We've got a bounty to our left. Of course, he doesn't really have much stuff, and honestly, that's just normal, guys. When you first hot-drop into an area, you're not going to find much, but again, get something that can last you for long range, get something that can help you with short range, get a few plates, and then start moving on your goal in this area.

Loot a massive amount of money to the best of your ability, meaning you want to you want to attack massive compounds, which we have a lot over here. I don't prefer looting massive story buildings because it takes so long to go up and down the stairs and loot this room, that room, and this room, and not to mention, let's be honest, most of us don't know the layout of these damn buildings, and we end up getting lost half the time anyway, so I would just be looting the one story, the two stories quickly in and out, get my money for loady, and then go to buy my goal.

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In this game, the goal is to get my load. That way, when the free Lo drops, that could be my real loadout, just in case my body's being camped, but here we are spectating quads. I'm not really sure why he was by himself. We have Gomez. Allejo El Carney, and I'm not trying to pronounce that. Elaka, and these guys are staying together now look this game requires a lot of teamwork, a lot you if you're playing quads or trios you know what I'm talking about you've been third party you've been fourth party you've been fifth parted play together Stay Together push fights together rotate together, lick walls together whatever you guys need to do make sure you're doing it together all right but Gomez is going in we talked about together I like the fact that Pink's coming with us, because again if we push this and we know what ttk is like and we know how the skill Gap doesn't exist so if one pushes and he gets [ __ ] on it's always good to have a teammate there with you to help back you up thankfully though is able to win his ones play up make sure his ammunition is Reloaded and make our way to Pink now he was by himself but it doesn't mean he's the only one over here all right we've got Ping On The Rooftop I don't I think that was accidental cuz we have several pings in the water, we have the buy station we have enough money for the loading now, look, okay your boy alar is.


Is, slapping some ass now let's talk about positioning and that sniper glint too or the sniper Tracer but let's talk about positioning of the load out when you guys are throwing down the loadout make sure you throw it somewhere relatively safe you don't have to walk it across the M but look around you and say where can I get my load out safe so it's not in the open, first off this right here because we are shooting enemies in the water there are several pings I don't know how many there are but I wouldn't want to put it right in front not to mention it could bounce, hit the fence bounce in the water I throw it more towards the building that way again if we can get our load out if we start getting shot at we can bounce right inside the door now the sniper shot just came off of whim had no idea that was going to happen but this is a perfect example of why you don't throw your load out in the middle of the open.

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El Carnate is absolutely getting massacred by whatever team's about to push us in going for our load out this is a. Given that we need to get out now, we need to play the building. I want to get high ground in this situation. The enemy is coming at us. Great job with that. Great i don't know why it's called the nade drone.

Great thing with the drone right there anticipating. We see the guy on the mini map. Now look, we talked about playing together. This is exactly why you don't push in one at a time. Let's see if he falls into it too, and he does. This is literally the definition of what we're just talking about.

When you have a when you have a team, on team fight and you notice one guy pushes and he dies, another guy pushes in and he dies, how many times do you guys play and your teammates die, and you just like, and you got to go regain, you got to go buy them back, and it's just a massive pain in the ass.

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That's because your team's not playing together successfully. We're all guilty of it. I have times when I'm guilty of it. I try to challenge myself because I think I'm better than everybody. But, again, play together, fight together, and again, this all goes back to just positioning the loadout.

To be fair, we threw it in the middle of the open team right there, and the team to the right ended up getting a third party. It is what it is; you threw it in a bad spot. Normally, it doesn't really matter. You just kind of throw it in your cover and concealment for safety measures, but overall, especially in this place right here, you're going to want to throw it somewhere safe, all right?

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Aljo and Gomez are trying to do a regain right now, and they're coming over here now that you got the buy. This is also a very hot spot, so I wouldn't be surprised if they end up getting pushed by another. Team and here we are looking Windows, back to you soon all right so finally we have our team together finally we're regaining finally we're doing something it's been about 5 minutes not really much has happened they had a few vehicles drive by but that's about it now if you notice the circle right now we're on the edge the entire South End of the map will have to come to us, so we could sit here hold we could gate we get could get in position or we can position ourselves somewhere else or we can get aggressive there's a lot of different options let's see what these boys I really wish we could see the pings on the mini map.

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