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Out before we jump in, though, we do have some pass notes for the season 2 reload update. I'm not going to go over everything, so be sure to either check out the pass notes yourself or look at the exclusive Aces article. You'll most likely be uploading a article with all the weapon changes, going into detail about what's actually changed and what you should be looking out for.

Anyway, with the season 2 reload update from multiplayer we have and the new DoS House reimagine map, I'll play. I'll play a couple games on that today. We've got Skid Grow and Airborne coming out if they're not out already. Those are just variants of the two maps that are already out; there are no big changes going on there.

We do have two new weapons: the SOA subverter, which is a battle rifle that's supposed to be hard-hitting, And excelling in long-range damage, it's probably a little bit slower. Then we have the soul render, which is a sword melee weapon; you can get the SOA subverter with the weekly challenges; and you can get the soul render.

In bass B, we've got new aftermarket parts for the Hoger 556 and the bass B. We've got bounties coming back, which is already one of my favorite modes, and we also have Juggernaut, and then we have three back-to-back events coming out week after week after week. The first event seems to be just an XP event.


After that, we've got a lot of bug fixes and changes. The only other change that is notable in my opinion is that we get to pin our challenges into the dashboard so we can see them pretty easily and unlock them that way, so you don't have to keep going back to the challenge menu. I've done that for today, and we'll see that soon as far as zombies go, which I'm not jumping into in this article, but as far as zombies go, we do have a new story mission for zombies.

You have a new dark age; you have a new warlord. You've got new acquisitions and schematics for the mag-holding, so you don't have to reload; you just use the bullets that are in the chamber. You've got the blood burner key, which gives you the motorcycle that can also do an EMP blast, and then you have the vr11 weapon case schematic as well.


And we also have xfill bonuses, so if you complete a contract or if you do something special within the game and you're able to xill, the more times you xill, the more bonuses you get upon starting your next game. Other than that, let's go check out the changes at the end of the game. As I said, there is a Dune Ru Fate event going on again; it's just an XP challenge; you get stickers, you get consumables.

At the end of this event, we have another weapon camo, which again looks pretty basic. I'll check it out once we finish it up, but it doesn't look like something extravagant that you need to get. I was able to get the last Walking Dead camo, but, again, it wasn't that great, so I haven't shown it off yet.

Here in the battle pass, we do have the new weapon, the soul-rend melee weapon. To earn this, you do have to actually complete the individual challenges for this sector. These are all melee-based challenges. You know, killing an enemy with the butt of a gun or killing an enemy with a throwing knife, killing an enemy with a frag, and killing an enemy with a Crouch knife—so I'll get into that in another article—but that is how you get this weapon.

Last but certainly not least, we do have our weekly challenges, which get us the SOA subverter. Now I have looked through most of these challenges. Multiplayer challenges don't seem to be too hard. The zombie challenges don't seem to be too hard at all; the war zone challenges will take you a lot more time, especially if you're not crazy.

You know great things about the war zone, but. Zombies The reason why I'm not going to do zombies in this article is that it's going to take me multiple games in order to get this weapon unless I'm just lucky and get the weapons I need while I'm out in the first XFI, so in order to skip past that in order for it to be easier for me and for some of you guys out there that just don't have that much time, we're going to do the multiplayer challenges, and I've already pinned the challenges that I'm going to be completing on the main screen.

You can do that by just going to the challenge and pressing X, but we're going to get 20 kills with the long bow, the hay maker, and the hoger, and then we're going to do some kills with a battle rifle. The only one I'm worried about is getting quick scope kills with the Jack Glass as an optic. Hopefully I don't have to do that with a sniper, but we're about to find out, so I'm going to jump into do house 24/7 and see how it feels and how fun it is, and then if it's just too much for me.

I'll jump into my small mosh pit, which also does include do house. For my build, I'm going to be doubling up using a jack glasses optic. This is my build. I got it for my longbow build, and I'm going to be using it. I got the Haymaker build, and I'm going to be using this. I got it, and lastly, for my battle rifle hit-fire kills, I'm going to be using this the best I can.

All right, thought is amazing. It feels very similar to Vanguard's do house, and I know it's the same layout as just a fresh coat of paint. Basically, if you like Do House and Vanguard, you will still enjoy it here in Modern Warfare 3, and as we can see, it's very great for getting challenges, so run Do House.

I mean, that's just all I have to say. Dosh house or the small mat mosh pit would also probably be the best way to get your melee. Weapon: I tell you all the time, guys, make sure you read the challenges and make sure that you're playing with the recommended weapons. Now my challenge is to get 15 hit-and-fire kills with a recommended weapon.

I was using the bass B, and as you can see down at the bottom next to the name of the bass B, there is no fire symbol. There is a fire symbol next to the side wonderer because the side wonderer is recommended, so I do need to redo that challenge and make sure I'm using the side wonderer. Here's what my class got: Come.

All right, well, we got the side done, so all we need left are our double kills, and it looks like you cannot do the Jack glasses equipped with a recommended weapon. Quick scope kills so much for doubling up on challenges, but this still seems to be a very quick challenge to get a new gun. Again, the war zone is going to be the longest way to get this gun.

Zombie may be a little bit faster, but you can probably just jump in and get your kills. Jump out, jump back in with a new weapon, and with a different weapon, jump out. So, for all you guys that say zombies are easier, it's by far easier as far as not having to sweat or doing anything like that, but multiplayer may be quicker in this.

We've already unlocked the new battle rifle for the season 2 reloaded update, here's how you can get it in 5 games or less! Check out my recent gaming video here.
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