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Today I'm going to show you how you can do the tombstone duplication glitch and bypass cooldown timers. At the same time, the requirements for this glitch are minimal, and you can do this solo or as a team. I highly suggest that you do this every single game, as you will load up your Contraband weapon stash with all of your meta weapon builds that you choose to make.

Now this, of course, will be included in my next all-working glitch article that will come out very soon. Let's see if we can get this article up to 50 likes. I really appreciate all your support, guys. So, like I was saying, the requirements for this glitch are very simple. You will need two weapons: a Wonder Weapon Case and a Motov Cocktail.

You're also going to need either a self-revive or a dog. All of these items take zero effort to have in every single game if you were doing the tombstone duplication glitch, so make sure that you are doing that again. You can do that solo or as a team. Let's get right into the actual steps to fix this glitch.

So when you come into the game if you're doing the tombstone duplication glitch, which 99% of us are doing, the first thing that I suggest is obviously just go grab your tombstone real quick, and what you're going to show you is exactly where you need to go. So here I am, grabbing all of my items out of my tombstone.

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I need to make sure that I have a raid weapon case left over, and what you're going to do is go look for a raid weapon stash contract. Mega Abominations, among other things, but we're not going to do all of those steps. This is going to be a little bit different, so as you can see here, I have a self-revive on me.

I have two weapons. My first weapon happens to be a wonder weapon. You need your insured weapon or whatever weapon you want to duplicate rather in your secondary slot, so what you're going to do is walk up to the safe, throw down a Molotov, and then wait until your health gets around 30 to 40, and as soon as it does, you want to interact with the safe.

If you time this correctly, which I can run in slow-mo in a second for you guys, then you will end up with an empty slot, like so. So here it is in slow motion. It's very simple, guys, but I'm going to show you exactly when you need to interact with the safe. So you're going to watch my health go down there on the right, and you're going to see it hit around 30.


That is, whenever you want to interact with the safe, you'll notice I dropped my hands a little bit. If you see the drill show up on the safe, then you did it wrong. Just know that anyway you'll end up with that empty slot, and what you want to do is apply the Wonder Weapon Case to that empty slot now effectively.

You now have mule kick, and you can see I have three weapons total; that is obviously not intended; the third weapon, the Wonder WF, doesn't even show up in my UI. So once you've actually done this, I want to show you a couple of things that, like, there are no NOS all right, so if you go down and plead for help and stuff, you actually will mess up this glitch.


So I actually went down whenever I had that empty weapon slot and I lost it, so as you can see, I repeated the glitch a couple of times and it didn't work anymore. The other thing I want to tell you guys not to do is don't mess with your weapons. Keep your weapons exactly the way that they are; you can upgrade them; you can apply tools to them; it really does not matter, but just don't drop them all right and don't lose them, okay?

Because if you try to drop that one wall, for example, it will disappear. So what we're going to do is go ahead and do the tombstone duplication glitch if you want to watch the whole article again. One thing to keep in mind is that you don't actually have to do the tombstone duplication glitch in order to turn this into contraband, so if you like to extract as normal for whatever reason, just know that you don't actually have to do the tombstone glitch to extract this as contraband.

When you extract in general, you can see here. My insured Slot 2 has now turned into an extra gun. There's also a separate method in which you can actually extract and not use a weapons case, but you don't include your attachments. I'm not going to include that in this article because I don't really feel like it's necessary.


You having a barones weapon is not that interesting, but you being able to customize weapons and fill up your contraband stash if you will, then you can take a multitude of weapons, whether that be melee launchers or whatever, and have a huge amount of backup so that if you want to go and do boss fights and stuff, you no longer need to fear losing your weapons and stuff.

I really appreciate your support, and I will catch you in the next

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