News - The "new" No Recoil Striker 9 Is Godly Warzone 2. Best Striker 9 Class Setup" Cod Warzone 2

best striker 9 class

If you guys like SMGs, you're going to love this Striker 9 class. Not to be mistaken with the striker, but the striker 9 is probably one of the better SMGs in the game. Normally, in most cods, I play with SMGs over and over and over again; they're my favorite type of weapon, but in this game, I just haven't been using too many SMGs until I started using this class.

Like, sure, I've used the Rival 9. I've used Ram 9. I've used all that, but I never actually loved an SMG. As much as I love this one right here, we're going to get into this class setup, guys. This one is definitely overpowered; it is super fun, and I really thought the striker was better than the striker 9, but that's not the case.

This is the best SMG in Modern Warfare 3, so let's get straight into it. Now the first thing that I got to say that I got on this class, as my secondary, Is a melee weapon all right? We're using the corambe, and the reason for that is because I don't want to rely on pulling out a pistol. I just want to have the coronation.

best striker 9 class mw3

I want to be able to pull out the knife if I have to and just knife someone up close. I don't want to have my pistol out and rely on using it. I want to use the striker for most situations, or the striker N. I should say I don't like that the game has two strikers in it; it just makes everything so confusing, but you got the striker and then you got the striker nine; it's just weird to me, but then after that, we got a stim shot.

stim shot's going to help out a lot you got to get back in the action as fast as you can and that's going to do it for you we got two throwing knives on, which is great, but because of my demolition vest and I'm running as a vest, we could actually have three; at once, we could hold three of them, which is really nice, and demolition is great because your lethal and your tactical come back every 25 seconds, so that's stim shot that you have is going to come back every 25 seconds as well, so it's really awesome.

Now that we have the ammunition box, I like it because we don't want to waste anything on things like scavengers or stuff like that. We don't want to run that kind of stuff, so the Munitions box is going to actually help us out if we're on nice streaks. We got assault gloves, so when you jump shot, you're faster, but you're also a lot more accurate.

best striker 9 class setup

Those are going to help out a lot as well. You got covert sneakers, because who wants to be hurt? Nobody wants to be heard running around the map. It's just annoying, and it is what it is, even if it's a small map. I always recommend running covert sneakers and then ghost TV camo. Now, a lot of people tell me that I don't hear footsteps or stuff if I have a bad headset.

If you can't hear footsteps, go into the settings, play around with it a bit, and you'll be able to hear them all. You could hear footsteps unless you're listening out of your TV audio, then you probably won't hear footsteps that well, but trust me, just because you can't hear them doesn't mean the enemies don't hear yours.

best striker 9 class setup mw3

Make sure you're wearing covert sneakers, all right, guys. It's super important now for striker 9. I have a couple of options here, but the main one is that I'm going to give you guys one that you're actually walking watching, not the one that you're watching in the background right now. This is the one that I'm going to share with you guys because that's my favorite one, but there are a few different options depending on how you guys want to play, so this one right here is kind of built for all ranges, but I'm going to give you guys a class that's built to be a lot quicker after if you just want to be really fast with it now before we get into the class setup.

If you could drop a like on this, I would truly appreciate it. That's a sub to the channel. Or SMGs, now the first attachment that we're going to talk about on this one is the Jack BFB. This is going to be one of those optional attachments, all right? This is going to be the one that I recommend using for all ranges, but for the class that I give you afterwards, we're actually going to take this off completely, but the class you guys are watching in the gameplay right now has it on 100%.

modern warfare 3 best striker 9 class

And it's worth it. It's really worth it. You got gun kick control, vertical recoil control, and horizontal recoil control as well; now you're getting 55%, recoil gun kick 20%, horizontal recoil, and 35%. Vertical recoil control, so it's really worth it, in my opinion. I would always recommend running this attachment on a lot of guns now.

If you're building a class to be really fast, it wouldn't make sense, but this class isn't for that. It makes sense to have the Jack BFB on currently, as right now the next one is going to be the striker Elite long barrel, and this one's really important as well because you're getting a lot of that damage range, but you're also getting bullet velocity, aiming idle sway, recoil control, and you're getting a lot of stuff with this one right here, so you're getting 12%.


Effective damage range, which is actually really nice at 133%; minimum damage range, which is really nice as well; and then 15%. Bull of velocity which on the small Maps doesn't matter but when you get to those bigger maps and stuff bull of velocity, definitely does matter especially if you're playing like war zone that that's where it's probably the most important but for what it is right now this class works on both you can play a multiplayer you can play at War Zone it does a good job on both now you're also getting recoil control so you're getting 9% horizontal and 9% vertical and you're getting 6%, recoil gun kick so it's really nice and the visual recoil on this gun is it's kind of annoying, but for the most part it's just visual recoil this gun doesn't have too much recoil you don't have to worry about it next off you got the VK laser even though I said this class wasn't built for Speed It was built more for range and stuff in all ranges, you still want to sprint to fire fast, you still want to advertise fast you still want to ads fast you want all of that and this one gives it to you, okay?

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