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I have talked about the Haym Maker conversion kit more than enough here on the channel, and let's just say I'm extremely surprised it didn't catch a Nerf. This thing absolutely controls the meta on small-range maps for good reason, with an extremely fast fire rate with a 60-round drum. There's not much to talk about; the setup that I'm giving you hasn't really changed.

I believe one attachment did change, but at the end of the day. I'm pretty sure you could throw just about anything on this thing and it would still end up being good, but of course I have the best setup for you.

Best class setup

Guys, so the Jag Mac lift kit, aka the aftermarket part or conversion kit, is where you need to start with this entire build to increase the fire rate.

best class mw3

We also got the 60-round drum damage range and recoil control. As I stated in my last article, of course it's going to lower the damage when it increases that fire rate by over 100%. Could you imagine if they kept the damage the same on this thing with a 500-round per minute damage range? At the end of the day, this thing is basically a full-auto shotgun with a 60-round drum.

Again, I am super surprised it didn't end up catching a Nerf for the rear grip. I'm going with the molten assault grip to increase the sprint-to-fire speed. I don't really care all too much about that gun kick and recoil control; this is a weapon that you're going to be hip-firing with, so increasing the sprint to fire speed is going to help you a ton with the close range engagements that's going to increase by 9%.

For the underbar, I have the breu and bastion angle grip that's going to increase your hip fire spread along with fire aiming. Stability, aim, walking, setting, and aiming out are the big ones there are to hip fire. Of course. I just said all you're going to be doing is running around hip firing, and it's going to increase it a massive 42% to the men 26, to the Max, and then it does also help your tag stands, but I don't really use that.

best class setup mw3

If you guys do, it does help that fory muzzle the crown breaker choke to give you a tighter pet spread. What that's going to do is, as you can see with the shotgun spread there, it's 39% tighter, if that makes sense, along with even further helping your hip fire. This is what I mean. Hold on, I'm just going to show you something real quick for those people who already saw my last article.

You guys have already seen this, but for those who haven't, just look at the hip-fire spread when you're idle. I mean, I've never seen something so ridiculous in my life, and even when you're just walking around, you can see how tight it is. I'm walking backward. That's ridiculous, so if you're just sprinting down a lane, it's pretty hard to miss with this thing, and the final attachment is the imperator's long barrel to increase the damage range.

34%, their increase in your damage range will make it even more lethal, so as always, there's all of your attachments. I've got this in my top five weapon list, and it still remains in my top five weapon list until they put the thing on. It's not as versatile as a lot of SMGs and a lot of assault rifles, but at the end of the day, if you're on a small map and you're just trying to play Chuck this thing on, it's broken.

As always, there's the rest of the load out for you guys. For me, all that good stuff, we're going to jump into a gameplay, of course, on shipment to feature a shotgun. I hate throwing around the word broken, but it's broken, and if this article blows up, I'm hoping somebody at Sledgehammer gets a hold of it so they can realize how broken the thing is. Let's get into it.

Haymaker gameplay

Haymaker gameplay

As stated in the intro, I am super surprised that the Haymaker conversion kit didn't catch a nerf. Now one thing I didn't say: I'm not mad; it didn't get nerfed because this thing is just so cheesy and so fun. If you guys watched my last Haymaker article, you guys know I was basically laughing the entire time I was using this thing because of how busted it was.

Now that being said. I'm really hoping that at some point in time they do end up nerfing it because if they don't, this thing could just basically take over the small maps; there's no way. Lead, there's no way fans or butts about it; this thing is broken, and I think they haven't nerfed it simply because they haven't released many good conversion kits like they're all kind of useless.

best haymaker class

You know what I mean. For the most part, there's a couple that are all right or not, even just all right. Fairly decent, I would say, but this one's actually good and usable. You actually see people using this thing now. I would say that it's probably going to remain the same for maybe the season, I would say, but maybe even midseason, but after that, I don't know.

I think it probably ends up catching a Nerf dude. Get the chopper. God, I'm shooting teammates. This is what I love. What I want is to get one of those crazy feeds because, well, 60 rounds, drum, 60 round drum, like, right, I messed it up; that was it right there.

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