News - New Operator Skins, Free Multiplayer Access, New Camos, More. Huge Warzone 2 Season 3 Content Update

Huge mw3 season 3 content update!

Huge mw3 season 3 content update!

Welcome back to a brand new article with today's massive update. We have so much news to go over that I might have to upload it three different times today. We're also going to talk about upcoming content and new leaks that have been found. I'll have the article sectioned out into the different categories that we talk about.

Also, be sure to check out the last article; we covered all the patch notes and changes.

Huge season 3 problems & bugs

We are from our sponsor, {702}. It's a store that can get you the most exclusive operators, help you complete your Mastery Camo challenges, and much more. There've been a couple of issues. Some people were required to download over 200 games for those of you guys who are on Xbox.

Batt, don't I have to redownload the entire game? I believe all these issues so far have been ironed out. People were unable to load into the game. Rebirth Island was unplayable, and the battle passed as well. You weren't able to purchase anything or black-sell. I believe all that has been fixed already, so you should now be good to go anyway.

Let's talk about the brand new season 3 update. Today we ended up getting this, but there's also going to be another update that goes live tomorrow with a bunch of different events, rewards, and things like that to expect.

New weekly challenges & animated camo reward

New weekly challenges & animated camo reward

The first thing that we have is going to be the new weekly challenges that are now available. This will unlock the Jack Shadow Titan kit once again. With season 3, there will be a total of eight weekly challenges you'll need to complete, and upon completing all of them, you will be able to unlock the allegiances, animated, and camo, and this is what that camo will look like in the game.

New sort operator feature in season 3

Another thing is that there's a new sort and filter option for your operator, so if you head on over to the operator tab you want to check out, say, for example, only the MW3, operators, you can now filter it depending on the Call of Duty title and also if you have it locked or unlocked, so you can easily navigate through the different operators because there's hundreds of them that are available and it does take a second to find that particular operator skin.

content update cod

So now they've made it a little bit easier with this new tracking feature, and this feature is now implemented in both War Zone and multiplayer.

Season 3 store update & free gift pack

We did receive a new store update with the launch of season 3, which brought in the new fourth-year war zone anniversary. Along with the new MCW weapon blueprint, there's also a bunch of other stickers, icons, and things like that.

Make sure you claim this free gift pack as early as possible because these usually go away every couple days. They give you two to three days to unlock them. If you don't get them, they go away permanently and get replaced with something different, so definitely take advantage of this free gift pack and claim that we also received a different store update that brought in the emperor.

This is the new Emperor skin for scorch. It says be the unbreakable stone your enemy shatter upon; it will cost you $1,800. Cod points Along with it, there's going to be one weapon blueprint called the carved and cast, which doesn't have any trace surroundings or death effects. On top of that, it looks like you can inspect these operators now, where you can actually spin them.

I'm not sure if I'm old and I just never knew about this feature or if this is something that's actually brand new that they just introduced in season 3.

Godzilla x kong event delayed

Godzilla x kong event delayed

You can actually expect even bigger store updates with the new Godzilla Kong event. The event tab over there got updated; it says one day remaining, so not tomorrow, but on Friday this event is going to go live in the next article, which I plan on uploading later today. We're going to go over the operator skin gameplay showcase, including the weapon blueprints, the event, the rewards you're going to be able to get, and the free camo, and I'll break all that down for you guys in that article.

If you aren't sub, definitely sub and turn those notifications on.

New animated camos in season 3

On anyways the next thing that we have is there's some crazy new camos that were added into the game these actually ended up coming in from war zone rank they start off with gold unfortunately they're not animated in this first stage but they actually do get pretty crazy and then you go on into plat this is what the Green version of that looks like you jump into Diamond it's a blue version and then you go into crimson and then that is a red version but then here's when they actually start getting sick and that's when you hit iridiscent because it turns animated and it looks like one of those types of Mastery camos that we see and it definitely looks like it's something worth the grind for if you're good enough to get to iridiscent then this is definitely something you might be interested in and then there's also the top 250.

Which is also animated as well, and then on top of that, they did showcase the brand new n-camo that you're going to be able to get from the new quest for rebirth. Resurgence unfortunately, this one is not animated, but it is a new camo. There are going to be a bunch of other camos that are going to leak inside. These next few days, I believe a lot of them are apparently going to be animated, so once we get the article footage of those, I will have a separate article and cover all.

New warzone weekly playlist update

New warzone weekly playlist update

For you guys speaking of War Zone, we did receive a new weekly playlist, and this is what we have for the entire week from April 3rd to the 10th rank.

Play is going to be available on Rebirth Island, and Trios Plunder is back in the rotation of quads to your extent. We have Battle Royale available on Yik Stand, and then Resurgence is only going to be available on Rebirth Island. We'll probably reintroduce the maps like Vondo Asika Island and those other ones once we end up getting into week two and beyond.

Tf141 campaign operator skins teased in season 3

There's also something else that many people didn't notice with the new cut scene that we received with the season 3 update. It looks like the winter versions of Far Soap and Captain Price were actually revealed to be coming into multiplayer. As of right now, these operator skins were not found in the files, but they were shown in the cut scene.

free multiplayer mw3

Maybe this could be a little teaser that in season 4 or beyond, we may actually end up getting to see these operators added to the mix or the rotation. It's pretty interesting how they decided to choose these operator skins out of all the brand new content that was available in season 3. all the new operator skins that we have, they picked the ones from the winter campaign and picked all three of them, which looks like it was definitely something intentional that they did.

NEW Operator Skins, FREE Multiplayer Access, New Camos MORE! HUGE MW3 SEASON 3 CONTENT UPDATE.
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