News - The First Warzone 2 Season 1 Reloaded Teaser Just Released. New Event & Rewards



We just got our first teaser for MW3, which is a season 1 reloaded update. We'll go through some upcoming events and updates, the event live today, the free rewards you could get, and much more.


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New mw3 dune part 2 event & weapon camo reward is live!

First up here, though, in the event tab, you could see six days remaining in the Dune trial of power.

Let's go through the event here. This is, of course, another pretty easy XP event. We've seen a couple of these in MW3, and so far, these are pretty cool. It's just a passive event to grind for while you're playing the game, and you get a couple cool rewards along the way, so first up here we have the mean Paul large decal reward at 10, 000 XP.

We have the double XP token consumable at 21,600. We have a fade-rala large decal at 35, 000 XP and a double weapon XP at 700. We have a sandworm charm at 68,800 XP long live the fighters weapon sticker at 89,00 XP. We have a maker hook emblem at. 14, 100, and XP. We have a Mayi knife chip and shatter colon card at.

142, 500, and XP. We have double battle pass XP here at 1 75, 200, XP, And then finally, the main sand and spice of Universal Camo at. 23, 200 xp And here's a preview of it. It looks pretty solid overall. Is it the most vibrant and crazy camo? Is it glowing? Is it even animated? No, but it is still cool.

A universal camo with a cool little look that matches the theme of the event—I think that's completely fine. It's a simple XP event, so for these here, I'm not expecting any massive, you know, Mastercraft-type rewards.

New paul atreides dune part 2 bundle showcase

New paul atreides dune part 2 bundle showcase

And of course, just like the other XP events, if you have a certain operator equipped, you're going to get more XP towards this event here, so the main operator you're going to have equipped is the Paul Ates bundle, which is in the store right now, so let's break this down. Of course, you have this main Paul operator looking pretty solid here, which includes the Chip and Shatter finishing move.

We have the Hoger 556 weapon blueprint here with spice tracers. This is the camo for that one, the Core 45 blueprint, as well as a bit different solid vibes. Let's actually preview the tracers to see how they're looking. Are they vibrant? Are they super cool? They look okay. Honestly, they look okay; nothing crazy here, but I know a lot of people don't like those crazy pink, vibrant camos again.

As I said in a previous article, this is not like the anime bundle; nothing too crazy, but it's a low-key RNG Tracer that looks not too bad. We also have dual kadachi, as well as a pretty solid blueprint. The finishing move is, of course, a worm Rider colon card with the weapon charm and, of course, an emblem there, so 24 H points of solid bundle there.

Santa␙s slayground mw3 holiday event is up next!

Santa␙s slayground mw3 holiday event is up next!

This one is up, and of course, right when this Dune event ends, we're going to get the Santa's Slay Ground event in this game, which I talked about in previous articles. I'll break that down very soon. We have the Santa Na operator bundle. Santa, no, in, you know, the war zone, a bunch of map changes There's a holiday high-rise map, and we'll go through all that stuff very, very soon.

We're going to have in-game challenges as well. This will not be an XP progression event; this will be a bigger event with challenges in multiplayer, War Zone, and zombies to get a bunch of cool rewards again. That's coming in 6 days. We'll break it all down on the channel for.

Another new mw3 pro pack bundle just released!

Another bundle here just came out with the Moto Freak Pro Pack.

So again, how Pro Packs work is that you have to spend actual money. In this case, it's $1,999. USD it's obviously a different price if you live in a different country. You're spending real money, but in return, you get back 2400 C points, and you also get other rewards and cosmetics as well. So you're getting this bantom operator skin.

You're getting this hogar 556, Weapon blueprint, a rival 9 blueprint as well with the same exact look as a colon card.

New season 1 reloaded ␜the boys␝ event teased in-game!

New season 1 reloaded ␜the boys␝ event teased in-game!

Update This just popped up in a bunch of people's game subtitles, test-testing subtitles across all languages. Kind of weird there. Watch a article, and then we have V International. Of course, that's referring to the boys event. You can see, of course, images of the boys there in this game.

Now this looks like some leftover stuff from the previous Bo Boys event, but of course it was found in MW3. And we know based on the leaks that where they already confirmed the boys event will be for season one reloaded that was already confirmed on the road map, but we got some leaks about, you know, pretty much all the features we saw from that previous event we saw last year in MW2, returning, all the abilities the boys LTM we saw in war zone will be returning, as well as a lot of stuff there is returning.

I'm not saying it's going to be the exact same event, but most of that content is coming back to MW3 and War Zone, so it seems like they're getting ready to have this event in the game. You're seeing code for it popping up on people's screens; they're not surprising whatsoever, so let's break down what we're seeing for this boys event here because it's coming super, super soon.

Mw3 season 1 reloaded release date info

Mw3 season 1 reloaded release date info

Of course, the expected season one reloaded release date is around the beginning of January. There isn't a confirmed date, but it's either going to be around Wednesday, January 10th, or I'm seeing now Wednesday, January 17th.

One of those first two weeks, maybe the third week in January, is when we're going to get that reloaded update because season 2 is going to release on Wednesday. February 7th, based on the actual season 1 battle pass. Right now, we have 55 days left. 55 days after today brings us to Wednesday, February 7th, so that's what we're seeing there.

Of course, we'll get the exact release times and dates very soon, but it's coming pretty soon. Right after the holiday event, we're going to get that boys event, the first event a part of season one reloaded. So let's break down what we're seeing here.

New operators releasing for the boys mw3 event

For this event, we have the boys versus the seven operators, a train, and a firecracker.

So these are two new operators being added to the lineup, and now a lot of people have been asking about a homeland. And with all those other operators we saw last year returning, I think it's entirely possible they bring those back. We're not going to see new versions of them; they may just unlock those bundles and make it so you could purchase them again and also have a train and firecracker. There's no confirmation on that, but it's definitely a very likely part of this event.

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