News - The Fastest Way To Get Souls Warzone 2 (the Haunting Event Farming Guide)


Ladies and gentlemen yesterday The Haunting event went live for Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone and with it there was a couple of new things and features and ways to farm Blueprints and new various free items yesterday we went over killing all of the bosses within war zone and the easiest way to do so on that front but there's also one other event currently going on in game and I have found a much better way to farm for Souls which is kind of like the currency for this season loaded or The Haunting, and I guarantee you what you are doing isn't as fast as what I am going to show you today so if you didn't already know there's essentially a currency called souls and with these Souls as you earn them you can unlock various things in game for example like what we have here which is a weapon blueprint called the violent end and eventually come next week they're adding in a cool.

They're adding in a new reactive camo that is probably going to cost around 1,000 souls to actually unlock, which means you have to earn a lot of these souls if you want to get all of the mastery rewards like you're seeing here for getting 10 and 15 items unlocked. Well, first, let me explain to you how the souls actually work.

I really quickly want to say that the souls work differently in multiplayer and in War Zone, and you'll see what I mean by that as we go through here. So first off, let's start off with multiplayer. The game mode that most people play all of the time in multiplayer is shipment 24/7, and essentially, the way that this works is that when you hop in a game of multiplayer, for every kill that you get, each player that you kill is going to drop two souls.

mw2 easy soul guide

now the caveat to this is number one you have to run over their body and pick up the souls, so those are the two it has to be a different player every time if you kill the same player within a game it is not going to give you any more souls, so those are the two things that you need to know. The other thing is that based on the game mode that you are playing, you're only going to be able to capture a certain amount of souls per game, so for example, the game that you're watching here has eight souls.

And I think that is the same with each 6v6 mode in multiplayer, but the problem with multiplayer is that if you leave a game, say you get all eight souls within a game, and you leave, it is not going to give you any of those souls that you collected. What this means is that the faster a multiplayer mode, in other words, the faster the game, the faster you are going to collect those souls because you can't leave the game, so essentially what it comes down to is which multiplayer modes are the fastest to complete, and essentially you have two options here; the first one is zombie-infected.

mw2 fast souls

So this was recently added to this season, and this one goes incredibly quickly. Essentially, all you have to make sure that you do is kill four individual zombies, after which point, if you get infected, you just run around and try to kill everyone. Generally, these games last anywhere from 2 to 5ish minutes, which means you are collecting one soul every 35 to 45 seconds, which is relatively quickly.

Your second option here is a gun game. The gun game goes relatively quickly. The problem is that there's only two players on the enemy team, which means you only have to get two kills, but you have to run over their bodies before the round is over, and on some of the maps, that is very difficult.

You have to play very aggressively, but again, these games end relatively quickly, and technically, you only have to get two kills to be successful with them. So the other idea that I had was going into Invasion, which is, of course, a bigger team game, which does give you the option to collect more souls.

mw2 fastest soul method

In this game, you can collect 12. And it's incredibly easy to do, so there are bots and there are enemy players, and I found myself collecting souls incredibly quickly. The problem with this is that these games last a very, very long time, and again, if you leave mid-game, you don't get to collect any of these souls.

In other words, the problem with multiplayer is that you have to wait an entire game to collect your souls, and you're not getting very many souls per game, so from here we went over to DMZ. In DMZ. I figured this would be a pretty easy way to collect souls because you could just kill bots, get as many as you can, and then extract or die from any of the options, and you would be fine, and you could just go in with a throwing knife, pick up a weapon, and be able to kill all of these bots.

mw2 haunting event

In fact, that was the best way to get trophies within the trophy hunt event in season 3. The problem I ran into is that once you were in the game and you were killing bots, they dropped almost no souls whatsoever. This was a problem within the trophy event in season 3, and then they actually buffed the drop rate, and then DMZ was actually the best way to get these, so pay attention to it if it gets buffed.

Look at Twitter. I'll tweet it out on Twitter for that kind of thing, but as of right now, DMZ is horrible for collecting souls. The one thing is that you can do the events within the haunted event, and those do drop a good amount of souls, so if you're doing the butcher and things like that, you will get some good souls from that and in DMZ.

If you leave the game, you are able to collect the souls, unlike multiplayer. So this then leads us to the war zone, so as far as Battle Royale goes, the problem with it is that you really only have one life, and if you die, you're kind of screwed. You're going to be waiting there for a while, which is a good thing.

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War Zone has a couple of different modes where you actually respawn, the first of which is Massive Resurgence. In my opinion, this is the best but not the easiest way to get souls because, in every single game, you can collect 20 souls. So here is the name of the game you're going to go into massive resurgence.

If you are playing alone, you, of course, are going to get a team. If you're playing with a team, it is even easier, but this is very doable alone because it's a resurgence mode. What you are going to do is you are going to drop wherever the altars of Lilith are, or, in other words, the butcher. If you're going to go around that area, keep in mind that you do have to loot for weapons if, hopefully, your team ends up going with you, but if they don't, that is completely okay.

You are simply going to try to get eliminations and work your way towards the altars of Lilith. Even if someone gets eliminated by an enemy team, as long as you're around them, they are still going to drop souls that you can pick up on top of that. When zombies die or you shoot zombies, they are going to drop souls as well.

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