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The Modern Warfare 2 life cycle was coming to a close, and Infinity War decided to go out with a bang by releasing one of the greatest in-game events of all time with the haunting, now whether it's zombie Royale Von Dead or nighttime Al Mazra. Everyone has agreed that this event is the best that Call of Duty has ever seen, and I do give them a ton of credit.

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I may have severely disliked Mon Warfare 2, to put it nicely, as evidenced by the lack of recent uploads, but I have to give credit where credit is due for all of these different boss fights, from the UFO to the butchering of rituals. Which is just a mosh pit of game modes on the Halloween versions of Elo, and Embassy which I did have fun with but if you collect your souls in those game modes you're going to have to finish each game to collect the souls so if you back out before, the game ends you don't receive any of the souls from that game however unlocking this camo by only playing multiplayer will be very difficult and it will take a lot of time so we can head over to war zone where we have multiple options of doing so you can of course play Von dead Resurgence which is just Resurgence quads on the nighttime vondal map and collect Souls throughout a normal game getting some from either looting and others from getting kills, but this method is quicker than multiplayer because you actually can back out and keep the souls that you've collected but for Less skilled players I recommend using the zombie Royale mode and Landing somewhere with a lot of loot like Z Observatory.

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Or Oasis because even if you do die in that mode you return as a zombie and you can even loot faster now with the super jump and a lot of times you can collect all of your souls without even seeing another player so again if you're not great at getting kills, this is the way to go because even if you die it just makes it easier to loot once you get all of your souls you can just back out and do it again but the fastest method is the one that I used personally, and it's most effective for middle of the pack to top tier players, you can load up vondo lock down quads you can land somewhere hectic and just kill players loot whatever boxes are around and then after you kill players they're going to keep trying to land back on you as long as some of their teammates are alive or if you're on one of the objectives, and each kill gets you at least two souls, and you can also use the soul harvester M4 blueprint, that you get from pre-ordering Modern Warfare 3 and that can get you a few extra Souls per kill as well so once you have your max Souls of usually 16.

It's going to say that you need to finish the match at the top of the screen, but this is false. You could just back out, and you'll watch your soul count rise now. Sometimes it won't change your soul count until you select something in the menus, but it does update soon after. It took me around 4 hours total using this method to reach 1, 000 souls last night, and I think I had 3 to 400 souls going into it, so I think it's probably going to take around a good 5 to 6 hour grind of doing this to get the camo, but you do have until November to finish this so you can do it.


Remember, this is our last grind of Modern Warfare 2 before the new, much improved title releases next month with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. This camo had been leaked a few months ago and has since caused some drama as it has technically been nerfed. quote, unquote, nerfed It used to be much shinier with a very bright glow, maybe even some brighter colors to it; maybe that's just a placebo effect with the glow on the outside, but while I do agree that it looked amazing before the update, the glow was very obnoxious, and it definitely would have caused a problem in the game, especially at night.

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Map, or in a darker area, so the dev team got to work on fixing this, and they kept the camo. In my opinion, it's still very, very beautiful; it's still animated; it has a very Halloween-feeling vibe to it, but it is lacking a bit of that factor that the globe provided. However, we do have literal in-game evidence that this glow would have been gamebreaking for users, as some leakers or maybe someone with an unlock to it I actually don't know how they got the footage, but they brought the camo out in game; it would have made the camo unusable, so anyone complaining about the change may want to rethink their stance on it because, in my opinion.

I think it's better to have a camo like this that still looks good, even though it's not over the top, as long as you can still use it. I don't know if I personally like it. I haven't been posting much recently in the past couple months because, to me, Modern Warfare 2 is just the worst call of duty of all time.

There's not a ton of tips, tricks, and guides for things like that to post with such low skill. Gap in this game is pretty much all about the few things that I already talked about: learning spawns, knowing when to be aggressive and when not to be, and things like that, but when Modern Warfare 3 releases.

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I'm posting every single day that there will be tons of guides for not only gameplay but also weapons. Camos, and all sorts of different things, so make sure you're on the lookout for that. I didn't quit posting, quit on YouTube, or anything like that. I'm actually still very motivated to do this, but Modern Warfare 2 just wasn't a great title, and I didn't want to force content out that I didn't believe in, and that wasn't going to be helpful for you guys.

Yeah, that's where I've been, but you may see one or two uploads leading into Moder Warfare 3, so still be on the lookout for that coming from my channel. But once that game drops, I should be the first channel you come to for any information that you may need about the game. Feel free to comment below on what you would like to see from Modern Warfare 3.

As far as my content goes, I could start a list now of what my viewers want to see, and I can get to work ASAP.

MW2 - "Ghoulie" Mastery Camo EASY Unlock Guide! New Animated Event Camo How to Unlock Ghoulie Camo. This is the easiest method to unlocking the NEW Animated Event Camo "Ghoulie" in Call of duty Modern Warfare 2. This New Event Camo will be usuable in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone moving forward, so I made the easiest guide to Farming Souls with a glitch tutorial so you can use the new Ghoulie camo too.
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