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Goomy gang and welcome back I hope you guys are doing awesome now, if you're like me. The lock with 680 just hasn't been hitting the same in the war zone; we don't have 10 pellets anymore, and our sprint to fire is kind of whack; it's just not super great, but it's still an amazing shotgun. Great damage and fire rate, but something needs to be spiced up a bit, and luckily, we have the Modo Warfare 2 pump actions.

The Bryson and I'm here to tell you guys my story. These things can in fact give the Lockwood 680 a run for its money in more ways than just one, so in today's article. I'm going to cover these amazing pump actions and share with you guys why you should use them and kind of how they're just better than the lock with the 680 in some ways, so if that sounds good to you, make sure to check the time stamps.

Below in the description, if you want to hop to a certain part of the article, I will have class setups for the Bryson's as well, so make sure to keep an eye out for that. So let's just go ahead and get into it.

Lockwood 680 overview

Lockwood 680 overview

With a basic overview of the Lockwood 680, just as a refresher, now the Lockwood 680. It has been sort of the pump action of choice for pretty much all of War Zone 3's life cycle; it does 200 damage up close out to about 6.8 M, which is kind of absurd because the other shotguns don't get damage.

That's nearly that far. The pellet cap is actually what's keeping it at 200; it can actually do more damage, but there's a hard cap at 200, so that's why in war zones you only do 200, but after 6.8 M, it drops to about 120 damage, so it's no longer a two-shot. It's a third shot that extends out to about 10 and a half meters, and then after that, out to its last range, it only does 68 damage, which is a five-shot kill with a pump action that's disgustingly terrible.

Never challenge people that far with this thing. I promise you, it's going to ruin your day in more ways than one, so the damage is great, but the mobility is kind of me. It's not super great, it's not terrible, but with the recent class I posted, sprints of fire speed, which is really important on shotguns, are about 175, milliseconds, and we don't have that 10 pallet build, which even though it had a weaker sprint of fire speed, it made up for it by having that super great consistency.

Now we don't have that; we only have six pellets with each barrel, which is not the greatest; it's not the worst, but it's not the greatest, and the sprints of fire at 175, milliseconds for this build can be a little bit hard to make it work. If you're super aggressive, it's not impossible; it's just something that can get you a little messed up and can kind of lead to some getting your pants down sort of moments.

Bryson 800/890 overview

Bryson 800/890 overview

So the Lockwood is a solid shotgun, but now let's talk about the Bryson and why I have fallen in love with these things all over again. Both of the Bryson's boast a similar damage range and profile, and this is because, for some reason, Modern Warfare 3's integration happened. The Bryson 800 kind of got adjusted to where it is now; it just sort of falls in line directly with the 890, at least in terms of the damage and the ranges, so you basically have identical two-shot and three-shot ranges and all that.

At least for the base guns, now the Bryson 800 does have the rifled barrel, which gives it more range than the 890, but I figured I'd point out that out there, so up close, the Bryson 800 and 890 can both deal 200 damage up to about 2.8 MERS, give or take a few tents of a meter, then out to about 5.8, they only deal.

lockwood 680

160 to chest now it's not dealing the 200 that the lock with 680 was out to 6 met or whatever it was 6.8 I believe but this thing does 160 so it's still possible to twoot you just have to hit chest shots which isn't super difficult that Center Mass and with the pallet damage mechanic introduced like months and months and months ago it's going to help with your consistency.

And with the rifle barrel, the 800 can two-tap out to about 7.4 meters, and the tack fire will put the 890 out to about 6.9. Now that's better than the base Lockwood, but of course the Lockwood has barrels that you can attach to it, and with the big barrel that you can equip on it, it basically takes your two shots out to about 8 and 12 meters , which is still better than the Bryson's, but again, we have other things to talk about besides damage and range.

Bryson pro 1: better ranged damage

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One of the things that the Bryson can do so much better than the Lockwood is damage at range in its next range is the Bryson can still three tap and deal about 120, damage with chest shots and that's out to about the 12 Meer Mark or so after that it takes four unless he mixes in some head shot which you can get three shot kills with but that's not super practical so that's one of the big things I like the Bryson is that at ranges you can actually kind of start to pick People's Health down unlike with the lock would where you just don't want to be caught dead shooting that thing super far, this thing with its spread and with the pallet damage you can do it's actually not bad so you can kind of pick people off especially if they're flying and overhead.

Bryson pro 2: 8 vs 6 pellets

Sometimes you can get some three shot kills and it's actually really reliable , another reason these things are so good is the pellet count no longer do we have six pellets we have the normal eight the Cod standard and this makes it feel so much more consistent especially up close because eight pellets is much better than six not as good as 10 but I will take eight , also the mobility is on par and even better in a lot of cases than the Lockwood 680, take for example the Sprint of fire speed of that hammer forged long barrel build now on the Bryson's with the build that I recommend you have a 98, millisecond Sprint of fire which is pretty damn quick and compare that to the lock with 680 which is basically double that with 175.

Bryson pro 3: better mobility

Milliseconds it's pretty noticeable on these guns, especially if you go from the Lockwood to the Bryson's. You're going to notice they feel just a lot more snappy, which is super nice when you're trying to weave in and out of cover and get your shots off quickly.

Shotgun ttks compared

Shotgun ttks compared

Also, I want to point out that the 890 got a time to kill adjustment a while back since its fire rate did catch a little bit of a buff. Now. I do want to mention the time to kill briefly, even though for pump actions it's not super important because it's more about finesse and movement and being in and out of cover, so time to kill doesn't always matter.

The Lockwood 680 has always been the go to pump action for Warzone. But after today, that might change. The Bryson shotguns are shockingly good.
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