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This is pretty much it; it really kind of pains me to say this, but there really wasn't anything that changed with this patch with any of the shotguns, so typically with a article like this after a new season. I always post what has changed, but really nothing has changed, and it's just kind of a little bit upsetting because, as a content creator.

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I cover shotguns not because I just enjoy them or because they're fun, but because I think that they're very underappreciated. A class that could definitely use some spot in the limelight and get a little bit of that stigma away from the shotgun class as a whole now it's not a huge deal but it is a little bit disappointing to not see that there wasn't any balancing patches whatsoever now I do think that in large, the shotgun class is pretty well balanced in war zone in multiplayer they definitely need some love especially the Modern Warfare 2 shotguns they're just kind of really bad in a lot of ways especially the pump actions they're just I don't know they just need some love but to me there are so many different things that need to be changed about the shotguns that I really wish would get addressed like slugs are really not that good on a lot of these shotguns, ball rounds on the Riveter are really pointless, and even though there are changes that I would make for balancing making some better or some weak.

It's also nice to just have a patch that sort of changes it up, where it just sort of changes something and says. Try this out now; it's been buffed or it's been changed a little bit; see how it feels now. I really appreciate when they do that, and I do want to point out though that, as a whole. I love the direction war zone is going, and this patch was amazing, even though there wasn't really any shock or changes.

As a whole, the direction we're going, especially in the war zone, is super exciting, and I love it. I also really appreciate the developers and how they're going in and changing these things. Modern Warfare 2 was a little weird and kind of tried to fix those mistakes. I really love that, and I love how great Sledgehammer Games has been for multiplayer.

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It's been such a great time with these developers, but unfortunately. I just wish there was a little bit more shock and love, and like I said again, it doesn't mean I wish there were just straight buffs to everything and everything was super oppressive. It would just be nice to see them get some attention in places I don't know.

Maybe the Lockwood 680 gets 10 pallets back for its Big Barrel the Riveter; it gets extra pellet ball rounds that are actually useful; slug rounds on the Bryson 800 and the Bryson 89 are actually useful and can oneshot in multiplayer. Lockwood 300 slugs can oneshot in multiplayer to the chest, and in War Zone specifically, slugs in the locker 300 are god awful.

You can't even twoot someone with two slugs to the chest at Point Blank Range, so just kind of let that sit with you guys for a minute. So yeah, there are a lot of changes that I would recommend, and of course, like I said, not all of them are just straight-up buffs and nerfs that I think should happen.

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I think that there should just be some variety and switch things up occasionally. Now we are getting some aftermarket parts soon, and that's going to be really cool for the KB broadside as well as a Lockwood. Mark I, and also in the game files, they did in fact find the Spaz 12, so that might be the season 4 weapon we're getting along with the Kar98 of all guns, which is pretty cool.

So I know this article is a little bit different, but I just kind of wanted to share my thoughts about the update, especially regarding shotguns. I'm just a little bit disappointed that they didn't really include them at all in the patch changes. Again, I'm super excited about the rest of the changes, like they're all really good with the exception of that retti that pistol that got like buffed a few weeks ago.

That thing's kind of annoying to die to, and I'm already kind of tired of it, but regardless. I'm very happy with the direction we're going. I just would love to see a little bit more attention given to the shotgun class, and you know. I have to advocate for them as the kind of shotgun guy here for COD and kind of the guy that covers them, shows stats, and talks about them in depth.

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I just feel like I need to, and it's kind of my duty to fight for them in some way now. I did consider making this a article, sort of a list of things that I would like to see change in the shotgun category—things that need buffs, things that need nerfs, or just changes that I would like to see that would be fun for the game and the players.

But I think I'm going to save that for a different type of article. For now. I really just wanted to kind of come on and talk to you guys, kind of ramble a little bit, just talk about season 3 as a whole for shotguns, and kind of what to expect, but really that's going to be it for this article. It was short and sweet, and I rambled a little bit.

I would say it's short and sweet to the point, but not really. I just kind of talked a little bit, but as always, I want to know. Below are the comments.

Shotguns are usually a pretty contentious lot when it comes to COD. But usually, they receive some updates in big title updates.
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