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I hope you guys are doing awesome and having a great day so far. In today's article, we're going to be talking about the Haymaker Aftermarket, also known as the Magift. It's that aftermarket part that has that small magazine of about 60 shells. Yeah, that's the thing we're going to be talking about now in multiplayer.

Over the last few days, it actually caught a pretty decent Nerf. You can go watch an exclusive article on that; he covered it in one of his articles. Go check that out if you're curious about the multiplayer side of things. But in today's article, we're going to talk about the war zone side of things because it actually did transfer over a tiny bit into the war zone, but not all of it, which I'll share with you guys in just a second, as always, before we get into it directly.

I just want to let you guys know that if you want to hop to a certain part of the article, make sure to check the time stamps. Below is the description, and with all that being said, let's just go ahead and hop into it.

Mp nerfs

So on the multiplayer side of things, what exactly changed? Well, they actually reduced the pel count from 5 to 4, which is kind of a wamp-wamp moment.

They decreased the near-medium damage from 20 to 19, so multiply that by four. That's basically how much damage you're going to do per shot. Then they also increase the near-medium damage range to 6.4, M. Apparently, it was an improper value for that range, so they had to reduce it a little bit, and this is going to help with The lethality of it in multiplayer was a little bit of an issue. I found it was pretty annoying to die to, even at ranges that I thought were a little too forgiving for a shotgun that simple and pretty easy to use, so I'm okay for the most part with this Nerf because it's still super good up close, and that's really where it should be now for War Zone.

What changed in warzone?

What changed in warzone?

The thing that transferred over to the war zone is basically the pellet count, so we basically lost one more pellet, and a lot of people weren't using this thing to begin with because, even though it was like crazy with the fire rate of 500 rounds per minute and the 60-round shotgun.

I mean, that's insane; it only has five pellets or it had five pellets, and people really felt that, and I saw a lot of people say it was either really good or really garbage; it was really never in between. And now we basically got it even more on the worst side because it's been reduced from five pellets to four as I was trying to get gameplay for this article because I like to kind of talk about the gun stats but also how it feels to use because I think they're both kind of hand in hand and very important.

How bad is it?

haymaker shotgun modern warfare

I found that it was super inconsistent; it was already kind of inconsistent, but now it's very inconsistent. It just feels like sometimes you're killing people in the blink of an eye up close, and then as soon as you step out, like 5T or something, it just feels like it could be. I don't know, like 300 milliseconds, or it's going to take a whole second to down someone; it just feels all over the place, and yes, this is even with a really, really tight spread.

I have an attack stance build where basically the reticle is like overlapping with each other all the lines of the reticle, and it's super tight, but when you start firing, it does open up a little bit. It's still pretty tight, but now that you only have four pellets, you're going to notice this thing is just very inconsistent.

Now, is it still usable absolutely? As you'll see in the gameplay, I can still shred some people. There are some instances where they just don't really know what to do, and it just kind of murders them in the blink of an eye, but what you're seeing is generally like highlights where I actually tend to get kills.

For the most part, occasionally you'll see deaths where it shows off—maybe a death that was like, How did that even happen? And that happens quite a bit with this build, even though it's super strong, unless you're like Point Blank, like, very, very close to someone. That pallet count is just really going to screw you over, but again, it's just kind of inconsistent because sometimes even when they were like six, seven, or eight meters out, they were still getting down like super quick, and I think that has more to do with the fact that the pellets were kind of spreading in my favor since pellets generally have a random spread.

I think that was just that it was more in my favor, but also that I was hitting my shots well, but you'll notice at times it just is very inconsistent. Now the big question here is: Is this the best way to run the hay maker? because, on paper, you would feel like it is, but that pellet count?

Haymaker amp stats

Haymaker amp stats

really doesn't help it because if you look at the damage values, range, time to kill, and all that for this thing, I'll flash it up on the screen here. You can see that this thing is actually pretty devastating, like the fact it can go so far out and have that kind of potential for A Time to Kill, which is absurd for a shotgun that fires this fast and just puts lead down stream like nobody's business, but that's super unpractical because of course that's really far, you're going to have a wider pellet spread the further you get, and also because you only have four pellets, so the reason that nobody used the River was four pellets.

Now it's the same thing with this particular Niche build of the haym maker. So I would say that this thing isn't the most competitive way to run it; it's definitely better than the base ammo, I would say, but it's not better than the dragon's breath.

Best haymaker loadout

If you want the most competitive, if you want to call it that or meta class for the haker, you definitely want to use something like the Big Barrel, the dragon's breath ammo, of course, a 20-round drum with no stock, and maybe even the crownbreaker chokes.

You get a nice, tight spread, and of course you're going to have eight pellets. And when you go from a gun using only four or maybe five or three or whatever pellets and then you go back to a shotgun that has eight, it's going to feel like a god-tier shotgun because it's so much more consistent. And it's the same thing with the haymaker.

Overall thoughts

Overall thoughts

Honestly, the Magift is fun; it's cool, but it serves its purpose in more than eight niches. Like, yeah, there's still a lot of potential; it can still be really annoying to die for; it can still be incredibly strong; but it's not the most ideal way for most people to run it. I'd say if you're a higher-skilled player, it can be kind of fun, but for people who are a little bit more on the lower tier of the skill rating, then I would say maybe just stick with dragon's breath because that's going to be easier overall and sort of the more again.

The Haymaker Maglift AMP got nerfs in both MP and Warzone. MP it got hit a bit harder, but in WZ we did also get some interesting changes. Namely to it's pellet count.
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