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In today's article, we're going to be talking about the full auto-shotgun melee in War Zone 3. That is the rival. Now I will have time stamps. Below in the description if you just want a class setup I know a lot of people are asking about them just check out the description below and I will have the exact time stamp for that so if you want to hop to that you can if you don't want to hear me Babble about the numbers and go there straight away, but with all that being said we're just going to hop into and start with some of the damages and numbers I could find also keep in mind at the time of recording this the snake shots are 100% % back and they are probably worse than they ever have been and are incredibly broken so just a word of warning if you're going to play war zone you're probably going to get snake shotted to death multiple times, it's incredibly. Busted, so just keep that in mind if you play War Zone; it's probably going to be a little rough, but anyway, on to the article.

Damage and range (base ammo)

Damage and range (base ammo)

So first off, how much damage does it do? Well, up close and personal, out to about 3 and 2 meters, you're dealing about 64 damage per shot; out to about 6.5, you're dealing 56; and then out to about the 15 M Mark, that's kind of where I stopped with this gun; it's dealing about 48.

Now, the reason I stopped is because these numbers are pretty bad. It takes five shots to kill with this thing up close and personal, and with a gun that only has 15 rounds by default or 15 shells. This is not good. This is one of the weaker full-auto shotguns I've seen in a while. The base gun just doesn't do it for me.

This is something I would really avoid. If you're just going to use the base ammo, it's not really worth it; it's just going to take too many shots to kill, and if we're talking about the time to kill, well, five shots is going to net you about 600 milliseconds, not awful, but considering the range is only out to 3 and 1/2 M, that is what's awful, and then let's say you're out at like 10 m or something, it's going to take you about seven shots at least, and that is about 900 milliseconds, so as you can see, it's just really, really bad.

Maybe if that first range extended out to 20 M or something, but the fact that it deals that much damage and it takes that long to kill at like 10 M, Really, really sad, really, really bad. I don't recommend using this thing; it's easy to use, but I don't recommend using the gun with the base ammo.

Damage and range (incendiary ammo)

Damage and range (incendiary ammo)

However, things change quite a bit when you use incendiary rounds because all of a sudden you get more damage from prop pellets and you also get some burn damage, which is always nice. So with incendiary, the damage in the range changes a little bit, and as you can see with the ranges here and the shots to kill, this is much better because we can actually kill Point Blank, and that is actually really good.

This thing is actually kind of a beast, and then out to about 5.2 M, it's still going to be only a four shot, then it drops to a five, and then just about a six. Keep in mind that this is the best-case scenario; you might miss a few pellets. you only have four pellets with this gun which is also another important note so it's really nice to have a very tight spread with this thing in particular because you only have four pellets, but essentially with the rate of fire has 400 rounds per minute the time to kill you're looking at for three shots is 300.

Milliseconds, that is actually really fast and since the Haymaker did in fact get Nerf and no longer two shot kills this thing now is the shotgun with the fastest time to kill when we're talking about basic pure shotgunning, 300 milliseconds is twice as fast as a lot of really meta SMGs, and you are going to just shred people with this thing even when you take four shots it's only going to be 450.

If you take five, it's 600 milliseconds. Of course, after that, it starts to get a little bit more difficult to use, but really, it's not that bad, and you have such ease of use with this thing that it really makes up for how weak this thing can be at range, but in all honesty, this thing is really strong incendiary, which, in my opinion, is absolutely the way to go when you rock it. It's just better in so many ways, and even though it's taking up an attachment slot, it is just so much better than the base Ammo Mo.

410 ball overview

410 ball overview

Now there is also the 410 ball, which is really fun if you guys have never used it. It does extend your range pretty much to infinity, like you can hit people from miles away and just get a hit marker.

It's kind of funny, not super practical, I guess in a lot of ways, but it is actually really cool, and this is the closest thing we'll get to being a marksman rifle without actually having slugs. But the basic idea with the 410 ball is that they increase your pellet damage, but you're only capped at doing two pellets worth of damage, so overall, your damage is usually worse or about the same as the base ammo, so I don't really recommend it.

The one thing I will say about 410 Ball is that it's fun. You get all that range where, basically, you can tap people from another rooftop and actually hit them, which is kind of hilarious with a shotgun because it starts to feel more like slugs than just a shotgun with spread, so it is pretty cool.

But honestly, I would just say incendar is honestly the way to go.

Solo/duos class

lockwood 680

So now it's time for some class setups, and this one is going to be your basic one, more for solos and duos because we're not using a big mag. As you can see, we have some interesting things going on. I am using a long barrel because you get 34% more range; it is really hard to beat that with a shotgun like this; it always helps, and you don't get much movement penalty at all.

We're using the Bryson choke, and the reason for that is because, as you'll see. I am rocking a sight, and this site actually helps improve your spread as well when it comes to your hipfire, your min max, and all that, and when you combine that with the Bryson choke, it gives you a very clear sight picture.

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Incredibly. Tight Spread has both hitfire attack stands and aim-down sights, and it's just sort of a perfect combination when this thing has a little bit of recoil and you get such a clear sight picture, so it's actually really cool. Now you can swap that out if you don't want to use that site with a laser for something like the Breu Bastion angled grip; that's totally fine.

I would recommend that one above anything else, but at the end of the day, a lot of these lasers and grips and these SES that kind of help with your spread, you're going to have some that help just a little bit more than others, and it's totally fine to choose one over the other based on preferences, because normally the difference isn't enough to be so damn nitpicky about.

The Riveter is an amazing shotgun in Warzone. After the Haymaker nerf, this shotgun is going to have a great chance to shine, and it has some ridiculous TTK values for CQB.
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