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So here is to a great New Year, and I hope you guys had an awesome time celebrating if you like to celebrate that sort of thing. So first off, we're going to be talking about the haymaker with slugs and explosive slugs. That's right, it's finally time to talk about the Origin 12 Reincarnate, with slug rounds, so I'm going to show you guys all the numbers and the damages.

I'll show you guys a few different classes to use and, of course, share my thoughts overall, so if you want to hop to a certain part of the article, make sure to check the timestamps in the description below, as I will have each part labeled in the description, so make sure to check that out. With all that being said, let's just go ahead and hop into it with explosive slugs first.

Explosive slug damage and range

Explosive slug damage and range

So these are the numbers I was able to find with explosive slugs, and as you can see, they have quite a bit of range and a lot of damage that they can potentially do up close and personal. You can two-shot headshot someone, and that's a lot of damage.

162 is no joke, but of course that's only point blank, really out to 3 and 2 MERS, basically. Not really practical, but outside of that, in its first drop off at 16 M, you can three-shot chest-shot someone, which is really nice for a shotgun. Again, remember, this is a shotgun, and if you have one head shot, one stomach shot, and one chest shot, you can three-shot as well, but generally, it might take three to four shots in this range out past that; generally, it's going to be about a four-shot kill, and then past 58 M.

I really wouldn't be using this thing. There are a lot of reasons why, but generally, it's going to take about three to four shots in these ranges up close if you're using it well and hitting your shots. And it has a ton of damage potential, and just to remind you guys if it is a three shot kill the time to kill for this thing is about 480.

Regular slugs damage and range

Regular slugs damage and range

Milliseconds, which is way fast that is incredibly fast and the range this thing has you can see why slugs and explosive slugs, can be absolutely devastating in the right hands, now when we switch over to regular 12 gauge slugs this is the damage profile for them as you can see they don't really have as much range as explosive slugs and in general their body shots tend to be a little bit less when it comes to damage but one thing that's nice about these is that the chest and stomach multipliers are the same, so these even though they're a tiny bit weaker when it comes to body shots are a lot more consistent.

One thing to note is that in its first drop-off out to 12 M, you can't actually three-shot chest someone like you could with explosive slugs out to 16 M. That's kind of a bummer, but as long as you hit one head shot, all you need is two body shots, and since you have the same multiplier for chest and stomach, again, it's going to feel a lot more consistent.

As you can see, these things deal a ton of damage, just like EXP exposive slugs, but generally, I've been liking 12 gauge slugs more than explosive slugs because of that consistency. Even though you lose some of the body damage by a slight bit, it's more consistent because you're getting a little bit of a better stomach multiplier.

So it works out in your favor in most aspects, and of course, I don't really recommend pushing this thing past 40 meters. You can if you're just kind of trolling or kind of going for laughs, but I really wouldn't recommend it in a practical sense, but hey, being able to shoot someone with stomach shots out to 40 meters.

That's definitely no joke, and in the right hands, you can see why these things are incredibly deadly now.

Best class (canted laser explanation)

Best class (canted laser explanation)

I'm going to share with you guys a class that you guys need to try because this is going to be a great one for close range that you need to try out now. Here is a build that I've had pretty decent success with. We're rocking the imperator long barrel, the x10 Phantom 5, and the reason we're rocking this under barrel is because it gives us a little bit of recoil control, but it also helps our aim-down sight speed, so I'm rocking that instead of any of the stocks that give us aim-down sight speed and hurt our recoil, we have the 12-round mag.

You can always swap that out if you don't want it, or you can use the 20 rounds. Then we have the caned virro dos. This is sort of a secret attachment; I don't think a lot of people are going to catch on to it, and the reason why it's so good is because generally, slugs tend to have a bit of inconsistency.

lockwood 680

When it comes to where they go, if you're aiming at a wall, you shoot. You notice sometimes it's a little off now. Most guns have this sort of Bloom effect, but for slugs, it's very pronounced, but with the caned vibro do 7 in particular. This thing tends to eliminate so much of the spread that it's kind of ridiculous.

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If you take a look at this screenshot, you'll see on the very far right that's with the caned Viber Do7, and these are at 15 M these are shots that were placed at 15 M on the far left that is no Bryson choke the middle that's with the Bryson choke and then here on the right that's just the caned laser, as you can see this thing can make a difference in where your shots go so I definitely encourage you guys to try it out even though it's a little weird aiming with the caned laser I totally get it; it's totally worth it to get used to, and it keeps your sight and recoil a lot easier to maintain. Normally, with the Haymaker The Recoil can be a bit of an issue, especially if you're King it out for Speed which this thing does not have speed it just is very slow generally no matter how you kid it out and it just tends to feel a little bit sluggish if you're kitting it out for recoil control so this is a happy medium I was able to find but of course if you want to swap these attachments out and go a more traditional route with a site and stuff I would recommend swapping out that laser for a site, taking out the long barrel and using a choke and then just using something like this and this is generally what I landed if I was going for more traditional route it is a little bit slower, if you want to something that's more of an iron sight build you can also try this one out so there's a few different builds to rock but I would say try the first one out and see if you can get a hang of those caned laser slugs because in my opinion.

Cqb iron sight build

modern warfare 3

That's generally the way to go, and also if you want to rock explosive slugs, you totally just felt that they were a little bit harder to see when I was shooting my enemy, and they felt a little bit more inconsistent than normal slugs, but if you want to try it, if you really want to go for the 16-range three-shot chest shot I was talking about, then totally just swap out the ammo type, and they basically stay the same in terms of how they're built.

Haymaker Slugs and Explosive slugs are incredibly strong, and can give some guns a run for their money. This video explains the damages and ranges of both slug ammo types and I share 3 awesome classes to use.
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