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Today we're going to be talking about the lock with the 680, one of my favorite guns in War Zone currently, and we're going to be talking about the dragon's breath. I don't think I've ever mentioned it really much at all for war zone in particular, with this particular gun, which is kind of crazy, and a lot of people don't really seem to be batting an eye to it, so with today's article.

I'm going to share with you guys why you should be using it and also talk about some potential downsides to it, and then I'll give you my idea whether or not it's actually worth it in the long run, so if that sounds good to you, let's just ahead and hop right into it, so the first thing I'll do as always is talk about the damage and the ranges so out to about that 3 and a half meter mark.

Damage and range

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This thing does 200 base damage without the burn. Now with the burn, it gives it anywhere from 10 to 20 extra points of damage, sometimes even 30, so you could do anywhere from 210 to 220, even 230. At times, it's very inconsistent. I don't know why it is, but yeah, it does basically deal more damage than your base ammo, which is really cool to see now out past 3 and 2 m out to about 7.9, M Mark.

Barely this in that 8-meter mark You basically only do 136 with all of your pellets now. No, that is not a twoot, but if you include the burn damage again, anywhere from 10 to 20 to 30. You can actually get a two-shot in this range, and this is actually the longest two-shot range you can get with any of the heavy-hitting pump actions, double barrels, or anything like that.

This is the setup you want to be using if you want to get the best two-shot potential, and it's out to about 7.9. But if you stack on that Big Barrel, you can get it out to about 9 1/2 m years, which is definitely where the Lockwood 300 used to be, and the old Bryson from Modern Warfare 2's version of War Zone used to be as well.

They have quite a bit of range, and this thing also does have a lot of range, at least in regards to a two-shot kill. Now, out past that 7.9-meter mark out to about 14, it deals 68 base damage, which is not very good, and past that, it's dealing like 32 base damage, which is really, really not good.

This is something you do not want to be caught at range with at all. I know you could kind of get away with it with the Bryson if you had a good shot, and you could just kind of get three shots, but this is not going to be a three-shot kill; do not try it. So if you want a particular class to run, that's kind of fun to try out with this thing.

Lockwood 680 db class

Lockwood 680 db class

Here is the build that I was able to build out; this is just one particular iteration. The Bryson Hammer Forge long barrel is going to be key to getting that 9 and a half-meter twoot, which is really, really good.

Then we have the crownbreaker choke. I just love the crownbreaker choke because I don't like to aim down sights as much anymore with shotguns; I typically tack Dan, so this is a great attachment for that. And then, of course, we have dragon's breath and other really useful attachments like the sought-after stock and, of course, that Express lightbolt attachment.

If you want to try something a little bit more mobile-friendly, you could basically take off that barrel and just equip the demo X40 tactical pump. Yes, you have less range, but you're getting a great Sprint of Fire speed bonus, so it's really helpful if you're a very aggressive player. Overall, it is probably.

Potential issues with db

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It sounds to you like, Why should you even bother with the base ammo? Now, I mean, you get such great two-shot potential with this thing's great range; it's got a ton of damage, so what's the deal? Why would you even bother using the other ammo type? Well, I'm going to tell you, and that's because this thing is very inconsistent.

And the problem isn't necessarily the range; it's that in that second range, that two-shot potential ranges from about 3 and 2 to 7.9, and since you only deal 136 base damage, you really have to rely on that burn, and the burn is very inconsistent. And you're also doing less damage to it than the base ammo in its first drop-off because, compare it I mean, you do 200 damage with the base ammo, and with this, you only do 136, so you can see there's definitely a little bit less forgiving nature with this type of build, even though you do have that great two-shot potential.

It's very inconsistent. With the base ammo, it seems to be much more forgiving and also a lot more consistent with its two shots, even though the two shots don't go quite as far again. It's only out to about 6.8 M compared to that 7.9 M with Dragon's Breath, and even though it's not quite as far, it is much more consistent in my opinion.

Is it worth running over buckshot?

Is it worth running over buckshot?

So now, I guess the big question is, is it worth running over the base ammo? And as much as I talked it up, no. I really don't think so, so I really think that the base ammo is still the way to go, and you're much better off using that attachment slot for getting something with a better sprint of fire speed, better aim down sights, better range, or something like that because dragon's breath is very inconsistent.

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If you kind of had to weigh the pros and cons with the base ammo, yes you have less range but you deal more damage per pallet in the ranges that matter and even though your two shot isn't as far like I said it's going to feel so much more consistent and you don't have to rely on a burn, to get you there so if you miss a few pallets or whatever with dragon's breath you're going to notice it you will very much so notice that you missed a few pellets but with the base ammo it's a little bit more forgiving and overall, just more consistent, again despite having a little bit less of a two shot range potential that being said it's still fun because it's dragon's breath and there's flames and then of course bodies sometimes Ragdoll from the burn effect which is kind of hilarious.

So I would say just try it out and see how it feels for you. Another good alternative If you're looking to find a good class instead of rocking the crown breaker choke, if you want that really tight aim-down sight spread, you can just use the Bryson choke instead. Since you're only going to be using the crownbreaker choke to help with that tax Dan spread, it's not going to be quite as tight as the Bryson choke's full aim on sight spread, so that might help you hit that range a little bit more consistently.

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Because it is very tight, but overall, I'd still say you're probably better off with the base ammo, so overall, that's pretty much going to do it for this article, guys. I hope it was actually informative and you guys learned something about dragon's breath. It seems like it'd be a good option on paper, but in a practical sense, it just kind of falls short a little bit, and you're probably better off with the base ammo.

Because I sure as hell miss

Nobody uses Dragon's Breath on the Lockwood 680. But it actually boasts a pretty nasty 2 shot range.
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