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I hope you guys had a great holiday yesterday. I celebrated Christmas. If you guys don't celebrate Christmas, well, I hope you had a happy holiday. If you don't celebrate any holidays, well, I hope you just had a great day. In today's article, we're going to be talking about the three Modern Warfare 3 shotguns, and I'm going to give you guys my ranking from the worst of the bunch to the best.

Yes, there's only three, but I figured it'd be a fun and cool article to do. Why am I only going over these three Modern Warfare ones and not all the shotguns? Right now, since these are new, they're fresh, and they're what everybody wants to see and talk about. I'm just going to be covering these, but I will be doing a comprehensive list at some point and revisiting the Modern Warfare 2 shotgun in the war zone, so don't worry, that will be coming.

haymaker shotgun modern warfare

Also, time stamps will be in the description below. I will have class setups for each of these shotguns, my favorite builds, so please, if you want to jump to a specific part of the article, make sure to check those timestamps below and go to those class setups if you really want. With all that being said, let's just go ahead and start with.

Number 3: haymaker

Three, gas moving in, For the number three pick, I have the Haym Maker with Dragon's Breath. This is by no means a bad shotgun at all, even though there are only three. These are all amazing shotguns, but with this particular shotgun, to me, it's amazing, but it falls a little bit flat compared to the others for a few reasons.

First of all, what are some good things? Well, this thing has an amazing time to kill of about 480 milliseconds out to about 6 and 1/12 M or so with dragon's breath. That's an instant three-shot killout past that. It's going to take about five shots; it's going to take about 960 milliseconds. So that's where it starts to fall short: past that 6 M range and out past that 10 M range, it's going to take over a second to kill with seven shots.

Not super good, but up close, this thing is a menace. It is absolutely destructive, and with a dragon's breath, you're probably going to blind people as well. When you're using it, this is sort of your origin 12 of the game, and it performs super well. Do not take that three-shot potential for granted; it has amazing three-shot potential, it will catch people off guard, it is extremely strong, and of course it's easy to use.

This is a spammy shotgun; you just pull the trigger a bunch of times in their general direction, up close and personal. You still have to hit your shots, of course, but it is easy to use, and you also have some decent mobility with a 12-round mag, and if you really want to for trios and quads, you can even rock a 20-round mag.

Haymaker best class

Haymaker best class

Now, if we're talking about my best class, this is the one I recommend. We're using the crownbreaker choke to give us a better Tax St spread because I recommend tax stance with this or just hip firing, and if, of course, we're rocking the long barrel and 12 round ma no stock along with dragon's breath, dragon's breath is key to making this shotgun work now after its Nerfs, so I definitely recommend you trying that out as it keeps its three shots longer than the base ammo, now with number three out of the way.

Let's go ahead and dive into my number two.

Number 2: lockwood 680

No, from my number two pick, and this might be a little controversial, I have the Lockwood 680. This is without a doubt the best pump action that we have currently in the war zone. It is a monster, it is a behemoth, of a pump of a pump action, and I love this thing.

lockwood 680

I can't talk good enough about it; it is so good, but it is a little hard to use. I will say pump actions generally are harder to use with shotguns, and that's why I didn't put it as number one because this one does take some finesse. This is like a MOG from Blackout. This is like the combat shotgun from Vanguard.

You have to hit your two shots, but you have to be very quick on your feet. There's a lot of slide canceling and a lot of getting in and out of cover. It's very much like a cat-and-mouse gameplay type of situation, and I love it. It's so much fun. It's so much more gratifying than any SMG. Just to me, it takes a level of skill and finesse that a lot of people really don't give enough credit to when you use it.

But some other really notable things about this gun are that it deals about 200 damage out to 6 M, which is kind of ridiculous when all the other pump actions are only out to like three. It has a two-shot potential of out to about 8.5 M, which is very good, and if you put on the Big Barrel, that gives you 10 pets, which is another amazing feature.

It's a Lockwood Defender heavy barrel; it takes it out to about 9.8 meters, give or take a few tents of a meter. This thing is an absolute monster. I'm telling you guys, if you haven't used it yet, what are you doing? If you're a shotgun fan, you have to try this out immediately. And what's also nice about it is that the time to kill isn't as unforgiving as you might expect.

Pump actions are generally very unforgiving, but this one tends to fall higher on the list where it's not as bad as something like the Bryson 800 because of its rate of fire. With the extra bolt attached, it's time to kill for two shots. Sitting around, that 674 millisecond mark Now that's been hand-tested, just keep that in mind.

It might be a little off, but that is comparable to some SMGs. SMGs generally kill around 600 milliseconds up close; this is 674. Again, it is not that bad if you miss a shot, but it is still unforgiving. I'm not going to lie to you guys; it still takes finesse, but it's not that bad, so.

Lockwood 680 best class

Lockwood 680 best class

That's my number-two pick. I love this shotgun, but now we need to talk about the number one.

Number 1: riveter

Pick, shotgun, B, There, no, he got me too. All enemies, for my number one pick, some people are going to love it.

Some people are going to hate it, but we have the Riveter full-auto shotgun with incendiary rounds. This thing is an absolute behemoth of a shotgun, and first I'm going to show you guys the damage profile, which is one of the reasons it's so good. If you look at the time to kill up close and personal out to 3 m, it only takes three shots, which is a 300 millisecond time to kill with its rate of fire, which is double the speed of any meta SMG up close.

This is absurd, even out at 5 m and 12 m. It's still compared to a lot of SMGs. Given how much damage it does up close, and hey, it's up close, that's what a shotgun does, even though it doesn't have as much range as the ball ammo. This thing has a better time to kill, and it's got better damage, so I always encourage you guys to use incendiary.

Full auto slugs are back in Warzone with the Riveter full auto shotgun! Let's go over the damage and the ranges, and see how it compares to some strong meta weapons.
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