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I hope everyone's doing okay. Today we're going to be talking about a shotgun. Question Mark: It's actually not really a shock, and it is kind of in a way, but it's an aftermarket part for the KV broadside. You know where I'm going with this. We're talking about the Jack Jawbreaker, and this is specifically for the war zone.

I think Exclusive Ace covered this for multiplayer; go check out his article if you want some multiplayer stats on it. Great article, and of course this is going to be war zone-focused, and this is technically a shotgun, but it kind of converts it into sort of an automatic battle rifle, and I actually used it quite a bit, and I'm having a good time with it.

It is a little lackluster in some ways, but in other ways, it's a lot of fun to really use to kind of mix things up and just make for an interesting time when you use it. So with today's article, I'm going to share with you guys sort of some in-depth stats. I went in, and I got the damage profile for this weapon to share with you guys.

the time to kill values, and this is a long-range, sort of medium-range weapon, so it's a little bit different than a shotgun, but again. I thought it'd be fun to go over, so if that sounds good to you guys, go ahead and check the time stamps below if you want to hop to a certain part of the article, like the damage and the ranges and stuff; otherwise, just buckle in and let's go ahead and cover it.

What is it?

What is it?

So, like I said, the Jack Jawbreaker is an aftermarket part for the KV broadside that essentially turns it into an automatic assault rifle, or rather a battle rifle, so it's basically not a shotgun anymore. However.

Shotgun ammo problem

I will point that it does use shotgun ammo, which is kind of a downside because I think most bundles of shotgun ammo come in packs of eight, and since this thing is sort of a rifle, you're going to need more than eight rounds when you pick up some ammo for it, so make sure an ammo crate or one of those ammo caches is around you when you use this thing.

Damage ranges and ttk

If we take a look at the damage profile, this is basically what I could come up with testing in game, and as you can see from sort of the time to kill values and the shots to kill, it's not really super great at one thing. At close range, it's really not as good as any SMG or any other shotgun, to be honest.

It's going to get you melted because even if you hit all your shots exactly. It's still just not a really great time to kill in medium range; that's kind of where this thing starts to excel a little bit more, and I'll put it up on screen. God's long-range time to kill spreadsheet, that's going to help kind of give you guys a little bit more of a better comparison.

I think medium range in that second, or rather the first drop-off for this gun, that's kind of where it starts to shine—not that it shines like crazy way, but it's definitely more competitive in that area. Now when you push past those ranges and you're getting past maybe 50 m, your time to kill is really nothing special and it kind of starts to fall short, so really.

I feel like with this gun it's more primarily for resurgence and it's going to be mainly for those medium-ranging engagements, not really close or super far. Now there are a few other quirks we have to mention as well.

Problem 1: mag size

Problem 1: mag size

The first big thing is the magazine, which by definition only has 20 rounds, and you can't equip any other magazine attachments. That is a huge wow moment for this gun, which only has 20 rounds. Is really not good, especially when it takes at least six to seven to eight shots to kill if you're getting good chest and stomach shots.

Problem 2: shotgun ammo

Another thing that I mentioned before is that this thing does use shotgun, ammo which is kind of interesting cuz you're not shooting shotgun shells but it does use shotgun ammo which again like before with what I said shotgun ammo tends to come in packs of eight from what I remember maybe 16 but either way you're not really getting a full Magazine from a shotgun shell pack so just be mindful of that always look for an ammo crate or just maybe have scavenger on yourself if you use this I really recommend it and one of the other major quirks I want to point out with this is it seems to carry over, some of the aim assist from the shotgun, category, which if you didn't know shotkin really don't get any aim assist past I think 25 M or so which is fine cuz you don't really need it but this you kind of need it and unfortunately, if you go in the dummy test range and you shoot the first two Targets you'll notice a assist is fine but that last Target.

Problem 3: no aa?

It's a little awkward; it doesn't seem to have aim assist from what I can tell. If you shoot the first two and kind of swap left and right with your controller thumb stick and try to get some aim assist on that last Target dummy that's really far, you'll notice it doesn't really catch; there's no slowdown. And as soon as the other two pop up, it comes back, so that's a good way to indicate if it has any aim assists, and from what I can tell, it just doesn't at longer ranges; it's really awkward, but that being said, it doesn't really feel that difficult to use the gun.

It just feels good

It just feels good

Itself shoots pretty slow, so it is a bit unforgiving, like I said before, but one of the things that's really nice about this gun is that it just feels pretty solid.

I noticed that the recoil does have a little bit of a bounce, but it's not like a super visual recoil; it's a little strange because you usually have a gun with a ton of visual recoil, but the actual recoil pattern itself isn't that bad. This feels like it's kind of swapped where the visual isn't really that bad but it does have a little bit of a bounce, so it's kind of strange, but it honestly feels pretty good, and every time I use this.

I feel like I'm always hitting my shots pretty damn well at medium and long ranges, so I'm always pretty surprised at how that works now in terms of some fun classes to try. The first one I'm going to show you is sort of your overall well-rounded, long-range class. We're going to be using the Jack glassless optic.

Class 1: long range

haymaker shotgun modern warfare

We have the brew and heavy support, and Cassis breaks L. This is really going to cut down on a lot of The Recoil that you might have, as well as the demo X2. grip all these things combined, which really are the only attachments you can run on this thing besides lasers and some stocks, which don't really help for what you need on this gun.

This gun does have some ease of use in the sense that it's pretty easy to control. But because of the slow fire rate and the damage it does, it's very unforgiving if you miss a couple shots, and of course, 20 rounds is nothing to really laugh at. That's kind of sad, but there's another fun class that you can try if you want to swap out and do something a little different.

The new Aftermarket Part for the KV Broadside turns the gun into a battle rifle, and it's actually not bad! Fun, with some interesting quirks.
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