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Vos, whatever you guys like to be called, welcome to another episode of War Zone Shotguns, and today we're going to be talking about my favorite ammo type for shotguns, and that is Slug Round Slugs, which are always so underrated and always have such a strong niche that they're actually really, really good in, and today we're going to see just that with the Riveter because the Riveter you can put slugs on and basically turns it into a close range assault rifle, which is actually really, really good, and I'll show you guys exactly why with all the hard numbers and give you guys a couple class setups.

But with all that being said, let's just go ahead and get into it. The Riveter, of course, is a full-auto shot and shoots about 400 rounds per minute, and it's got slugs on it. So what happens when you put slugs on it? Let's check out the damage profile.

Damage and ttk

Damage and ttk

And as you can see, this looks probably pretty familiar because these numbers are pretty much identical to what they are in multiplayer; it seems like they translated them one to one, which is good for me because it's less work but also means interesting things for the shots to kill, and all that if we take a look at Point Blank ranges, if we're talking about stomach area and up usually it's going to take about four shots to kill now a four shot with this gun.

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It nets us about 450 milliseconds for A Time to Kill. That's definitely way faster than SMGs; it's not like the Haymaker was with its two shots, but this is still very solid of course this is sort of a cherry on top it's only out to 2 and2 met it's not really a selling point but what's really nice is if you look at the next two ranges, out to about that 20 M you will take about five shots as long as you're hitting stomaching up it will take you five shots to kill which basically comes out to being a 600 millisecond, time to kill now the reason that's so great is because if you compare that to something like the wsp Swarm which is sort of the meta SMG right now and it's first drop off out to about that 20 M Mark.

I think it's 19.5. Credit goes to True Game Data for putting all this on his site. This thing basically has a time to kill of around 660. And out past that, of course, it goes to about 715, and then even further, it goes to about 770. Now if you compare that to what we see with this, you'll see that even at 39 M, this thing is still really, really performing incredibly well.

Even though it's a shotgun, it has some really damn good range. Now, passing that is going to take closer to a second, but considering it's past 39, if you are all people like this using it as sort of like an AR or a battle rifle, you could actually make it work, but granted, there are things to keep it in line that don't make it super easy to use, but it's possible, so that's really cool, and overall, this is a solid damage profile, and I think it's going to be incredibly strong to use in the right hands, and if you have the AIM for it, this thing is just an absolutely amazing shot and setup.

If you've seen my articles before, you probably know what's coming, but we have to talk about the downsides to using these things because with slugs, there's always a few downsides, and for me, the biggest one is probably the bullet velocity. If you compare the bullet velocity for slugs and just look at the advanced stats, you'll see that for the slugs on this gun, it's about 240 m/s.

Bullet velocity is bad

Bullet velocity is bad

Now compare it to something kind of mediocre like the SVA 545 in the assault rifle category, and you'll see that for that, the muzzle velocity is sitting at around 760.

So you can see where I'm starting to kind of go with this because the slugs on this gun are very slow they travel so slow and sometimes it feels like you really have to leave your targets and considering it has good range it's going to make it really hard to challenge at those ranges, unless you kind of have to account for that lead and the bullet drop because if you go in the firing range try to shoot that last dummy just take a shot take a couple shots and you'll see there's a little bit of bullet drop and sometimes your projectiles aren't super accurate they don't always go, exactly where you want them to it's got some curve to them it makes it really challenging to use at further distances.

Because of this. I really recommend using this only in about that close to medium range up close and like super close like Point Blank; it is a little bit harder to use this thing, but if you're pushing like 10 to 20 to 30 m, that's kind of where this thing starts to shine in my opinion. Yeah, you're probably better off with an AR at further ranges, but the fact that you can challenge that far with a shotgun like this with slugs is actually really fun.

Recoil issue

Recoil issue

Another really awkward thing about this gun is the iron sights and the recoil control. First of all, the iron sights are pretty awful for being accurate; I absolutely despise them for using with slugs, so I always rock an optic, which means I'm losing an attachment slot, which I always hate, but it is what it is; they're just awful; and also, the recoil is pretty bouncy; it's actually really intensely vertical, which means we have to kind of kit it out for recoil control.

It always catches me off guard how much it kicks on its initial shots, but again, with the bullet drop, it makes it kind of awkward to use at further distances, so again. I say using this at that close to medium range is really where you want to be, but I do have a couple classes. I'm going to show you one that's a little more unorthodox, using a caned laser that kind of helped take into account The Recoil and make it easier for you guys to use.

Now I want to share with you guys two awesome classes you need to try out.

Recoil focused build

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The first one is going to be a more traditional way to go with this with the sight, and we're focusing on a little bit of recoil control. First, we're using the flash twist 90, which is a muzzle attachment that's going to help greatly with the muzzle flash and also with the recoil.

Now, keep in mind that there's a better recoil-reducing attachment in this category. But the reason I'm choosing a flash twist 90 is because it really helps keep down the muzzle flash and all that visual noise that happens when you shoot this thing if you use something like the lock with smooth fire 12, which is arguably the best attachment for recoil control on this gun.

Full auto slugs are back in Warzone with the Riveter full auto shotgun! Let's go over the damage and the ranges, and see how it compares to some strong meta weapons.
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