News - The Best Killstreak Warzone 2 Is One That Will Surprise You

Today we're going to cover exactly why the EMP kill streak is the most broken and bugged kill streak in Modern Warfare 3 and why you should absolutely be running it in all of your games. Anyway, with the intro out of the way, let's get right into the main purpose of this article and why you clicked now.

Here's why the EMP is broken: Once you have it, it can basically gift you for free a ton of points towards your score streaks, and I'm not exaggerating when I say a ton, and I'll show you three examples of this right now from one game and in this game on Afghan. I'm playing 12v12 Team Deathmatch, and I have the advanced UAV EMP and Juggernaut score streaks equipped.

Once I earn my full streaks for the first time. I eventually die, but after I respawn. I call in my EMP from my previous life, and then this: Happens. I get 1960 points for my EMP, which is absolutely insane, and then it happens again a second, time where, as you can see. I get 1470 points, and again this time I'll play the game audio so you can hear how confused I actually was during the match.

Okay, I'm totally lost as to what's happening; the game is like breaking; I just like getting permanent. Streaks, what is going on? Hello now i didn't realize at the time exactly how many points the EMP was giving me, but just look at that: I got my advanced UAV and another EMP. Just from calling in my EMP from my previous life.

I could have ended up getting four juggernauts in that one game if I just realized this a little bit sooner, but during and after the game. I was super confused. I was like, How did my streaks wrap like that? Was it bugging? What was going on? I thought at first my score streaks weren't resetting when I died, or like the kills in my Juggernaut were counting towards my streaks again or something like that, so I went back and watched the article, and that's when I realized it was just the EMP that was giving me all those points to try and figure out what was actually going on.

I went into a private match to do some testing and honestly came out more confused than I was before, but I did figure a couple of things out in both multiplayer and private matches. The EMP does this; it does not award points based on emping only players, but it does award points based on emping enemy equipment and field upgrades, so those things I'm sure about, as you can see in this clip, and then I'm going to have you put down your mines and your field upgrade.

I already put down the Feld upgrade, okay, and could you call in both through the UAV and counter? UAV, and Counter UAV, also shout out to my buddy stor Alpha for taking some time to help me with testing and weird. Okay i only got 70 points for that, which doesn't add up now for what I'm not so sure about is what it does for kill streaks that were on the map because in a private match it does not award points based off emping enemy streaks and I tested this with a UAV a Counter UAV and a swarm as you just saw but in multiplayer, this is where I'm pretty confident this is what was happening but I think I was getting points from taking out enemy streaks that were on the map now here's why I think this like if each player in the 12 vs.

12 game on Afghan was running the demolition vest so you have two pieces of equipment. And they had a field upgrade down at the time I called in the EMP; that would have only been 900 points, which is unrealistic. Because never in a full lobby is it going to be set up perfectly like that, especially for that to happen three times in one game, so it must be giving you points for taking out streaks as well, as you can see.

I was getting 1,400 to like 1,600 points each time I called it in now, as far as I've seen, and I've been able to replicate this in multiple games. the EMP can basically help you get a really good start on your score streaks given that you've earned it the first time and I would say that the Afghan game was kind of an extreme example, but here's an another example on Karachi where I only and I'm putting only in quotation marks here got 400 points but that's still like four kills or objective Point plays, to getting you started on your next set of streaks so it can really make it easy to get something like an advanced or a swarm so even if it isn't going to be like the Afghan game where you instantly get all of your streaks in your next life once you call it in it will still be a great start towards your next set and now if you're trying to replicate this for yourself you might want to wait, until a couple of opponents have called in streaks or something like that on the map, probably like a UAV or a Counter UAV, or maybe a helicopter or vtool.

Otherwise, you might not get as many points as I did in this article, and I don't think I'd wait to use it on a swarm because I'm not sure based on my testing and private matches if that will award any points at all. Just one thing to note: as you'll see here in a second with this game play, it's possible to not really get any points at all from the EMP.

So the sky is the limit when it comes to the EM, boosting your next set of streaks. But if you time it wrong where there aren't a lot of streaks or equipment on the map, it won't do much of anything at all to help you out now. If you do want to see the whole game where I drop both the double jug, which could have been four jugs, and the double swarm game.

I'm going to post those in a couple of days, and once I've posted them. If you guys were surprised to see just how great the EMP can be when it comes to getting additional score streaks, make sure to leave a like.

The EMP killstreak in MW3 multiplayer is either bugged or very overpowered right now. If you get into the right lobby or time calling it in correctly, it can help you get a CRAZY number of killstreaks in one game if you have score streaks equipped.
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