News - 1 Best "renetti" Class Warzone 2. Best Renetti Class Setup

best renetti class

Let's try to get this article to 35 likes. I'd highly appreciate it, and it helps out the channel a bunch. Over on the Tactical, we are using the stem lethal, which is a Simex field upgrade. box scavenger gloves, cover sneakers, and EOD padding. The vest is going to be the demolition vest. This is basically resupply, and it gives you two lethals.

Let's jump straight into the REN class, so jumping over into the optics, I'm going to be using the slate reflector. I do like the retti iron sights a lot, but honestly, the slate reflector, you can't go wrong with it, is really, really clean. It has a little blue dot on the rear grip. We're going to be using the Exf Eclipser grip for aim walking speed.

Sprint to fire speed and movement speed My main focus around the RENET class setup is to go for movement because it's a pistol you're running around with. And there's just nothing else that you really need on a pistol, and over on the magazine, we are going to be using the 24-round mag. I would not be using a 24-round mag if it weren't.

best renetti class mw3

For this article, I'd probably take this off and run something else like a laser, and over on the ammunition, we're going to be using the high-grain rounds for bullet velocity and damage range. This just overall helps with taking longer gunfights. Like I said, over on the rear grip, I am mainly going for movement speed, so over on the barrel, we're going to be using the MLX short barrel for hit fire and TCT stance spread.

Sprint of fire speed, aim-down sight speed, and a little bit of movement speed—the cons are recoil control. This is my best class setup for the Retti. If I were going for a Kimbo, I would probably change out the rear grip and magazine, put on a laser, and then throw on the Kimbo, obviously. But this is my best class setup.

I have crazy gameplay for you guys. A small percentage of people that watch my articles are subscribed, so if you like this article, consider subscribing, and also follow me on Twitch while I stream and play with followers. Now let's get back to the article. All right, we're going to be checking out the Retti.

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