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Shot, chest shots, let's see, going to be a three-shot, so this marks rifle is pretty good. This is Mark 20. SSR, from Modern Warfare 2 or the TAC. M now you can definitely come up with some attachments to make it a little bit more stable for in game but what we're using here I think this is definitely doable but what we're doing here we're running the base techm we're running the zlr Talon 5 suppressor it's going to give us under radar bullet velocity fire aim stability recoil control you can see we're going to up our bullet velocity to 18% up by 18% so it's going to give us, 11753, m per second you're also get some recoil control off that we're going to run the bipod foregrip which again this is really good just because you do have a bipod you can you can mount this weapon if you're on a flat surface laying down and prone that's the bonus for this you do get some added recoil control 6.3 across the.

Board i'm going to be running this new aftermarket part challenge the KR in, intas. LS3 so this one does not give you a it gives you a very small sniper glint, but you're going to make four modifications. The built-in laser for your aim stability is a down-speed con. The con is that the laser is available to enemies, and it will be visible when you're ading, obviously, so the laser only turns on when ading, which is nice to go with that one for the buttstock option.

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This is purely for aesthetic purposes. If you're going for recoil control, you're definitely going to want. Probably some of the other options here, potentially the core stock, give you a little bit more recoil control, but this one's going to be more for ergonomics, so you have cross-motion sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed or speed, excuse me, however you're taking, negatives on the recoil, so this is not going to be your best one if you're going to run this in war zone, however, mobility overall is very good, and then running the high velocity rounds on this, where you're giving up a little bit of damage, you can see 5%, but the velocity is going up 20%.

Which is pretty solid, so this is a really good weapon. 1175 m/s for bullet velocity. You can see the damage there: 98 upper torso, 154 headshot damage. This is a really good weapon. So this is our attack M, or our Mark 20 ASR. We're running the clay camo from Modern Warfare 2 on this because it is a scar build, so obviously we need to run the clay.

Go and back out. I'm going to pair that here with the scar light or the Mark 16, so this is going to be the TAC 56 again, another mod Warfare 2 weapon, so this is again, if you want to run this in war zone, definitely swap out maybe the grip for a suppressor or something that's going to be personal preference.

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However, we're going to be running the laser here. This is the razor Hawk going to give his aiming walking stability, tack stance aim downside speed, and sprint to fire speed. We're going to run the Leopold hammer for that 4.3-times minification with the top-mounted RMR. We're going to run the brute stock again for Amy's stability recoil gun kick; you can see 3% across the board.

We're going to run the FSS, combat grip here going to give us recoil control and additional gun kick which you could definitely Swap this out for a suppressor like I said cuz there's not a lot of recoil on this or even swap out the bus stock for a me in this for a suppressor and then we're going to run the me pull vertical forgrip or the op X9 this is a decent forgrip I really like this one 4.5%, across the board for Rego control you can see what it does to the accuracy for the weapon you're taking a little bit of Mobility hits and handling for Ergo but again not a lot compared to some of the other grips so this is our Mark 16 or our scar light, and it just looks really nice with that laser light on there let's go ahead now, take a look at in the firing.

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Range this was a weapon a lot of people used back in Modern Warfare 2 and War Zone 2 initially. Again, very little recoil. You can definitely build it, so it's even better than this, but you can see how it is against plates, just with a 30-round mag. I mean, this is a very good gun, and the good thing about the hammer site is that the top mount of the RMR just gives you such a little recoil, honestly compared to the 4.3, so that's one reason I really like it, and it just allows you options.

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You can close quarters, and then if you need to stretch it out and see a little, you have the option for that as well, as with the scarf and our Mark 20. SSR build, or the TAC M for that 6.5. Creedmore, and again this is a three shot kill in war zone so it's really good the same as the inhibitor honestly, very nice weapon you just got to come up with a little bit better attachments if you want to use it in war zone and you'll be set so those are our scars next up we have the bass b or the record 9 so for the bass b or the xm7 or the six sour spear the winner of the Army's ngsw program the US military's ngsw program we're going to run the Brewin harmonic suppressor so this is the one that was designed for the spear this is the actual six hour, suppressor you can see there caliber 6.8 x 51 which is what this rifle is you have a serial number and made in Switzerland which is the where the orig origination of 6our you have 6our USA 6 hour originally company out of Switzerland so under radar recoil control you get 6.5 and 5.1, going to run the light heavy.

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Barrel here now again this is mainly for just aesthetic purposes there's better options obviously you can come up with here but this one looks nice it gives us more of an MCX handguard, with the mlock so this is going to give us you're taking a little bit of bumps here on the horizontal and vertical Reco control but again mobility and handling are up with this one so this is a good Ergo Barrel if you're going to be running around going to run the ffs only V laser for aiming stability aim out sight speed and Sprint to fire speed tactical or the laser is visible when you're adsing, the angle 40 grp or 40 optic 4.8 times magnification target range indicator and you have the 1.5 to the 4.8 ver small glint No Tag stance it's a really nice optic and it fits really well with this ntsw next up we're going to run the high velocity rounds again for bullet velocity increase of 20% you're only taking 5% reduction to the damage range so not bad at all this is our Sig sour MCX spear or the xm7 nice little build.

Welcome to a series where I discuss my favorite off meta tactical weapon builds in the game and why! I will be showing you unique builds and how to most effectively use them in game. Today is our first look at tactical weapons in Modern Warfare III MW3. Today we are looking at some ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and more.
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