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How to unlock

How to unlock

Today you're going to join me on a brief journey through time and space as I attempt to navigate the MW3 weapon unlock system like some sort of laboratory rat in a maze. Well, unless you've been trapped in some sort of nuclear shelter thinking the bombs had dropped, then you'll know that the war zone is upon us.

I hope you're as excited as I am for the new map. Stan, but with that excitement, anyone who's played the game before will know of such things as the War Zone meta. No, I'm not talking about some sort of early-nautical social media brand. I'm talking about the most efficient tactics available. Typically, your average sweat will be interested in two forms of meta: the short range and the long range, and today we are going to be looking at a gun that some have been touting is specifically made to run the show at those longer ranges in the war zone.


That gun is the TAC Eradicator. It's like the TAC 56 and TaCV had a few too many drinks one cozy winter evening and ended up having a baby, and like when relatives produce offspring, it's not all perfect, so to start, the weapon is behind a series of moderately complicated challenges to even unlock it.

I've been a bit of an advocate of the armory system, you know. I've tried to see the positives that you can use it to pick and choose the things to unlock, so when I saw this array of barriers to me getting my hands on the attack fees on Holy Love Child. I thought what an opportunity. I'll just use the daily armory unlock tokens to have my Merry Way.

Sadly, this was not to be because this is simply not an option, so I'm revising my opinion of the armory system, and instead they can ram it. So now that we've established that there is no ducking the challenges, we need to know what they are. Well, you get the gun, and it's a snady camo for completing five of the week's four challenges.


You can do this in either zombies or multiplayer, but the multiplayer challenges are generally a bit quicker to do, so the main gripe for me was that the week four challenges heavily rely on you having already completed several of the previous week's unlocks to utilize certain weapon attachments. I've played the game a fair bit since launch and not done them passively, so there's a reasonable chance you would have to proactively complete these two.

While it's a bit annoying, the pain of any challenges is made INF. Ely milder by the weapon of mass unlocking destruction, Shipment. It's actually in a shipment and rust playlist, but since you can now vote for maps, you'll find a shipment gets voted for every time, unless you really are bunched up with a load of sadists.

There's generally only one reason why you would put yourself in this environment, and that's not to enjoy the company of other fellow gaming enthusiasts from around the world coming together in a spirit of teamwork and competition, driving towards a common goal, and getting that win. It's to spam Noob tubes.

You cut, grenade, and knife people while running around like an absolute mad lad with a r shield on your back, all in the name of grinding weapons. XP and Camos, so BOS a few games of shipment later and unlock challenges for The Eradicator are eradicated. Now with the base-level weapon unlocked, it was time to dive in for a few more with the aid of a double XP token to really lubricate the wheels of progress.

The shipment is an absolute nuthouse, but at the same time, I do love it. It's such a great thing to have for those of us who don't have endless amounts of time available for slow-time grinding. It didn't take long; I had probably lost a few brain cells, but I did trade those for a Max Level Eradicator, with which I could now head to the firing range to explore the best loadout.

This was probably the most painful bit of the lot. There are now so many attachments spanning Modern Warfare 2 and 3, but I believe I have found the best Tack Eradicator Loadout specifically for long-range beams in Ekhan.

Taq eradicator warzone loadout

Taq eradicator warzone loadout

The base weapon has reasonable handling, reasonable mobility, and a clean set of iron sights, but the main challenge was the recoil.

O a recoiless M13 or kilo. This is not now having a look at the before and after recoil patterns, you can see I've refined the gun to not only reduce the overall recoil but also limit the horizontal spread as much as was practicable. I've picked out a clean sight, and the gun still maintains its reasonable handling characteristics.

It's no insta-snap into the ads, but it's more than good enough for longer-range encounters where accuracy is more important in a one-on-one versus ads or sprint to fire. As part of that, these attachments It also serves to really reduce a lot of the weapon's visual kick, so aside from the climb of the barrel being more manageable, you can also see what you're aiming for more clearly without looking down the sights and feeling like you're standing on top of a washing machine on a spin cycle.

One point to note is that firing an unsuppressed weapon will now reveal your position on the mini map and compass to enemies. If this really doesn't concern you, there are attachments like the Ty LR8 muzzle attachment that will drastically reduce the recoil of this weapon, making it much easier to handle happily.

There is no weapon tuning to go through, so it's as easy as picking up the attachments on screen and fitting them to your gun. If you haven't unlocked any of the following attachments, you can either work to unlock them or you can use the picture on the screen that shows the most important trait from each attachment and then find the next best alternative from the attachments you have unlocked.

So if I've picked an attachment for reduced horizontal recoil but you don't have it unlocked, then search for an attachment from this slot that you already have access to that also has horizontal recoil control. This will enable you to still have fun with a gun while retaining some of its characteristics.



While you hopefully unlock the specific attachments I have painstakingly selected for you, shooting dummies up to 40 odd meters in a range is all well and good, but the weapon needed testing at longer ranges.

At the time I came up with this build, the weapon integration into Zikan hadn't quite happened, so I had to go and test it elsewhere. I really hope you guys appreciate this because I put myself through the brain-dead experience that is ground war. I tried invasion first, but I simply don't want to even talk about it.

Anyway, how did it fair? I think it's a bit tricky to tell because the enemies didn't have plates; however, if you've been watching me boost my ego by bullying the dummies in the background, you'll have a fair idea of the accuracy of an armor target at up to 45. M. Or maybe it's a static one that isn't shooting back.

The MW3 Taq Eradicator might be the first LONG RANGE META in Call of Duty Warzone and I have produced the best loadout possible for you to beam your enemies at range! Use this build now to gain an advantage in Warzone Season 1.
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