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So let's talk about the state of Modern Warfare 3 and kind of where we're at right now. When the game was first released, I was super happy. I was having a great time at the game. I was pumping out articles, and for the first time in what feels like an eternity, I was actually having a great time. I was genuinely having fun with the game.

It has been 17 days since I last posted a article here on YouTube, and here's what I have to say: honestly. I can't tell if I'm just burnt out on FPS games as a whole or if Modern Warfare 3 is actually dying. Like I said, when the game first released, I was actually having a great time, and then we got to season 1, and, you know, the road map and everything looked amazing.

I was super excited for season 1, and I mean, you can't really blame me. We were getting like four weapons and four maps. I mean, there was a ton of content opposed to what we're used to getting, which is like two maps, one's a remake, one weapon. And then, for the first time in forever, we actually get some real content in the game, and the thing is, you can't really blame anyone for that because if you get paid, you know, five bucks a day working all day, and then one day your boss says.


You know what? I'm going to give you a $20 bill instead, because, obviously, you're going to be super excited and very thankful, right? But then, as time kind of went on, I didn't know what it was about this season. Yeah, there's maps, there's guns, and there's content. But, like, it just kind of stinks, and I'm not trying to sit here and hate Modern Warfare 3 like a lot of people have done.

You know, I still give Sledgehammer a lot of props for what they've done here. I think Modern Warfare 3 is probably the best game we've had in a very long time, but with that being said, you know the maps that came out in Greece. I don't know if you've played that, but the thing is freaking huge, but at the same time there's really like one or two long lines of sight, and other than that, everything is just like weird little cubicles.

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And you try, and I don't know, man. I'm just not a fan of it. The other map we got me's okay; I guess it's nice that it's a smaller map, but LS Also, at the same time, I think the map flow is horrible. The spawns are even worse. It's really only a kind of cool map because the name is meat and everyone can make a bunch of jokes about it.

Also, the meat is kind of small because the map is, you know, on the smaller side, and so that means faster action, right? I just don't believe they have it in them. They also added two new kill streaks: the EMP and Swarm. Cool, but also, I will literally never be able to call those in because you know what the lobbies look like nowadays.

I don't, and I don't know about you guys, but no one's ever called in a swarm on me, and I've never seen a swarm called in game. I've seen clips of it on Twitter and whatnot, but it's not really something I look forward to because, well. I'm never going to get it, and then outside of that, they added, you know, a couple game modes like gunfight, all or nothing.

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I mean, yeah, that stuff is cool for like a couple games or maybe you know one or two nights where you're just kicking back and having a drink, but other than that, it's not really something you log on to Modern Warfare 3 every day and grind, you know. The same is true with the weapons. The weapons are kind of cool.

We got the ram 7; you know, that's always a solid weapon. Choice: the launcher that just shoots emps. I mean, that literally just sounds like a gun they made exactly for War Zone, so you can disable vehicles and stuff. I'm not even sure why you'd put it in multiplayer because it quite literally does nothing but shoot an EMP grenade, and then finally, the last thing I felt like this game was kind of missing was some sort of quick-spotting sniper, which I thought we were going to get in the XRK stalker, but it turns out it's really just as slow as the cat AMR.

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And I really don't think it's that great, especially when you consider two of the three sniper rifles we have right now are really kind of just ARs with a scope on them, so you know it really would have been nice to get kind of that sniper that's got the faster mobility but maybe does a little bit less damage, unfortunately, we did not get that and we have no plans of getting that anytime soon, so anyways, there's season 1 in a recap.

You know, we have a couple extra things coming midseason. That's cool, but I don't know. I feel like we just really needed a lot more content, like content that would stick, not this crap of just reusing old assets like the ram 7 and coming out with new maps that are really just not that great, not to mention with the release of season 1, here you know we also got War Zone 3 or 2.5.


Whatever it's called, either way, it's garbage. I played like maybe 10 games and if you enjoyed war zone 2 which I think most people did not you're probably not going to enjoy this either because it is the exact same thing like 28 it is the exact same thing on a different map which again leads me to believe that they're going to come out with a shica island and you know eventually rebirth and whatnot, that's cool and I appreciate it you know I think it's going to be fun for all of maybe five or six games and then I'll probably never touch that garbage again in my life and with all that being said I finally completed, a Mastery camo for the first time probably ever to be honest with all of you I would always go for the Mastery camo like in Modern Warfare 20 19 you know I wanted Damascus.

And then I get to those long shots, and I'm like, you know what, man. I really just can't do this. I would rather put sand under my eyelids and blink a thousand times, then sit in the back of a map in hardcore, using an SMG, getting 50 long shots like it was just God awful, so I would always start for the Mastery Camo, but I would usually never finish it because it kind of stinks.

It's not really a fun grind, but here in Modern Warfare 3, they removed a lot of those BS challenges, so I figured why not just go ahead and go for the camo since it really shouldn't be that bad on paper anyway? I'm not going to sit here and act like it was a breeze going for this camo, but it really wasn't that difficult.

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I'd say the most frustrating part of the game was just the fact that the challenges weren't tracked correctly. Let's be honest, most of the challenges are pretty easy, but they're really frustrating. When you do exactly what it says and you have to do it two or three times, and then finally on that third or fourth game, it will start tracking for some reason.

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