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Today we'll be looking at the content drop here: Modern Warfare released Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone, but we will be concentrating only on these story parts. The reason that I'm doing this is because I wanted to dive a little deeper into what's going on in War Zone so I can include that in our story so far and update anything that needs to be updated accordingly, so finally, it looks like season 3 is showing off macarov.

Unless I've been blind, and I might have, I haven't really seen Vladimir MacArthur at all since the ending of Modern Warfare 3 after he escaped capture and killed the Beloved, the awesome. John is so mavage, so I've been keeping a close eye on War Zone and the story more than I would have in the past just because I really want to know what happens next and if anything is going to be teased, so according to this content drop, and it's almost all the way at the bottom, it reads as Connie forces have apparently infiltrated every corner of Rebirth Island, and it seems only fitting that Vladimir Makarov would step out of the shadows to dominate in the season 3 Battle Pass, so it looks like he is coming out of the shadows.


He's finally being seen for the first time since he escaped capture, back in the train station in England, and he is bringing two people with him this time around. We will be going deeper into them in a minute, but right under Makarov's. In the picture, it reads recently that a liberated man, Marov, plans to resume his operation against Austria and its allies.

They are now fully underway, and the ULTR national has recently been observed on the remote Rebirth Island, which appears to be almost fully under the control of the Connie group. He brings with him two supremely powerful Adept Cortac Fighters, Banshi and Hush. Banshee's real name is Orla Murphy, and apparently Orla grew up as one of six children in a working-class home in Dublin, Ireland.

Her delinquency started with minor vandalism and petty theft, but it eventually expanded. When she turned 18, Orla joined the Defense Forces. She excelled with the routine of military life and thrived as a team dynamic, but the salary failed to impress her. Ora started doing off-the-books jobs while deployed, including smuggling and contraband.

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She also attracted the attention of Cortac, who approved of Ora's tendency to bend the rules and dirty her hands following her discharge. Cortac was quick to offer her a mercenary contract to Simply Be herself, so that is one of the people that Makarov is bringing with him to Rebirth Island, and the other one is Hush, and his actual name is Bhir Shira.

Benir was once a simple farmer thrust into the chaos of Mogadishu. Bashir Shira, my Lord, was forced into the city's fire and became its most capable agent. Banser spent much of his early life working in the fields with his father and brother, but with famine quickly spreading, most of his siblings would begin fishing in the port of Barawi.

Bashir set out for the city of Mogadishu and began earning a wage as a security guard. He learned the rules of survival the hard way after a near-fatal slashing that left him with terrible scars on his face. Nevertheless, he adapted to the chaos of the city, learning both the street smarts necessary for survival and the skills to defend himself with ease.

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Within a year, his name was known throughout Mogadishu. As a reliable and effective fixer, attracting the attention of a Ctech recruiter, Bashir enlisted and began his journey as an international mercenary. Now he stands among CAC's finest, a soldier for the highest bidder among the cortex clientele, so that is the other operator that Vladimir Makov has brought with him to Rebirth Island, and he is going to try to take over, and I got a feeling that it is going to lead to what may happen later in Modern Warfare 4, potentially because I think this might move the story forward, which I think is great news because, like I said, we hadn't really seen Moov, so if he's coming out and he's going to Rebirth Island, it's for a reason, and I know this might be the stupidest thing because I mean.

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I'm not a huge fan of what War Zone incorporates. Story elements, and make them central to what's going on in the actual games and the actual campaigns. I'm not a fan of that, but I am going to try to keep up with it now, so this is what's going on, and I'm excited to see more of Makov. The only reason that I'm really excited to see his goofy ass face is because I want the story to continue to move forward, so that is basically what I have for you guys here in the story department.

There is a lot on the content drop, like, a lot, because they just did this big thing where Call of Duty Mobile and War Zone have also been injected into the main game, and it's just a lot of crap. I'm not even going to try to go into that; that doesn't interest me whatsoever, but seeing Makarov back and finally showing his face after what he did at the end of Modern Warfare 3 is incredibly interesting, and I want to see where it goes.

So we'll be keeping a close eye on War Zone this season so we can pinpoint all the good story elements that it may bring.

Welcome to Gaming Talk. The purpose for this series is to talk about my favorite games, and open a discussion in the comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Today we talk Modern Warfare 3.
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