News - Shotzzy's Wsp Swarm Is Meta Ranked Play. Best Wsp Swarm Class Setup Warzone 2

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The Rival and MCW have been gutted in season 3 of Modern Warfare 3, so a new meta has risen in the wp swarm, and the build I got for yall today is shot, which holy [__]] it's nasty. Which the wsp Swarm just got G8 in the competitive league Gentlemen's Agreement all the pros agreed that this thing is so overpowered, that they shouldn't be able to use it in the competitive matches rank play follows the G and so you probably won't be able to use this for too much longer that being said if you want to make this thing very good run the Reckless 90 long barrel before I forget where we're going to be reacting to Shotsy if you want to get better stay tuned for that part insane, article I was mind blown back on topic we're going to be adding The Reckless 90 long barrel because this is going to maximize that damage range and we get a lot of recoil control without really hurting the weapon too much and that's why shots is's going to be running it some people want to run the ruthless because it seems like there's less cons but we're losing so much Sprint to fire speed to where it's not a competitive weapon anymore you have to run the Reckless 90 long barrel the reason this thing is so broken, look at the rate of fire that's almost 1, 00.

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RPM: the damage is 33, up to 9.1. M now this thing is the fastest killing SMG in the entire game that's allowed in rank play that new fjx one's a little bit faster but it's banned and rank play sadly so overall now this thing is going to be a very fast time to kill up to about 9 M which beats the Rival and that's why it's ban but there is a lot of recoil, so that's why shot is going to be adding the compensative, flash hider this is also going to shorten the Tim here on the radar so it's kind of like a half supressor in rank play really surprised this isn't banned in rank play because it's banned in the competitive league and then we also get a lot of just base recoil control and fireing a and stability, really making this thing easy to use up the long range like you're going to see him mapping people like this thing literally is like a pocket a, especially with the MCW Nerf like the MCW, is actually kind of useless like the Rival kills faster than the MCW at every range it's insane.

Zombies and many other games. I have also never seen a single Nega get a review. So now we've boosted the range and the recoil control. From here, we're just going to fine-tune the weapon to make it a little bit better so that Shsi wasn't really surprised. Shsi wasn't really running the DR6, hand Stu.

Maybe if he used this same more and it wasn't banned in the competitive league, he would eventually use the hand Stu because, as you know, this class already has so much recoil and control that you don't really need to run the Phantom 5, which is what he's rocking. It gives us a lot of vertical recoil and control, so now it's a little bit easier to use at long range, but we don't have as much mobility.

best smg in mw3

We still are going to be increasing the handling which is the main reason he's running the under Barrel just so you can pull up your gun faster than the players with the Rival can but with the you know hand stop you can run around a little bit quicker overall though most of you guys are going to do better with the Phantom 5 also keep in mind, if you still can't control the recoil for some reason then I definitely would try out the camir Ryan 03, one this one gives you the gun kick control and just a lot of recoil control this the best under barrel for this gun if you want to make this thing an absolute beam but the mobility, isn't going to be the best on the gun which is why for the stock he's going to be adding the Rampage five this one's not only going to increase the adsp.

best wsp swarm class

A lot, but it's actually going to add a lot of aiming idle stability and firing aiming stability, and we all know that firing aiming stability is going to make it still so the gun doesn't really shake it all, making it actually easier to see the real recoil. Making it easier to actually control that recoil, then we also get the aim and Idol stability, so now the iron sights aren't going to sway as much, making it easier to hit that first shot, and when you hit that first shot, that's when you're going to get the very fast time to kill.

That being said, there are some pretty big cons, like losing our mobility, but the PR just heavily outweighs those cons. If you want to make this thing brain-dead and easy to use where your grandma could use it, then I would throw on the Fortress Heavy. As you guys can see, we get 28% recoil gun kick and so much horizontal and vertical recoil control without really having any cons, which is like what I usually prefer to run on this.

best wsp swarm class mw3

I like this way more than the Rampage, but you know he's running the Rampage for a reason; he's a pro player. If you want more ammo, you can run the 40 Ram Mag. You might run out of ammo a lot of the time, but if you get used to the 32, you'll realize that you don't really need the 40. There are a lot of top 250 players running the 40, though, and I just keep in mind Bloon because you don't really need it, and so on.

So, you know, I do know what I'm talking about. You want to run the Fortress Heavy with the DR6 hand stop. I think this build's way better, but, you know, it's probably better to run whatever you know. Just because a pro player is running something doesn't mean you should rock it because a pro player is so good.

best wsp swarm class setup

The pros are still running the infantry vest; the other ones are pretty like compression's. Good but infantry is a little bit better just so you can tax r a little bit longer and it just overall helps most players out but you know it's good to have some fun try out the compression, and then for the Tactical you always want to run the stun smoke grenade is very good for Search and Destroy if you want to do certain plays you can distract the enemies you can get to a certain bomb site a little bit easier, you can, like if you're about to die you can throw down the smoke and then stay in the smoke and the enemies might think you ran away but you're still in the smoke waiting for them to challenge you so you can do a lot of plays with the smoke and then we got the trophy system on here dead silence is very good if you want to run like the lightweight, boots so then you can get you know better timings you can get to a certain area a little bit quicker where the enemy wouldn't, expect you to get there that quick and then if you want to be quiet you can just pop your dead silence.

Very helpful, and usually though I just run the lightweight boots at the very beginning of a match, like say on invasion control, I want to get to the control a little bit faster. I'll pop the lightweight boots class. I'll run to the control once I die, then I'll switch back to my covert sneaker class; the other ones are pretty good in the game reinforced; you probably don't need those at all.

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