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The WSP Swarm is one of the most used guns in Modern Warfare 3, and I just found the class that makes it even more broken than what it already is. I had two of the best games I've ever had. I dropped back-to-back double mgbs and even went on a 60-kill streak with this class. For this swarm build, we are basically going to be trying to increase the effective damage range and reduce the recoil as this gun does only have a 4.6 M effective damage range, and without any attachments, you can see that this gun has quite a lot of recoil, and that's without me controlling the recoil.

So for the first attachment, we are going to be running the WSPS Reckless 90-long barrel, as this helps with the bullet velocity and range and helps with that recoil that I was talking about earlier. If we go into the firing range with just this attachment on, you'll notice that the recoil is significantly less already and the damage has increased.

With the bullet velocity and bullet range being increased, we now go up to 32%. Bonus when it comes to the effective damage range, which gives us a total of 6 M instead of 4.5, so for the second attachment, we are going to be running around with a 100-round drum mag as this gun does only have 30 bullets in it by default.

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A lot of people do like to run the 50-round mag, but for playing maps like meat and shipment, I find that the 100-round just gives you a lot more time to not have to reload. It does decrease your ad speed and movement speed quite a bit, but with the other attachments we're going to be adding, that's not too much to worry about, and with the two attachments we haven't already The recoil isn't too bad, but it still has quite a bit, so we're going to be going over to stock, and we're going to be using the FSS Fortress heavy stock as this helps massively with the recoil control and gun kit control running.

Unfortunately, this stock does reduce our ad speed again, but with the other attachments we're going to be running, it's fine because we'll be able to increase the ad speed. For the fourth attachment, we are going to be running around with the XRK Edge BW4. Hand stop, as this helps with our movement speed, sprint to fire, and aim down sight.

Speed, we end up gaining about we end up gaining, we end up gaining 5% on the Sprint to Fire and 5.5%. Spent, we end up gaining 5% when it comes to Sprint to Fire and 5.5% on the ads speed, and our movement speed is increased by 7.3%, so we're able to fly around the map. For the fifth and last attachment, we are going to be running the shadow strike suppressor, which just keeps us off the radar.

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A lot of people like to use the monolithic or the Sonic suppressor, but there's too many cons when it comes to these two, so I'm just running the shadow strike. If we take this class over to the firing range, you will notice that with all five of these attachments, this gun becomes a laser beam. Even with the five attachments we have on, you can see the movement speed is still quite fast, the ad speed is even quicker, and the recoil control is still just insane.

Going on to the rest of my class, I do run the inventory vest, and for my secondary, I am running the core 45. For the attachments, I do run on the core 45. I am running the first suppressor, as it helps with the bullet velocity and also keeps you under radar. Put my underbarrel aside; I'm running the FTAc MSP 98 hand stop.

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I am running the 30-round mag, and I do have the conversion kit on that allows us to have that burst fire rate. For the last attachment, the rear grip, I'm running the granular grip, and when it comes to my tactical and lethals, I'm running the Steim Seex. For the field upgrade, I'm running Munitions Box CU.

You can never have too many bullets. When it comes to my perks for my gloves, I'm running Quick Grip gloves for my boots. I'm running the lightweight boots as they help with movement speed, and for my gear, I am running EOD padding. You can swap this out for something like a bone conductor, but I prefer EOD as I don't like being Ned.

I drop back to bag double mgbs, and I go on a 60 kill streak, so if you haven't already, make sure to subscribe and like the article. Enjoy the game,

the NEW WSP SWARM CLASS in MW3! Best WSP SWARM Class Setup - Modern Warfare 3 Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1.
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