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best wsp swarm build

I changed my WSP Swarm load out, and this thing is even better than it was before, so in today's article. I'm going to go through and break down every single attachment you need to be running on your WSP Swarm to make this gun the best SMG in War Zone 3, so jumping straight into the first attachment for the Meta Swarm build, we do want to start with the Reckless long barrel, which is going to give us a nice little increase to our damage range and recoil control, as you can see in the more detailed stats.

32%, to both the effective and minimum damage range, as well as about a 5% increase to every single recoil control stat, which is going to make this build much more effective and easier to use in long-distance gunfights. Next up for the second attachment, since this gun does have quite a bit of recoil, we do want to throw on something to negate that, so with that being said, we want to go ahead and toss on the FSS Fortress heavy stock, and it is going to do exactly that, giving us a 28.3% decrease to a recoil gun kick of 22.7% to the horizontal recoil and a 20.5% decrease to our vertical recoil, which is obviously going to make this gun a lot easier to use.

best wsp swarm build warzone

I would definitely check out Spmm; they are a 100% safe gaming VPN end that almost completely negates skill-based matchmaking. For the third attachment, this one is going to be personal preference. We want to go ahead and throw a magazine on, and it can either be the 100 or the 50-round mag. The 50 is of course going to give you a bit better mobility and handling, but it is going to shred through ammo super quick, so if you are trying to 1v4 something, you're going to have to reload once or twice, so I personally do use the 100-round mag, which is honestly insane to have on an SMG build, especially if you play these smaller maps like Asika Island and Vond Del Park.

best wsp swarm class setup

Now for the fourth attachment, we do want something to increase mobility and handling, so what we're going to use is the XRK Edge hand stuff; this is going to give us a 7.3%. Increase to our movement speed as well as a 5 1 half% decrease to the aim down sight speed and a 5% decrease to our Sprint of fire time making this build a lot quicker to compete with those other SMGs, and if there is one thing that this build is lacking it's going to be that mobility and handling so this attachment is a must and for the fifth and final attachment to complete the WSB swarm meta build we do want to throw on the Sonic suppressor which is of course going to take us off the mini map when we're shooting our weapon and on top of that we get a 5% increase both the effective and minimum damage range and a 133%, buff to our bullet velocity, once again making this thing even better at the long distances, here's the full meta wsp swarm Loadout in War Zone 3 season 1 is definitely still the best SMG in the game right now, and with it.

I dropped a crazy 40+ kill game on Von Del Park, so with that being said, let's get into it. The rest of you are this kid controller and enemy confir, and we located the rest of them. I know who this kid thinks he is actually going to get away from. Too, that smarter good kill marks the rest of that squad on your t m get

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